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Pantheon Build Guide by UnxRuly

Middle Almost True Damage Pantheon Build by UnxRuly (WiP)

Middle Almost True Damage Pantheon Build by UnxRuly (WiP)

Updated on December 15, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author UnxRuly Build Guide By UnxRuly 5,282 Views 0 Comments
5,282 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author UnxRuly Pantheon Build Guide By UnxRuly Updated on December 15, 2021
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Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Almost True Damage Pantheon Build by UnxRuly (WiP)

By UnxRuly
Hello, I'm UnxRuly. I'm level 290 with 145k mastery points on Pantheon. Porofessor has me ranked top 238 in NA and 2407 internationally of Pantheon players. Even though I'm silver lmao. I have almost 100 games played on Pantheon this season with an almost 70% win rate. This seems kind of tame in comparison to other mains/OTPs but I like to play a number of champs extensively. Also, I stream from time to time at

(Here's the link for my stats on porofessor:
Summoner Spells
Flash and Ignite are the go-to. I almost never take any other spells when running this build. Ignite gives you early kill pressure and when used in combination with your poke and full combo, can often land you early kills and hopefully first blood to help get the snowball rolling. Flash is standard. Use it for gap close or to escape.
I don't know how to make guides so originally, I had a bunch of text/notes for builds and runes but they don't show up. Please excuse the format.

Press the Attack, when activated not only increases the amount of damage the target takes by up to 12%, it also does bonus adaptive damage. This works quite well with Pantheon's empowered Shield Vault as it immediately activates Press the Attack which enables the rest of his combo to do more damage.

Triumph quite literally helps you get away with murder. Take it for sustain and because there isn't a better alternative.

Legend: Tenacity gives you free tenacity, in times where you are facing low CC comps, the tenacity provided by this rune is enough. When facing heavier CC team comps, this rune with Mercury's Treads provides 50% tenacity which greatly reduces the time you spend as a sitting duck.

Last Stand helps you win fights/trades that get a little too scrappy. It also helps surprise enemies when low or during team fights where you take a bit too much damage for comfort. It can be swapped out with Coup de Grace but I like Last Stand better. Preference let's say.

Sudden Impact provides free lethality when you use Shield Vault as it is a leap. It just increases the amount of armor you shred in your combo.

Ravenous Hunter gives you free omnivamp. With both Eclipse and Blade of the Ruined King, you have good enough healing to survive most reasonable situations.

The mini runes:
I like using the 10% attack speed rune for two reasons, it helps with CSing which I will talk about soon. It also helps stack your passive faster to allow you to trade more often with empowered abilities like Comet Spear. Theoretically, you can switch it out for another adaptive damage mini rune for more damage. Again, preference.

The Adaptive damage mini rune just gives free AD for you to use to blow up enemies. Nothing special.

The defensive mini rune should change depending on your matchup in lane. Take Armor for an AD matchup and Magic Resist for a AP matchup.
Ability Max Order
Q Comet Spear>E Aegis Assault>W Shield Vault Max INSTEAD of
Q Comet Spear>W Shield Vault>E Aegis Assault Max for two reasons.

E is your defensive cooldown but it also has a long cooldown. Being an integral part of Panth's one-shot combo, having it up more often means trading more often and hopefully winning those trades.

W isn't worth leveling for the damage because E provides utility and damage. It's easy to lose trades by jumping in with W and without E.

Again Order is QEW.
First Back/Buy
These are the items you want to purchase before the 7 min mark: Boots are really good on Panth early because the extra movement speed helps close the distance to land empowered W Shield Vault on an enemy who has lower movement speed. Corrupting Potion help you sustain and trade and hopefully kill your laner early on. Serrated Dirk on the first back means you CS'd decently and likely killed your laner. Snowball with Dirk. Take whatever trinket is most optimal for the team. BUY PINK WARDS.
Core Build (4 Items)
The core build items are seen above but again are: Eclipse, Blade of the Ruined King, Black Cleaver, Serylda's Grudge. Simply put, as much armor pen and lethality as possible. At full build, your base Lethality/Armor Pen should be 30/59%. But with fully stacked Black Cleaver you can reach 30/89%. With runes, namely sudden impact, you have 37/59%. Which should essentially convert your damage into straight 'true damage'. Consider a tank with 250 armor. With your fully stacked cleaver on them, you reduce that 250 armor into 28 armor which is then cleaved completely by your lethality. If my math isn't wrong, this build nearly completely removes armor from your target.
Situational Items
There's a lot of healing and shielding in the game currently. Personally, if it can be avoided I choose to go Serpent's Fang over Chempunk Chainsword for the lethality. But Chempunk Chainsword does give health. I do this because you can't heal what is dead. Take Maw of Malmortius into High AP comps and Thornmail into High AD comps. Serpent's Fang against champs like Lux, Ivern, and Akshan. Silvermere Dawn is good against comps with CC being their win condition or major setup. Malzahar or Sejuani are good examples of this.
Plated Steelcaps and Mercury's Treads are the only two boots I take. Because the build is focused on blowing up a target and escaping to then repeat, defensive boots are the best option since at best you only have one defensive item. Take Plated into high AD comps and Treads on high CC and/or AP comps. If the team comp is high AD and CC go treads and take Thornmail over Chempunk Chainsword for Anti Heal and armor.
Importance of Gold
This is rather basic but Panth being an early game champ instantly means when he is behind in CS he is behind period. So focus on farming when you first try out the build and only trade when the enemy is really out of position. Otherwise, you might make mistakes and die losing CS and putting yourself behind. Practice farming as it will help you with keeping your passive up kind of like Annie and her passive.
Early on, play like you're the alpha but the alpha with a brain. Don't take every fight just because you can. Plan ahead and play in a way that sets you up to do major damage throughout the entire match. Meaning, play to earn gold and to get major item powerspikes.

Trade with empowered Q and run away for quick damage through waves. Spam Q early to lower your laner to killing range. Work with your jungler early as much as possible to give them a lead but also put your laner behind with their help.

Mid Game is simpler. Rotate for fights with R if you're pushing waves elsewhere. Roam and clean up fights for easy gold and to help your team. Push waves, you are hard to 1v1 with 2 or 3 items, especially with your summoners up.

Late game is easy. You should have 4 or 5 items but 40 mins if not earlier. Blow up the carries whenever possible but don't be afraid to melt the frontline too. Diving backline with your R, while your team engages together, isn't a bad idea. Just make sure your team goes first or your Ulti will force the enemies back and you'll land in the middle of 4 or 5 people. Not fun. Travel in groups whenever possible so you can tower dive and oneshot people as a team.
Panth Combos are simple. But here's the basic one to know. Empowered W Shield Vault, Auto, Q Comet Spear, Auto, Empowered E Aegis Assault, Q Comet Spear(If you don't have enough ability haste for another q, use an auto). Ignite if below half health or 70% health if you have items after W autos finish.
Empowered W Shield Vault is important because it instantly procs Press the Attack and increases the damage you do with the rest of your combo. Simple as that really. Later on, when you have more items, you don't need empowered shielld vault especially if you have your team with you but it's preferred. Just know it's not a necessity.
Comet Spear does damage through minions but does not make them hit you. Last hit through waves and poke for early damage to help get the enemy low enough to kill.

Learn Shield Vault range. Practice Shield Vault range. Master Shield Vault Range.

Aegis Assault gives a speed boost at the end of its duration. It can be ended early to do the slam damage early for a finisher in tight spots like under the tower. Use sparingly, it's your lifejacket. Not too sparingly that you die with it. Also, learn where you need to point the shield to block damage. Things like Karthus Ulti can be blocked even if you don't see him but the shield faces him.

R Grand Starfall is slow. Make sure your friends you are coming to join don't push too early and cause your R to put you too far away to W or force summoners out. Aim about 5 seconds ahead of where you think the enemy will be.

Yes, your cooldowns are long but CS is worth it. Don't be afraid to use a W Shield Vault to reach a wave dying to your tower or E Aegis Assault to finish off some low health minions all at once.

ALSO, I'm going to walk through every champ and add a little tip in the Synergies and Threats portion of the guide. Please do check and search for your matchup to see what you should be careful of.
Funny Stats
At full build, you can do almost 5k damage. (This number varies according to the target's health because of BORK) That is nearly true damage too by the way. Imagine being squishy and walking one step too close to a pantheon who then sends you to the shadow realm in 2 seconds while you can't move. (I'll have a video display what happens soon.)
Thanks for checking/trying out my build. Personally, I don't know if this build has already been thought up or whatever. I've never seen it in my games unless I'm running it. I also held onto this build for quite a while. It's my favorite build and if it's too strong riot might nerf my favorite champion again instead of AP assassins. This was also my first time making a guide sorry if I missed anything.Further questions or comments can be asked or said during one of my streams. Hope you enjoy and remember who made this build if/when it blows up. :)
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