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Alistar Build Guide by superArbre

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League of Legends Build Guide Author superArbre

Alistar SoloQ jungle guide

superArbre Last updated on March 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi everyone, I wanted to share what I started playing recently : Alistar jungle. To put it simply, I think it is just really strong in soloQ (especially at low elo) atm, if you are doing it right and your team isn't too bad. I don't really know about 5on5 ranked since I didn't try it. I'm only around 1.4k elo but to be honest I think it is a great jungler whatever the elo.

This is my first build guide on mobafire, I'll try to make it clear and I hope you'll enjoy.

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Pros / Cons

_Extremely powerful ganks at lv2
_Hard to fail your gank (no skillshot, just easy to land CC)
_Deals decent damage (don't forget your ult gives you more AD)
_Always usefull at all stages in the games to engage, CC people (carry)

_Really mana reliant
_Slow jungler with this build
_Not great at counter jungling imo

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is based on the assumption that you'll gank a lot. Pulverize first, clean wolves (ask help from your team), then Headbutt after blue and start ganking. Get Triumphant Roar at level 3 after your first ganks, you'll still have blue so you can spam it to get your life back in the jungle, and gank over and over.

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Summoner Spells

You NEED Smite, and Flash is cool on alistar because you can use it to escape (you don't really have one), but better it allows you to Flash + Pulverize, which is not predictable and really powerful to Headbutt your opponent where you want.

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To be honest I didn't try a lot of different rune set as Alistar jungle these may not be the best, but they are effective and cover some of your early weaknesses.

Greater Quintessence of Health are a good point since you will only start to build defence after your boots of mibility, philosopher's stone and sheen. That is quite late so, HP quints are cool in my opinion, along with the 9/21/0 mastery tree.

Greater Mark of Desolation are nice in the jungle, maybe magic pen could be better because you WON'T jungle a lot, you basically want to burst wraith camp and wolves fast, with your Q and aoe from the passive. So I don't know, just try both and pick what you prefer, it is not a key point.

Greater Seal of Armor, you can't really avoid these, I don't see what could be better as alistar jungle.

Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction : it is alistar, cooldown reduction is a must have, and you won't get cooldown reduction early with this build, so, why not? You could trade that for magic resist, or something of your choice, but these help you CC more, and that's a good thing.

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9/21/0. If you want faster and easier jungling, this is probably the way to go. It also makes you more tanky early, and you need that. I didn't try 21/0/9 but I suppose it's too risky early game, and by the way, you also have movespeed in the defense tree when above 70% hp with Initiator ; also, be there to CC, not to deal damage... but remember you deal some nice damage early game even with that build.

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Creeping / Jungling

Pulverize camps, and always try to get the most damage out of your passive (little aoe after each spell).
If you have played lee sin it is quite the same thing, wait a bit between your skills. Stay near all of the jungle creeps, remember your E does activate the passive. For example, Q the wraith camp, hit the blue one while watching the passive icon above your spells, and E as soon as it is off ; that's it, the wraith camp is done.

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If you're on the blue team (you start on the down part of the map), this means you can gank top really easily because you can come from behind right after you did your blue buff. You're level 2 with Boots of Speed and heavy CCs, he's just level 1. Headbutt first to get him far from his turret and then stun him. If you did it right the top laner should at least use his Flash or Ghost. I genereally just run by the river after the first gank and gank again at mid.

You can of course gank mid first whatever the side, just always come from behind.

At level 6 you can become TANKY for some seconds with Unbreakable Will. You'll generally want to use that to dive, thus you can use it only for the AD boost it gives you.

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Let's take a look at the items :

I start with Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potion for a simple reason : ganking as alistar is easy and your only weakness at level 2 to gank is that if you don't have Boots of Speed and mid or top have them, you'll be slower, and being slower than the one you want to gank is really bad (expecially when ganking top, you want to be able to chase him on the lane).

So, this build objective is to gank fast and gank hard, your opponent, if he's just in the middle of his lane, he should have absolutely no chance to survive your gank. From the games I did for now, I can tell you that most of the time I can guarantee a kill or a Flash used on my first ganks top and mid. About bot lane it's a little bit harder but I'll come to it later.

The next item is the philosopher's stone, because you need that hp and mana regen or you won't be able to roam and jungle properly if you don't have either this or a wriggle.

After getting your mobility boots your ganks are even stronger, actually you are so fast that you can gank almost anything, anywhere. The only problem remaining is wards, that's why I recommand you getting oracle (only if you're confident not losing it). It will help you and your team a lot if you can save it, and you'll be able to gank bot easily (no need to ninja gank).

I tried getting Trinity Force first but I think it's a bit long and alistar doesnt need it that much, but you should at least get the Sheen, for the extra damage you'll get from it and the increased mana pool it gives you (you generally want to give your mid lane all the blue buffs).

From this point, it is tank/support items depending on the opposite team, who is fed or not etc. If you're used to play tanks you don't need advices. I would recommand Aegis of the Legion and Force of Nature because the first one gives your team a nice aura, it gives you MR, armor and health and it is cheap ; the second one gives you movement speed which is enjoyable, MR and health regen that are really usefull especially against strong ap teams. Frozen Heart is a must have on alistar for cooldown reduction, mana and armor + the nice attack speed debuff. It is to you to build what you prefer but these 3 items are really nice on alistar.

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Team Work

Try to masterize the Headbutt-> Pulverize combo (use Headbutt on an enemy then spam Q so you can dash stun him). It will help you a lot in teamfight to CC that carry you want to kill. You are not the support but you can also keep your CC to protect your carry if it is needed ; nethertheless if your team has no other way to initiate, try to do the job, you can do it well.

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Thank you for reading this build, I hope you will carry your team with it, please comment and if you liked it, I'll try to write some more. Cya