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Soraka Build Guide by bakataumana

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bakataumana

Ambulance/ Counter Jungle Soraka & AP tank TOP laner

bakataumana Last updated on January 28, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first guide on mobafire and i hope i can make this as thorough as possible. I borrowed this build and have discovered that it does work although the play style and what you want to do with Soraka is much different i have found after many games. please read this fully before commenting and if you play this and find something works better for you feel free to let me know. *working on remaking all aspects now and i have added a tanky AP guide for laning Soraka. Hopefully this start will help people to better find a love for Soraka and grow with her as i improve the simplicity and readability of this guide.*

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Why Jungle Soraka???

Cause she is a pimp of really with where league has been going she is not as viable on bot lane as she used to be. Also the biggest thing most bot lanes now lack is utility. Now i use Utility as an all around term. Sure Annie has utility in her CC but really its all damage. the only 2 supports with the current meta that become viable are Nami and Janna. base your decision to play Soraka on your support... Leona, Annie, Morgana, Alistar... these champs make it perfect to play Soraka in the jungle. they are CC or damage bots. yes Alistar has a heal but it kills his mana. Soraka to the rescue. hit your golems or wight and drop bot for a quick heal and infuse to help your team.

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In the Jungle

You want to start with a blue and you will probably get invaded because people underestimate Soraka. Now its decision time.. does your team have a good amount of AOE early damage?? I.E. Jinx(adc), Orianna(mid) etc... if your team is of an AOE build you will win an invade easy as long as you prepare for it... your Starcall at level 1 with an AOE mid will allow your mid laner to do more damage to the team than they expect. No AOE or you fear the enemy team comp?? warn your opposite or bot depending on side that in case of invade start a blue leash.. just roll out the back side and go get the enemy blue. Now you have blue buff what do you do? Soraka is one of the champs that isn't expected to counter jungle but with her clear time and the heal its so easy. you can go straight to the next buff with out really losing health. if you are against Amumu and other slow farm jungles go take their red.. fast clear junglers will probably aim for your red also so theirs is just as good. if you choose to stay in your jungle because you are not sure just drop your trinket behind red buff and you will be fine.

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this term is used because your Soraka. you can easily clear a camp pop in the closest lane toss out some mana and health and keep jungling. i find is best to always swing mid and throw out mana after wraiths and wolves even if they dont need health...mid with more mana always has the advantage. bot lane can be tricky to help sometimes but if they are even in exchanges that quick stop bot can be the difference. remember you are a jungler and still need to farm so base your moves accordingly. whoever is by golems is the easy lane to boost.

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Counter Ganking

this Next Comment is not for our pro junglers lol....With practice you will learn to mirror and read the enemy jungler (ok wards work too!!!). Soraka is made to counter gank, unless you can perfectly time a lane engage and turn a fight. Enemy jungler crosses ward heading bot you see it bot sees it. you are closer and level 6.. hide in tri bush or by golems. the jungler gets close your bot lane starts to back out dealing damage on the way then you strike. come out behind drop the heal and mana and turn the fight around. you have the AOE damage alone to keep anyone from feeling safe you still have your ult and summoner Heal to get your team full again ( Mikael's Crucible later in game).. now their gank has failed your lane is sitting at full health theirs is most likely pushed out or dead if all went right.... go back to farming. you have so much sustain in jungle that you can honestly run from lane to lane and not miss abeat their jungler will eventually fall off if every time they gank you meet them and heal your team. If your team is willing to work with you and ward locations are sound you should excel.

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Team fights

Whats to be are Soraka... you are made to heal and buff your team and debuff the MR of enemys. i prefer to use Mikael's Crucible on the tank as the 10 percent health increase gets you more for your but there.. but of course you dont want your carrys CC'd or they do no damage. with 4 heals, 2 of which are AOE you already have the advantage. prioritize who to heal with what.. obviously your gonna use Astral Blessing on who is taking all the AD damage b/c of the 100+ AR bonus it gives. but have fun with it Soraka is annoying in team fights and after the first 2 or 3 expect to get focused more than the carry's its bound to happen.

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Laning Soraka the AP Tank

this chapter will come later with explanations as too different top laners you will face...advantages and disadvantages

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Heals galore
Free Armor
Mana for all your team not just ADC
fast clear times and sustain
great COUNTER ganks


your Soraka!!! they will want to damage your jungle b/c of it..
mediocre normal ganks


so bananas really are OP!!! have fun with this.. if you want to play a high damage insane gank champion this is not for you. if you want to ruin someones day just b/c they thought they would play a high damage insane gank champion then you will be pleasantly surprised. i had almost figured out how to make this viable when i discovered a diamond build and game that had made it more viable than where i was at... cpl tweaks to my build and incorporating my play style i believe this is the most viable way to play her. I personally believe she is a true game changer that no longer gets her recognition... ENJOY SEASON 4 and may Soraka carry us all to diamond :) see you on the fields of justice