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Akali Build Guide by time4max

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author time4max

Akali kills through the bushes // Jungel Akali

time4max Last updated on April 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey this is my first build ;) So enjoy reading it and rate it, please. It will be awsome if you rate positivley for the guide, so it will be in the top rating. If you do it, you will do me a big favor.

I love to jungel, I jungel with Nocturne Lee Sin Udyr etc... But after ranked states like : 8 : 3 : 7 I get bored and I tried some crazy jungler, like Anivia, but no one was as funny as Akali. During my first game with her I get wonderful states. So I played her more and more. I think I know how to jungel with her, after I played about 100 games with her;)

Maybe I dont know her perfectly, but good enough to write a guide...

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Akali Jungel???

You may think "Why should i use Akali jungel ?"
Because she is a funny and fantastic ganker/jungler!

Maybe she isn´t such as strong as Nocturne, Lee Sin or other very strong jungler,
but her gank potential and the fun factor is sick;)

You should be lvl 25+ or you don´t have enough Mastery Points and Runes Places.


+//very strong ganks after lvl 6
+//She makes tones of damage (Phreak)
+//she will get easier, when she get higher lvl
+// Mark of the Assassin does in mid game OP damage
+//can get penta with her ;)
+//one of the lol champs with the best skins

-//she ins´t offtank or tank
-//ganks before lvl 6 are very difficult
-//isn´t such as strong as other jungel champs
-//with the false runes ... haha good game

Now, why should i play a perfekt lane character in the jungel?
Because her ulti is made for ganks and she is very funny to play in jungel ;) and here passive helps here a lot to get here life back. The spell vamp passive is also very usefull with smite.

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Masteries & Runes

This is the most important part of Akali jungel!

You all know Akali's passive !
!!You need the spellvamp passive or you will not survive the jungel!!

My runes
Very Important is that your runes will give you the minimum of +10 ad, because with less you don't activate your passive..

The other runes should be ap and armor runes!

So if you don´t like my runes maybe use:

Greater Mark of Attack Damage: for more AD damage at the begin
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Magic Penetration will be very good vs magic resistant tanks
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power: If you want more AP at the beginning it's ok..

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The question " Why I need Wriggle's Lantern for ap Jungel?!?!"

>20% chance to do 425 magic damage
>Free ward

Spellvamp? yeah with your passive... When you do 425 magic damage you will get 40 hp with 10% spellvemp/also the extra ad

Guardian Angel: Some Akali jungel guides, say that Guardian Angel will be a good item for Akali, but in the higher lvls there is no 1vs1 in lategame. Akali´s job is, to jump to the ad carry´s and kill them fast, so there are no more damage dealer in the teamfigh.

Mejai's Soulstealer: Only if you get in the first 5 min 2-3 kills, buy it, but if not you don´t need it. With 5-7 kills you dont really need it. But yeah if you think its so important?


Mercury's Treads: For the magic resist vs. mages
Boots of Swiftness: If you like to be very fast and gank very often
Sorcerer's Shoes I love those boots, because the magic penetration will help to kill everybody
Boots of Mobility:Gank, run to a other lane and gank again--> perfect if your team lose every lane
Ninja Tabi:If your enemies team build on pure ad damage

the other boots are not so good for Akali (In my opinion)

The other items are normally for an ap akali build

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Summoner Spells

Smite:I hope it is clear that you use Smite in the jungle, but may you don't know that smite gives you life back, because of the spell vamp passive of Akali

Ghost:I know somebody loves, somebody hates Ghost. But I love it for the easy escape ability

Flash:Its a wonderful spell and works perfectly with Akali

Other summoner spells they are good for Akali ...

Exhaust:It works fine for ganking but not my favorite pick for her

Ignite:If you play very aggressive and wanna get all the kills...

Cleanse:Usefull against champs that slows, stuns etc., so you the ability to get the kill

Clairvoyance:Will work perfectly with her Shadow Dance, someone uses Flash, you counter with Clairvoyance (Will work with wards also perfectly)

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How to fight with Akali

Ok you run to a easier killing champ... (ad carry, mage, supp)

use Mark of the Assassin --> Shadow Dance--> Auto attack ---> Crescent Slash --> restart

The enemies very often runs away, but if someone wanna fight.. use Twilight Shroud it will give you Armor and Magic Resist.. Perfect to fight PvP ;)

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There will be different routes but my favorite is this one:
1: Let golems pull an use Smite
2: Kill wolves
3: Ghosts
4: Golems use Smite again
5: Go back do buy Long Sword / Madred's Razors buy 1-2 heath pots (you don't need more)
6: Kill red buff with smith
7*: Which lane needs a gang..? there you gank. Use Ghost and you W Twilight Shroud to slow and do damage

Gank before lvl 6 will be the hardest part of Akali.

For a jungler it is very important that, when you go in the jungel that you regain HP and not to lose one. With few jungler it goes very fast (like Udyr Nocturne), but with Akali you regain HP after buying Wriggle's Lantern, with the magic damage you regain enought hp.

another + point for Akali jungel is, that you only need the first 2 buffs, the other ones can have your ad carry or mid champ.

Maybe you need red buffs for few ganks in the first 10 min, but not with your ulti or Rylai's Crystal Scepter you dont need an red buff anymore

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Watch Out!

You have to watch out at this champs!

Amumu his AoE damage will kill you ;)
Lulu watch out Help, Pix! all will see you when you are stealth
Anivia with her Glacial Storm you will get soo much damage when you are stealth
Lee Sin with his spells he will see you.. and kill you if he is feeded
all champs with massive AoE damage
also all champs with skill shoots ... few games before i would kill a Ahri we both has only 100 hp. So i jumped to her. but she use only her Orb of Deception and damn i was dead. So watch out

Small tip ;) never get focus =D

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My build works ;)

more will be coming ;)

a video, how to jungel, will be come in few days ;)

Please comment if you like my build :D