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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Soup Of Fate

Other All it takes is trust. (MF Jungle Guide)

Other All it takes is trust. (MF Jungle Guide)

Updated on August 18, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soup Of Fate Build Guide By Soup Of Fate 47,169 Views 5 Comments
47,169 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Soup Of Fate Miss Fortune Build Guide By Soup Of Fate Updated on August 18, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Why should i even try this?

Mf jungle may seem way out there, but I can assure you that this is the new meta (jk). Seriously though, mf jungle provides almost all of the necessary needs of your baby teammates that lets them grow into great laners and provides for great fights.

To be more specific Mf jungle can 1v1 most other champions and can gank lanes just as easily. She uses her e for and aoe slow that your laner can easily take advantage of with any cc they may have or dealing damage while mf also deals TONS OF DAMAGE to the enemy champs.

Here are some screenshots to prove my worth.

During the game Mf will be adding more damage to team fights. Conversely she is not very tanky. This means that in order for this to be most efficient you would need at least one front line initiator such as amumu or nautalus.
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I wanted to find a balance between damage and attack speed that gave the most dps. With this rune setup you have no mr so if you are ganking someone with a lot of magic damage you have to be very careful.

- A standard pick for any ad champ.

- Necessary defense against (the dark arts) monsters.

- Very important for increasing dps while sacrificing early mr.

- Mix of attack damage and attack speed that is perfect for your dps.
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Strut (Passive)

- You move faster after a short time out of combat. This is your core ability that enables you to travel from one place to another faster than any other champ so you can gank one lane and head right to another or from one jungle camp to another. (Exception may be nid)

Double Up (Q)

- You shoot a bullet at an enemy which then bounces to a target behind it. Each hit applies on hit effects. With Patch 5.14, bounce logic now tries to hit an enemy directly behind the first target. If one is not found, then a random target within a 60 degree area. Now it is hard to use this ability full effectiveness in the jungle but is still a necessary part of your clear time and a great damaging skill when fighting.

Impure Shots (W)

- Your w is your most important ability when it comes to damage and camp clearing. Not only do you get the damage passive from it but the attack speed allows for much more dps with it and eventually increases your damage with devourer. Also upon activation of w, your passive is also automatically activated. With this you can time for when enemies have used their abilities on you and when you activate w you can run away much more efficiently.

Make it Rain (E)

- Bullets fall down in a targeted area, slowing and damaging any enemies in the area. This ability is your gank ability. You have to use this ability wisely as many champs have the ability to jump away from it or on you. This slow is just enough for your allies to react and to get off some damage. It also supplies for moderate damage so it also helps for clearing jungle camps. Also a great kiting mechanic.

Bullet Time (R)

- You shoot waves of bullets in front of you that apply stacks of Impure Shots. When it comes to ganking it is hard to determine when and how you want to use your ult. You want to make sure that you have already proced your w passive several times with your basic attacks before you use ult on them to maximize damage. The ONLY time you initiate with it is during a team fight. just enough damage and the sight is quite intimidating.
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Even though you are an adc champ, as a jungler you have more responsibility. that is why i chose the items I did. These items boost damage for you and your team and keeps you tanky enough to be near the frontline.

- Now as for the jungleing item, you will want Sated Devourer. This item should be self explanatory as your W is quite strong with it.

Mercury's Treads
- Since you have no mr from runes or masters you need to get some early mr because the enemy apc can burst you down if you are not ready. Now if they had no ap at all thats another story.

Blade of the Ruined King
- Most ad orientated champions can make use of this item because of its not only standard damage and attack speed boosts but the % health damage that allows for more ease while dealing with fairly beefy champions.

Blood Thirster
- Just like Botrk, Blood Thirster is a common item and is very usefull. It provides for much more damage than the later if the enemy lacks and health and provides for much more sustainability.

Black Cleaver
- As I mentioned before you have more responsibility than the adc. You need to be able to take down the tank and stay alive. Not only do you proc the armor cleave faster with sated but you can chase so much easier with the Rage passive.

Wit's End
- Wit's End is not a very common item, but when it comes to having the passive damage with sated, its a no brainer and you need that extra mr. Wit's passive will not only increase your mr and damage output, put SHRED their mr as well, increasing you Wit's damage AND your Impure Shots damage.

Last Item
- Hopefully you have already won the game, but if the game is getting tough or you guys are dragging it on, then you will need to decide on what item you want.
- Runaan's Hurricane- Now if you are way ahead of the enemy this is a godsend for team fights. You will proc, your passive, Botrk (if applicable), Black Cleaver, and Wit's End on SEVERAL enemies. That means you are shredding and damaging them at the same time, also allowing for your allies to take them down easier. Now more often than not you will not get this item. It's just very risky.
- Randuin's Omen- By the time you get to this item you are probably getting focused by their assassins. This item allows for more health to keep you kicking and armor for that surprise tankieness. Then if say the adc wants to focus you their attacks speeed is reduced as well, allowing for much easier dueling.
- Banshee's Veil- This item has the same reason as Omen. It provides extra health and mr for that survivability and a spell shield for if they have an initiator like Amumu.
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Creeping / Jungling

Get your items as fast as you can and head to the bush behind the red buff and stand there. Ask bot or top to stand in tri-bush. Once minions have spawned or a couple seconds after leave the bush and place a ward there.

Now with Mf jungle the most efficient way of jungling is starting Golems(sigh) or Krugs. With the help of your allies smite right away and activate w. The reason why you start Golems is because of the buff it gives you. This buff give you a stun and addition true damage every 6 single target attacks. This stun keeps you from getting damaged and makes clearing camps a breeze. Make sure to always have it proc on the large monster.
(NOTE: Your Q will proc the buff with each hit)

So right after Golems you proceed to red buff. Activate a pot to keep you up in health because you will lose health fighting red buff. Start at an angle to q the small lizard so that it ricochets to the elder lizard. Activate w and kite backwards. Pay attention to the ward you placed as to make sure no one is invading. Don't kite too far as the monsters will go back and regen. If you get invaded ping the champ so tour allies see and kite them. Let red buff attack them. Most likely you will get a kill if you play it right.

You will want to immediately run to blue buff and employ the exact same strategy used on red buff. You will have smite so make sure to last hit with that just in case their jungler is persistent.

You should be at about 3/4ths and lvl 3.
If you are on the blue team you head top right away and gank if your teammate is not pushed. If the enemy champion has a jump such as jax or panth, try to get your teammate to activate it beforehand then run in from tribush or river and initiate with e.
If you are on the red team mid will be the easier gank. If your teammate is not pushed run in from river and initiate with e; dodge abilities to keep your passive up. If mid is not an option gank bot. Ask bot lane if it is warded at all and either run in through lane and hide in lane bush or do a traditional gank.
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Team Work

Miss Fortune obviously has a very different play style than most other junglers. This is in the sense that She is more of the damageing type than the assassin, tank, or initiator. Now if you do not have an initiator you can do so by ulting the team. What you are also really good with is poking. A couple of basic attacks and q go a long way. And throw in an E every so often. How you play during the team fight is all about your team. Learn your team and adjust your play style.
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Pros / Cons

  • Easy Camp Clearing
  • Very fast
  • Nice Ganks
  • Tons of Damage
  • Strong Team Fights
  • Mf Focused = ADC Isn't

  • Very susceptible to Invasions
  • No sustain until VampScepter
  • Squishy
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This is my first guide. I have been a user of Mobafire for a while but just now decided it would be necessary to actually create an account(since season 2 I think). If there are inconsistencies, grammar problems, or opinions please provide a comment. Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it and are enlightened.

I will be making a Bard top and support guide as well.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Soup Of Fate
Soup Of Fate Miss Fortune Guide
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All it takes is trust. (MF Jungle Guide)

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