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Akali Build Guide by Lodrena

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lodrena

Akali, AKA(li) Burstkali

Lodrena Last updated on January 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Intro to Burstkali.

I see a lot of ppl building Triforce on Akali, IDK why i have no clue how they could just come to that conclusion, but well. Riot recommends **** in the store right? :)

Burstkali is about taking down the enemy AP and AD carries single handedly.
Each game i played Akali, i roamed around in the endgame to find their carries jungling or farming on a lane to kill them so we had only the Tank Amumu and Vladimir(damn tanky AP) left to attack us, we all know how a 5v2 teamfight looks. The carries Caitlyn and Tristana were picked out by me on lanes or even both of them vs me. Udyr was a bit harder for me to kill since he built atmogs, but anyways i *****slapped him out of the League.

So yes, Burstkali can win a game for your team.

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Skill Sequence and harassing.... Destroying turrets?

Maxing Mark of the Assassin first gives you great burst, but PLEASE stay defensive and farm till you're lvl 6, ~~40 seconds after turning lvl 6 and learning Shadow Dance you may start to harass.
But lets get back, Max Mark of the Assassin then Crescent Slash with an early point in Twillight Shroud.

Harassing: Harassing starts with lvl 6 on Akali, throw your Mark on the squishy enemy, Ult to him, hit him, use Crescent Slash, and then run out or shadow dance out if there are enemy minions closer to your tower. If the chase you however sit in your twillight shroud and find the right time to escape out of it.

So basically it looks like this= Q -> R -> Autohit -> E -> R to a minion closer to your escape path/ W and escape to enemy minions with R/ just run out :D

If you fight 2 squishies at once, you may just burst someone down, sit in your twillight shroud to wait for energy, and then burst the second target down if it's stupid enough to stay close to your shroud :)

Twillight Shroud might aswell help you to avoid ganks, sit in it and escape at the right time, or tell a teammate to come to help and wait in your shroud.

If you're ganked by Ashe, Tristana, Caitlyn, Miss Fortune or any other squishy, just run into the brush and wait for them to facecheck, burst them down in the instant and run off with 300 extra gold.

However Akalis dmg skyrockets as soon as she finishes Rabadon's Deathcap in tandem with Lich Bane so there is always the chance that you can kill the opposing squishy within 3 marks to shadow dances and a few crescent slashes or even less.

I found myself in the situation that i killed both ppl on my lane and the other lanes didn't miss, so i ran to the tower, now the fun part is, if you got Sheen or Lich Bane Spam Crescent Slash on the turret to get those procs off on it. Late game you hit towers for 600-700 dmg with a Lich bane proc. So with the ~2 sec CD on Crescent Slash you kill towers in a matter of seconds.

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Start with Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion Thus kicking you off with ~50 AP, sit in the Brush and wait for the enemy to enter, Hit them with your Mark and an autohit, then retreat. With a good teammate you may chase him down to land a second mark+hit to land firstblood.

Build Hextech Revolver As fast as you can since it brings Lane sustain through Spell Vamp, and decent 40 AP.

Actually when i go B first, i have enough gold to build Hextech Revolver and Sorcerer's Shoes.

Now you should have your Ult too, so it's cake to get that autohit off on your mark for the extra dmg. To boost this even more we get Sheen giving us OK 25 AP, and the nice little passive that helps to kill towers, farm minions, kill players and so on, it'll reach it's full potential later.

NOW it's time for the epic Cake, Rabadon's Deathcap grants you the license to kill!
the dmg output from Mark of the Assassin and Shadow Dance skyrockets and Crescent Slash gets a decent boost aswell.

Now it's time to build Lich Bane you are almost unstoppable after this item. Squishy carries or casters will fall to your Spells in no time.
Since you hit for ~~250 with Mark of the Assassin then ~ 400 with your Shadow Dance 750 by proccing your Mark AND the Lich Bane hit. Crescent Slash will hit for ~ 200-250 here granting you another Lich Bane proc as your Mark comes of CD now, so finish up with Mark, Shadow Dance, Autohit.(I didn't even count her Discipline Magic dmg here, so it's even a lot more! :D)

No squishy will be able to last through this whole combo :D, however most tanks or carries with alot of Mres might be able to stand a bit longer against you, sit in your shroud to wait for CDs or chase and wait for CDs.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter compliments your Chasing Power greatly since all your spells will slow your target now, and 80 AP + 500 health are nice too.

Hextech Gunblade is built from your early Hextech Revolver and grants more AP + spell vamp, and even AD for Crescent Slash and Autohits. Lifeleech gives you the power to farm your Health up against minions after skirmishes.

Zhonya's Hourglass after this item, you are truly unstoppable, the passive might save your life a few times or aswell give your teammates time to catch up to you if you're being ganked/trapped by the whole enemy team.
The 100 AP cannot be passed up either and the Armor works well with the Mres from Lich Bane giving you good defenses as well as an exceptional offense.

After that and if the Game continues Buy the Red and the Blue potion for Extra AP and CDR as well as Health and AD.

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Summoner Spells and Masteries.

Flash and Ignite really come in handy to Flash -> Ult to a fleeing enemy. And Ignite helps vs Fiddlesticks Dr. Mundo and all those other Pesky Health regen masters.
or since it deals True dmg, you may also use it on a tank for 500 dmg.(endgame)
Ignite might as well get FB or any other Early Kills for you.

Reworked Masteries fitting her a little better i think^^

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Laning with Akali is easy as soon as you turn lvl 6. Harass your enemies off lane or even kill them, farm creeps with your spells !!(EXCEPT IF YOU NEED THEM IN THE NEXT 10 SECS)!!
Not following the 10 sec rule might get you killed, or might even help an enemy to escape since you wasted some CD and energy on creeps. Using the Mark of the Assassin on a creep is OK tho, since the CD is low enough and it Returns Energy if you break the mark.

As soon as you get Hextech Revolver you can stay in lane almost forever. Since Spell vamp in tandem with your Mark and Crescent Slash will get you healed up quickly.

Always try to go B2B(Back to base) when you got enough gold for a full item, or for 50% of the item. Like when you want to build Rabadons, try to return with 1600g to buy the 80 AP Needlessly Large Rod

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I myself do not find myself in need to get 10 AD to proc her second passive, since Hextech Revolver (that we rush in this build) already grants 15% spell vamp, so i'd rather go pure AP and proc her second passive in the endgame with the Hextech Gunblade.

So i get Magic Pen Reds: Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
And then i go pure AP with : Greater Seal of Ability Power Greater Glyph of Ability Power and Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Optional Runes would be: Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power but i do NOT recommend those since you want your AP early on and you want your passive as strong as possible in the early game.

Even more Optional Runes would be: Greater Seal of Armor Greater Glyph of Magic Resist but your Quints gotta be AP all the time. No way round it.

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Killing greedy Chasers.

We all know this Situation, you are at or below half health, that greedy woman with her bow is chasing you. Since Akali delivers Burst dmg like ****, run into a brush to fake a weakness, and then wait for her to come into range of your mark, Throw it, Use ur Ult, Hit her, Throw Twillight Shroud to avoid her counter, if she runs, chase with Shadow Dance into Mark of the Assassin into Shadow Dance into Crescent Slash into Autohit. She might even be dead before the last part, depends on your and her items.

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Akalis strength is killing single targets if they're out of position. Try to kill the Carries of the enemy team if you catch them in the Jungle or on Lane farming thus giving you a higher chance or even guarantee to win the next teamfight while pushing. I was always able to kill at least 2 of their Squishies before a teamfight, and in the Teamfight i Focused down the last Squishy to roflstomp the tanks after this.

You can also save teammates like this: Throw a twillight shroud in their path to slow chasers. Or if they're being chased by a single squishy or even 2 of them, turn around to roflstomp BOTH, eventually with the help of your teammate, but depending on your items and the enemies items, you got the 80% chance to kill both of them without being in real danger.

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The End.

Hope you all like this little build of mine which made me score 30/3/4 or 17/0/6 in some games^^ Tell Me your scores in the comments :) NOW go and ROFLSTOMP squishies in the Name of Burstkali.

Peace'd out ;)