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Rumble Build Guide by Cryden

AP Carry Albus Rumbledore A detailed Rumble Guide(Diamond)

AP Carry Albus Rumbledore A detailed Rumble Guide(Diamond)

Updated on September 11, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cryden Build Guide By Cryden 12,213 Views 1 Comments
12,213 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Cryden Rumble Build Guide By Cryden Updated on September 11, 2015
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Hi everyone!

My name is Cryden and im currently playing diamond 4 on turkey server. Apologies for my bad english and i hope you enjoy my Rumbledore guide :) (This is my first guide !)

UPDATE(12/09/2015): I stopped playing League for 2 months now xD i reached diamond 2 before stopped playing and yesterday i remembered that i have a guide to complate so here i am again :)
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Pros Cons

-Good kiting potential
-Insane Aoe Damage
-Lane Bully
-Short Cds
-There is not so much people that knows how to play against him(At least, in turkey server no one plays rumbledore but me xD)
-Really-insanely good passive if timed correctly

-Short Ranged
-No dash or blink
-Really hard ultimate to land
-Can be kited so hard against champions like Caitlyn
-Really-insanely bad passive if misscalculated
-Generally a Hard champion to play
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In this part i will explain rumbles basic abilities. In this guide ultimate has a special chapter down below.

Q: Rumbledore's main damage tool. In early game it doesnt do any damage but the fact that you can use it infnite number of times since he odesnt have a mana pool you can easly trade and roast your opponent even in early game. But you shouldnt do that. Why? because you shouldnt use your Q so that it doesnt hurt enemy minions and push the lane. So when to use it then? In early game you should use your Q and turn your back against the minions so you dont hurt them. After level 3-4 you can try to pressure your opponent and deny farm. But it doesnt enough damage if you dont overheat it. its better when you w e q if you are low on heat.

W: Rumbledore wouldnt be top tier if he didnt have this abilty. His main spam tool to stay above %50 heat. Also has nice movement speed bonus to kite and a little shield to trade efficently in early game. Also REALLY LOW CD like all of his basic spells. Spam it. Spam it like you are playing Full auto jacqui in mortal kombat x. But dont if you have more than enough heat.

E: His main kiting tool. In late game 2 shots of this will leave an adc at %40 hp and slowed by %75. This ablty gives a nice slow effect on impact and slow effect stacks. for example, you used your e on someone the slowed for %30, His slow last for 3 secs if im not mistaken. That means when you hit the secound shot before the slow duration ends the slow DOUBLES and its duration is increased by 3. Which means you can slow someone for %30 for 3 secs and then slow them for %60 for 3 more secs. This is insane. I love rumble. In early game you want to farm and poke your opponent. If they try to get you and hurt this little fella you use your e to kite and when they are running away you burn them with your hotness. You sexy beast.
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Item Sequence

Liandry's Anguish 3400
Zhonya's Hourglass 2600
Sorcerer's Shoes 1100
Rylai's Crystal Scepter 3000
Void Staff 2700
Banshee's Veil 2600

Core item on Rumbledore. It adds so much DOT damage that scales off of hp and has really good synergy with E as E applies slow and liandry deals more damage on slowed targets.

To stay alive and deal damage with Q at the same time.

Generally good item vs any mage or AP bruiser. It gives good amount of Hp and MR. And free spellhield!

Gives good amount of m.pen to burn your enemies much more easier

This item is awesome but too expensive to get for early states of game. With this item you can easily chase with its passive slow effect.

Can be replaced with Mercury Treads in late-lategame but really good early-mid game item in general
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This is the most important part of rumbledore.
If you overheat at the wrong time you cant be able to trade or cast spells for several secs and if your enemy is smart they will trade you at this weak point of rumbledore or even worse if you overheat before a teamfight you are the most useless champion in the game. While playing rumbledore you should be over %50 Heat BUT NOT OVER %79 unless you are safe. if enemy jungler catches you when you are overheated and cant use w,e to kite you may have a bad time.
Spam your w whenever its on cd to get over %50 heat so you can trade more efficently.
if you overheated get to safety and spam q e w then w w w w w to stay at %50 heat.

Dont forget; if you dont control your passive your passive will control you >_> i wont be proud if you let the heat control you
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Laning Phase

Start with Q except vs Ryze(Start w in this case).

Start with E or W (depends) if lane is 1v2.

Spam your Q when game starts if neither.

Dont push minions at lv 1 with your q but use your q to get heat. Simply turn your back when its off cd so it doesnt hurt enemy minions and push the lane.

As a Rumbledore player your laning phase goal should be safe trade with q and w. If enemy overextends or tries to get you(and if they can kill you once they get close) use your e back off e to the face again and you can trade safely with your Q as they are running away to safety. During early levels, playing against champions with low HP like Gnar you should use your passive to get extra damage. If you land full combo and time your passive to deal even more damage congratz, you just won the trade. There is no champion that can do more than rumbledore can deal in pre 6
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Against a rumbledore you should keep your distance, so if Enemy toplaner tries to get closer and if its clear they cant win the fight, you should back off as there is probably enemy jungler near. Even if you back off you can still trade well with your q as they try to get distance.

Getting Ganked;
E to jungler, E to laner W away its simple as that.
If You traded well until this time and enemy Toplaner has low health and you are near full you can do some 1v2 fancy plays with good ultimate and Q. Most of the time they dont respect Rumbledores huge AOE Burst.

Your jungler ganking enemy toplane;
If enemy top laner is a champion that lacks mobility you can use your ultimate like that ; (Purple is your ultimate)(Time to show my photoshop skillz!)
But its easy to flash away so use it like that when they dont have flash. if they have flash use it like a line towards their turret or save untill they flash.
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The most basic trade combo is let your heat drop a bit then use w q e

Best all in combo before 6 is get minimum of 50 heat then W to get close, Q, Double E and get your passive basic attacks as they slowed

If enemy is far you can w to close distance e to slow and when you get near q to get more damage. But most of the time with this combo you wont be able to use your passive attacks so be careful.

In teamfights or before teamfights, You can use your ultimate, flash in Q and Zhonya. Your Q deals damage when you are in zhonya. A gold Wizard that spreads fire. How cool is that.
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Landing the best ultimate

Info about ultimate;
-Sometimes when you are fed ultimate alone can kill a Full hp adc and full hp mid laner.
-Its LONGLONG Ranged skillshot like skill with huge burst damage but easy to dodge
-His ultimates ONE thick can be blocked by spellshields but rest will deal damage
-YASUO WINDWALL WILL BLOCK YOUR ULTIMATE!!!!!!!! I know that sounds stupid but windwall really blocks rumbledore ultimate. WTF RITO

In lane, if its a guranteed Kill you should use your ulti if its not you should save it to team fights.

How to land Ultimate in lane for kills;So they cant flash to you to leave ultimate's area and kill you

And my video about controlling your passive, controlling your ultimate and kiting(This match was a ESL match)

How to land ultimate IN TEAMFIGHTS;
Well, This is very complex topic. It depends on your team. If your team has champions like Xerath cait that needs to stay away and bad at close range AND Enemy team has fighters or asassins you can, depending on the stuation use your ultimate near your carries so enemy fighters or asassins wont be able to kill them that easy.

If enemy has kite potential use your ultimate like this;

IF Enemy is split;

Im pretty sure that you can see THIS ultimate will make your team win the fight. Carries wont be able to get close to deal damage and front lines wont be able to escape. This is The Ultimate ultimate of rumbledore.

Oh and i forgot; If you miss your ultimate hard in an even match Your team loses automatically unless enemy team is stupid.
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Rumbledore doesnt have many counters. And IS counter to alot. But even you are countering hard you will lose if you play wrong. Rumbledore matchups are not like darius vs irelia matchup that Darius wins automatically.
I wont make matchup guide for every champion but i'll tell you what you should do against for ex Short ranged champions, Ranged champions, Tanky champions.

So Against a champion that has

Good mobility, Melee, Bit tank, And bursty
Champs like irelia of course. (i Hate irelia. so overpowered IMO.)
You should Use your Q to harras and if they jump on you use your w and start kiting with e. If you have enough minions they will lose trade.

Ranged, Dps, can kite hard
Champs like vayne or gnar of course.
You should stay away till lv 3-4. After that you can trade safely and efficently with your w and e. In these matchups YOU HAVE TO control your passive. otherwise you will lose to an all in

DPS-Burst, Melee, Gap closer
Champs like Akali, Jax
Good Rumbledore player wins the lane hard. By hard i mean 90 cs vs 30.
Bad rumbledore player loses lane or plays so passive that eventually enemy top laner will outburst a rumbledore.
This lane is simple Get heat use Q to harras W to trade and e to kite. Pretty easy lane

i can put more situations on request
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Summoner Spells

Is must have spell. IN ANY MATCHUP OR ANY CASE.

Flash is way better on Rumbledore.

Is my favorite spell. If enemy lane runs ignite you have big potential to win the lane. Just all-inish safe trade at lv 4-5 and get both you and your enemy health low then get back B Tp to lane and push to win.

Is great spell on Rumbledore but loses its power in higher divisions. if you are below gold-plat you can pick this for extra kill potentials.

Really good spell vs lanes like rengar, fiora, akali, irelia, jarvan4(But so dicy you need to use exhaust before his combo or you porbably going to die). But you can easly win those lanes if you play your cards right.(Except maybe rengar. against a good rengar player its always hard to win lane. And j4 is big thread to any champion)


Take this to get reported
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Well, so thats that.

Thank you for reading my guide i'll put more stuff later this is my season 4 rumble statics:

And S5 statics(btw i like to let my teammates take kills thats why i have low kda):

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