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Akali Build Guide by vinexx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vinexx

Akali, Energy Empowerment Indepth Energy Runes.

vinexx Last updated on August 20, 2013
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Energy Runed Akali.


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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I would like to start off by saying, Akali, has been my favorite champion in League of Legends there are a couple of reason's for this. Akali has the ability to take a 3v1 and turn it into a 2 person snowball kill, or even a triple if you know how to use your abilities in the proper order and justifications. Akali offers so much diversity in her playstyle that it is almost beneficial to have a skilled akali on your team at all times. Akali offers three amazing laning phase abilities in which I greatly rely on. She has her own sustain built into her passive, along a huge scaling with the weapon Lichbane.

Akali is in no way shape or form a tank, however her combo output, Q, R, AUTO, E. Does a huge amount of damage, and these cooldowns are on 1 to 4 second cooldowns themselves, this means nwith no CDR, you can launch a combo every 4 seconds for the MAX damage. Her combo is also a huge heal due to her huge spellvamp and life steal scaling. If you have 200-300 hp, you could very well easily end up with around 600 at the end of a combo. She can easily 40-0% champions, and very well 60-40 them in one combo.

This is where I get to my point, like all energy dependant champions she has an energy pool that is set at 200 energy. However, lets look at other champions with Mana for instance, Karthus the AP champion is a huge mana consumer, he requires mana pool items with his low cds and spammable abilities. This leads me to believe that Akali needs a base increase in her energy pool, this makes me take 5.4 energy quints x 3, this leaves her base pool of energy at 216. I will then take energy per level yellows, this will fill up my quints and yellows.

My reasoning for this is that akali has the ability to sustain unlimited at any time in a fight, however once she runs out of energy which seems to be always after 2 combo's there is a dry point in energy, leaving you very low for 6 second period until you build up enough WITHOUT energy runes to increase your energy sustain. This period of time will be around 10 to even 15 energy in which it'll take at least 2 seconds to build Q, 4-5 for W, and 3 seconds for E and R.

Akali's Q is her only refund of energy on all of her abilities, however, it only refunds the COST of the attack. This leads me to believe that Akali is meant to be built in a CDR fashion in which she can have mutiple Q's on her targets, then launch with R and activating E, for 2 marks of death to be activated and to detontate. However, due to complications with builds and not having enough meta potentional with CDR, I have put this ideal to rest for now. If you'd like to see my current build idea for this 2 nuke power house akali build, please leave some comments.

let's talk about the benefits of my rune choices with energy quints and energy per level yellows. The interesting thing about R, is that it is around a .9 second CD GENERALLY. this means that you can spend 90 energy in 3 seconds just using R alone, not including your energy heavy W. I have noticed however, with the extra 16 energy base, you have a sort of "reserve" that leaves you at a 15+ more energy pool with a 10 energy per five second increase. That dry spot i was talking about? When you're around 10-15 energy? well with the base pool of 216, that dry point becomes 30-40, allowing Q almost always never to be dry.

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Why I play akali as a poke.

I play boots of mobility on akali because I am a strong disbeliever in magic pen boots, and magic pen runes. I do not believe at all that unless you stack haunting guise, boots, and abysal sceptor that the flat magic pen isn't doing anything at all on akali. She is doing the damage she needs to be doing, however she just doesn't have the escape ability to fight while low on energy and R essences. I build Rylai's sceptor for this reason, Q and R both themselves allow Rylai's to throw a whopping 35% slow onto a target, do you know what this means? you can just follow behind the champion, waiting to launch R, as you walk towards them with boots of mobility, never being out of range of your R. As soon as your Q CD comes off of cooldown and you have a mark on the target STILL, launch R , Auto, Q, E
this is HUGE damage, we're talking about a whole another Q is being added to your arsenal. That dry period of waiting for the next Q to come up allows you to build energy massively with your runes.
However, I believe that due to akali's ability to kill under tower is huge due to this Q style of play. If they are sitting under tower, just simply wait for their minions to push into their safe part of the lane, land a standby Q, wait for them to last hit, R, E, Q then auto or R depending if you're in range. However you should be hitting right click right after R with A to always land R Auto effectively.

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Twilight Shroud, ****'s ridiclious.

Twilight shroud, this ability is literally the reason why I enjoy playing Akali, it is 10 seconds of literal agony, you can do so many things as akali with this, you can 1v3 teams by stand by qing a target, then qing another target, then Eing for huge damage. You can place around bushes and juke hard with it, especially if you aren't in the W, you then have boots of mobility speed.

Another tatic to remember is at 3 charges of R, you can always catch a enemy champion under a tower by jumping to a minion, q'ing the champion, then r'ing him. effectively covering half the distance of nocturne's ultimate itself.

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I have 2 more general builds that I play Akali as

These builds are my max spell-vamp build, with life steal, this excludes typically my energy runes relying on her 200 base pool energy. The damage is there, just leaving you with dry spots and needing to play without flaws, however having more life steal, surviving more encounters easily.

I then have my top AP build for 3 shotting ADC's no problem at level 11.

If you like how I explain akali, please help me get this build up higher on the like charts so I have the motivation to go even more in depth.

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Masteries, Runes, Summoner Spells, Why, When, How?

Masteries, I use the standard Hybrid penetration masteries, my runes I use to scale off my masteries, allowing high level 6 killing potentional.

+ 30 attack damage at level 18,
+30 AP at level 18, 10 energy regen per 5, and 16+ energy.

My summoner spells i use as Ghost and Ignite, because with ghost and rylais, you can effectively herd up the enemy team with your speed and flexibility as akali with boots of mobility. I also grab wanderer for the increase in movement speed itself, I try to get blue as much as possible after laning phase, I am a firm believer that the jungler shouldn't give up the blue buff unless the person has given the jungle a kill, thus blue buff is equilvant exchange in my book.

Ghost with the mastery is 35% increase in movement speed for around 11 seconds, this outputs flash as akali because you can pratically flash anywhere on the map as long as you have an enemy target, yes this mean's juking by running back to your tower, Ring behind the tank to the ADC, and running the opposite way if you don't have W up. It works, believe me, it works.

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Pros and Cons?


Is considered a OP champion
However is highly balanced and relies on proper skill to play.


her passive is changed from an actual magic damage % increase from an auto attack, much way in the way lichbane as been dulled down.

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Akali's huge damage output.

At level 15-16 is when my akali is really the champ

A Q is 200 damage, a detontate is 400, her R is 400 itself, and lichbane is hitting around 300 a proc on a 2 second cooldown at this point.

Her damage is just insane if you keep landing combo's with a 2 second delay between abilities and autos, like a E, auto, Q, wait, r, auto for unjustifiable damage.