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Akali Build Guide by CrazyArab

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CrazyArab

Akali OP dmg MID

CrazyArab Last updated on January 20, 2013
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Hi guys, i have here for you my own build for Akali. Akali is my main and im playing with her a lot. Some words about playing with this build, here we go... As u can see the core dmg is mejai and ocult so u will have to stack. U should stay under turret and farming, sometimes harassing the enemy with combo : w + q + auto attack + e and run. 1st recall should be after 6 lvl with about 1500 gold. After 6 r + w + q + auto attack + e + r and again combo for kill or use for an escape (for example enemy cs).

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Not standard runes but for me... the best of the fck best ;) with masteries work the runes very well :)

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Not standard masteries but for me... the best of the fck best ;) with runes work the masteries very well :)

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Stack, stack and stack :) with 2x20 stacks and full build about 700 ap and 300 ad, a bit hp, about 2500 and some magic pen.

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flash + w = good escape combination
ignite = good finishing of enemy

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Ranked Play

ranked are harder so care ;) harder to stack...

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farm so much as u can hmm :)

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For videos, screens etc. from the game priv. :) My stats with this build looks like : 30-3, 25-2, 17-4, 11-1, 24-7. I am winning about 8 from 10 games where i carry 4 or 5 from it. Gl&HF