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Jax Build Guide by Ze Alpha

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ze Alpha

Alpha- Utilizing his lamp post to its fullest (Still under c

Ze Alpha Last updated on March 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction: About myself.

I'm called Ze Alpha and I am currently in Gold 3 (while writing this guide), playing in the EUNE servers.

I don't want to bore you to tears so I'll just get straight to the guide.
Keep in mind that this is my first guide and I have absolutely no idea how to make it attractive.

I will do try my best to make it as attractive and interesting as possible.
Any comments about making this guide attractive is much appreciated.

Also I may or may not have spelling mistakes or wrong sentence-structures but if I do, please let me know where it is and I will be fixing it as soon as possible.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great damage with W
+ Your E dodges enemies auto attacks
+ Q can be used as an escape
+ Gains lots of armor and magic resist from R
+ Unstoppable late game.

- Weak early game (before level 6)
- Easily ganked by enemy junglers
- No sustain early game (You have no life steal)
- Weak against pokes or champions that poke in general
- Crowd Control or "CC" for short is your biggest enemy.

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I never take my first skill at level one since it might screw me over because I might need another skill at that moment.
Ex: You took W first, enemy jungler ganks. Your screwed because you got no escape abilities except for you ghost (which we don't want to waste so early in game).
Ex (2): You took your E first, your trading damage with your enemy top laner, he'll most likely win because he can simply run away from E's stun. If you go in too deep just to get your stun in, you'll agro his enemy minions and your practically screwed, taking into account that the enemy top laner is melee.
I usually max W first and then Q to maximize my damage potential on Jax.
It really all depends on the match-up.
"Q" basically jumps on enemies or wards or your ally minions or the enemy minions, very helpful for catching up with enemies as well as run away from them.
"W" It's your main damage ability and also an auto attack
Don't waste it by using it instead of a normal auto attack. Get an auto attack on the enemy or minion and then immediately use it to get 2 attacks instead of one.
However, it does not apply damage to turrets, nonetheless, it could be used as an auto attack reset, to get an extra auto attack on that turret and destroy it faster. (especially when having sheen or trinity force)
"E" is your main dodging ability and also can be used as an escaping ability. It basically dodges any enemy champion's auto attacks including minions auto attacks.
A cool trick you may need is, have your ally nearby, go up to the enemies chasing you, use your E, stun them, then Q back to your ally, gaining much needed distance to escape safely.
Lastly... Your R. It basically gives your armor and magic resist depending on the amount of damage and ability power you have as well as the skill's level. Very useful and its the only ability that will keep you alive at all times. Additionally it's passive allows you to deal magic damage to your enemies every 3rd consecutive attack. It's got great harassing power and could be used with your W to deal INSANE amount of damage to your enemies.

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Masteries pick choice.

You(probably): What? AP in the offense mastery? Is this guy a dumb ***?
Me: No.
I found this to be the perfect set up for Jax taking attack speed to pop his ultimate's passive as much as possible while taking AP to increase his damage potential. This will give you the edge almost 75% of the time. Jax is a hybrid champion, if the enemy champion builds armor, you deal loads of AP with your ultimate and W. If he builds magic resist, you still deal a decent amount of damage with your auto attacks. Most of the time, your enemy will be frustrated at the amount of damage you deal.
And of course 9 points in defense to survive in lane.

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Runes pick choice (Against AD top laners)

Attack Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Speed, Attack Speed!!!
I cant stress this enough! You need the attack speed to pop your ultimate's passive A LOT! It's your main damage after level 6.

You(probably): But! wont it be MUCH better to take life steal QUINTS to sustain even better in lane?

I wont say that's wrong and if you thought of that, your most likely right, it really depends on your playing style but I believe that the life steal early game does not help you that much since you've got very little attack damage. Late game, your items will cover your up and practically make life steal quints a little useless. Which brings me to my next chapter.. Items.

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I usually start with long sword and 3 pots since it gives me the sustain I need in lane whilst dealing "Tons of Damage" to the enemy.
While it is a very risky pick of items and unorthodox (unusual), it allows me to rush blade of the ruined king or "BOTRK" for short.
More attack speed and life steal to heal like there is no tomorrow.
Next off: Rushing BOTRK = more attack speed = popping your ultimate's passive more = more damage. You think that's all? Hahahahaha no. It's also got a passive which is very helpful to melt ADC's HP or slow enemies to run away.

+ Trinity force for.. you know... "TONS OF DAMAGE" as Phreak would say.
From here on, you choose items depending on your game.
If the enemy got loads of AD, get loads of armor and a few damage items (because of your ultimate)
If the enemy got loads of AP, get loads of magic resist and one useful AP item (again because of your ultimate)

You(probably): What do you mean by useful? Are there useless AP items on Jax?

Me: Well yes, don't go for the dumb choices such as deathfire grasp. Take a HYBRID damage item such as hextech gunblade.

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Ignite is an obvious choice. It gives you extra damage, ability power as well as damaging your enemies as true damage over a period of time.

Ghost and Flash are debatable choices.

I personally LOVE to take ghost over flash, it allows me to move around the map faster, catch up to fleeing enemies faster and run away from chasing enemies.

I will repeat this again. IT DEPENDS ON YOUR PLAYING STYLE!!
If you prefer taking flash over ghost then go ahead!! Don't ever take something your not comfortable with.

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Jax is an assassin/fighter who utilizes best at defeating enemies 1 v 1 as well as melting squishy enemies such as the ADC's. He's very vulnerable to CC's and will die the moment he get's stunned/snared/charmed etc. Be careful when playing Jax because one mistake could cost you the whole game.
This guide is still not done and I will be updating it soon and try to make it more attractive by adding pictures and videos and so on.

I would much appreciate you not to down-vote this guide if you have not tried the guide or you believe its full of "********". There are a few other tips and tricks when laning and team fighting but I've been typing for 2 hours straight and there's still more to type.

This guide has many disadvantages and I don't recommend it against LOTS of champions since they will ALWAYS have the upper hand so please don't down-vote it if you lose. Some champions will strictly do better than others.

Thanks for reading the guide, again I will be updating it soon enough. Iam pretty sure you wont read until here since it BORING AS ****, but if you did, then uhm.. WOOW! well done! You have a high patience threshold!