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Akali Build Guide by Digital Arts

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Digital Arts

Akali - Another unworthy opponent

Digital Arts Last updated on May 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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About Me

Heya :D

So my name is The Monster Inc, I was Plat last season but this season is not going as well xD

Anyway, I've been playing Akali since like Season 2 as my main normal game champion, and I love her as a champion. I probably have around 1.5k games with her alone, so weaving her aa in with an e cancel just comes naturally :p

I found my new favorite build since the Lich Bane nerfs (which really, really hurt akali) and BY THE MATH this is the most dps by far, especially for the first person you kill.

CDR initially gives you the same per gold DPS increase at all points of the game as percent MP, so there is that, but when you stack that with the extra utility you get from the CDR it makes CDR really op.

Opinion on using the new Lich Bane:

- It works out to do a little less damage over an extended combo assuming 40% CDR (as a 5th offensive item) than a Void staff would against even someone will 80 MR, so I'd say don't get it anymore since that MP scales much better against anyone with more MR

A couple videos:

This one is me

I have about 15 pentas with various other roles that I have not had time to put into a montage yet, just got two with akali this past week though.

In the meantime, there is this guy:

His name is MasterZedX and he's not me, I don't know him, but he's about as good at akali as I am, maybe even better ;o

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Ranked Play

Ok so in ranked, it is very, very, very risky to first pick Akali

I lub this girl and all, but when they pick Viktor into me I cry a little inside

Besides that, never go the traditional normal game akali where you dive 1v5 to see how many you can kill

*You will most likely kill two, after years of testing, but dat death timer makes it not worth

Instead, go in after the CC is blown and mutilate their

1) ADC
2) Support (If they're squishy)
3) Anyone low

And you have just won a teamfight, yea, it's that easy

*** Don't forget to use your item actives!!!!

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Pros / Cons

+ You can make people disappear
+ You can make epic escapes! Don't forget you can ult to minions and that your shroud slows
+ Almost guaranteed 1 for 1 trade in teamfight
+ Dat long black hair doe

- If you get CCed when you go in, you are kinda screwed :3
- If you spam too much and run out of energy, you might not get the penta
- You can be poked very easily in lane and often cannot trade if they can kite you
- It is easy to feed if you get behind in lane vs a counter

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Unique Skills

Ok, I need to make a vid of this eventually, but post 6 there is ALMOST ALWAYS a way to juke your way out of death, just open your mind:

- R to caster minion, shroud, wait, R back to melee minion and run

- Put your shroud on a corner so they don't know which side you'll leave it on

- Your shroud slows, it got nerfed but it still does it, just slap it down if you can for a guaranteed escape

- If you run heal or barrier, shroud, wait for cooldowns, and go back in! The spellvamp might just pull you through

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Often, lanes like swain with blue, Viktor, and many others will not only counter you, but make it so that you're always at your tower so they can roam.

Melee Minions
- Early game you cannot AA after two tower hits from full health, you need to Q them and proc or E and proc

Caster minions
- Prep them all with one E, wait for one to take a tower hit then AA, the E will leave them at 1 AA of health after a tower hit

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If you go dorans shield to start, I like the health regen; it gives you a very noticeable few free health pots if you stay in lane for awhile, plus the armor is not needed mid lane.

If I was to hate on them, I'd go either straight armor (Top) or a mix between flat and scaling health (Mid)

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You might ask why I don't get the 3% health mastery, like, BUT MONSTER THAT'S THE META. Well, imma tell you a secret, most times the meta is simply a leaked idea that someone had been doing for up to a year prior to everyone doing it. Just like that HP regen runes + doran's shield combo :o

Besides that, this is just the standard Akali mastery set up, everything on this page helps you.

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After the lich bane nerfs, the item just makes me sad. Even with 600+ AP the extra 3-400 damage proc does not amount to the bonus damage that your skills dish out in a 2.1 second window... especially considering 40% cooldown reduction.

The reason I build the items I do in the order I do is simple, Akali has one job.. to melt everything. To put it simply, the thing that scales best with spell vamp is more damage, so just build more damage.

My approach lets you have the utility of 40% CDR, the Magic Pen of VS and Masteries, and two active items, one that gives you tons of damage and another that makes your tons of damage heal you; perfect harmony.