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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linear

Amumu - Come Play With Me! (Jungle Support Tank)

Linear Last updated on October 26, 2012
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Brief Introduction to Amumu

Hello, all! This is my second guide on MOBAFire, if you haven't seen my first one, go check it now here!

Now, who is Amumu and what does he do? Well, to make long stories short, Amumu is a very good team fight initiator with good jungling skills. Below, I will explain to you why Amumu is a very good champion(and a cheap one too!).

This is Linear, and welcome to my guide 'Amumu - Come Play with Me!'.

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Hall of Amumus

This is the section where you can PM me your match results and I'll put 'em here! With the rest of the Amumu players.

Results by me!

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Outstanding Pros / Costly Cons


+ // Great sustain in jungle.
+ // Strong ganks.
+ // Good team fight initiator.
+ // Snoopeh recommends Amumu.

- // Very squishy early game.
- // If you miss Q, you'll be yelled.
- // Long cooldowns before 18.
- // Requires good teammates!

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Masteries on Amumu


Summoner's Wrath : I like having this with Exhaust, because if you land this on the enemy ADC, he/she will have a significant amount of damage loss during the duration PLUS a decrease in armor and MR(plus your passive, that's like 25 MR lost at level 1-3 ganks), and by the time it ends, your team would've ended his/her life.

Brute Force : I went for this mastery for the following reason, Amumu deals very little damage in early game jungling. If you think that this is not a good mastery for Amumu, you can always take Mental Force or Butcher into consideration. (BTW, I didn't max Butcher in my build because it only deals 4 extra damage to minions, and sometimes if my opponent is lucky, they get away with less than 5 health!)

Sorcery: I like this mastery because it builds into Arcane Knowledge and adds cooldown reduction, as I said before, Amumu has pretty long cooldowns.

Arcane Knowledge : I picked this mastery for the magic penetration for Despair, as it deals % of health magic damage to surrounding enemies.

Summoner's Resolve : It's pretty obvious why I picked this, FOR THE EXTRA 10 GOLD PER SMITE! Another viable mastery you can take, other than this, is Vigor for extra health regeneration, but it's very little, so I prefer Summoner's Resolve .

Hardiness : Extra armor early game so I take less damage from jungle creeps!

Tough Skin : Same explanation as Hardiness , I don't wanna use up all my health potions before I get to red buff.

Durability : The name probably explained why. I want more sustain in the jungle and more durability when I go into team fights. Other viable masteries to take, other than this, is Vigor and Resistance , both pretty useful! Take it into consideration, which do you think is more important, health or health regeneration?

Indomitable : Very useful, takes 2+2/4/6/8/10( Tantrum's passive]]) less damage from every attack, so if someone were to attack you 100 times with 100 AD, you take 200 less damage PLUS the armor you have. Unreplaceable on tanks.

Veteran's Scars : Adds extra 30 health for early game purposes!

Bladed Armor : Another must-need/useful jungling mastery, returns 6 true damage back to monsters, that helps you speed up jungling a whole lot!

Initiator : What can I say, Amumu is one of the best initiators in the game, why wouldn't you take 3 points in this?

Enlightenment : I'm not exactly sure how I can explain this, I chose to take this because Amumu has a long cooldown, but this mastery can also be replaced by Honor Guard or Vigor , pick the one that helps you the most.

Juggernaut : Adds good % of health and tenacity.

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Runes: Ultimate Early Game!

Other Viable Runes

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Ability Combos & Sequence

Passive: Cursed Touch

A very simple and straightforward passive. You decrease the target's magic resistance by 15/25/35. Useful to you and our AP carry, you should always try to hit the ADC at least once with your auto-attack.

Bandage Toss

Stuns your target for 1 second, in my opinion, that 1 second is very important, it is like Amumu's ultimate team fight initiator starter. Try to practice landing Bandage Toss with smart-cast, it saves lots of time!


Your jungling must-need on Amumu, this is the ability that makes Amumu a good jungler. It deals % of health magic damage in AoE damage which is very good if enemies decided to focus you in team fights.


This is a very good skill, you take a lot less damage from ADCs because of its passive, taking 2/4/6/8/10 less damage from auto-attacks. As I explained before in Indomitable , imagine the ADC focuses you dealing 100 AD for 10 hits. You take 120 less damage in total(excluding armor).

Curse of the Sad Mummy

Amumu's ultimate, AKA best team fight initiating ability in-game. Always land your ultimate when your team is actually paying attention, because there's always times when you land your combo well, but your teammates are taking smoke breaks.

Preferred Ability Sequence and Combo

Sequence: > >

(Obviously, you add your ultimate at 6,11,16)

Combo: > > Auto-Attack ADC > > > Auto-Attack some more and spam Tantrum

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Early, Core, Late and Situational Game Items

shurelya's reverie

Start Items


There's really only 2 starting items for Amumu jungle, either Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion or Cloth Armor and Health Potion, of course there's also a choice of Boots of Speed, go for this if you're very professional at jungling. In my opinion, starting with Regrowth Pendant is the best for Amumu, because you have extra sustain in your jungle.

Early Game Items

philosopher's stone

The two 5 gold per 10 seconds items that benefit Amumu, if you add the amount up you get 10 gold per 10 seconds, which means you get 1+1 gold per second(1 for the default gold gain per 10 second). If you do not gank well in early game, these two items help you catch up on the gold lost.

Core Game Items

As I said in my title, you're half support half tank, and what's a tank without armor? This is where Randuin's Omen comes in, you might think why not Frozen Heart? Well Frozen Heart is pretty good too, but it decrease only 20%, when Randuin's Omen's active decreases both movement and attack speed.

Late Game Items

shurelya's reverie

Just finishing up your build, Abyssal Mask adds both magic resistance and ability power, since you're short on magic resistance and your abilities base on ability power, this item is pretty fantastic. P.S. take the passive into consideration. Frozen Heart = more armor, harder to kill.

Situational Items and What to Replace

___ Warmog's Armor, You should acquire this item when you are in need of more health, otherwise, don't go this as a item. ___ shurelya's reverie

___ Do I have to say more? Get this if you're against a really overpowered APC like Veigar, Katarina and LeBlanc. I replace with Abyssal Mask because they both add magic resistance, but Force of Nature adds more magic resistance. ___

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Jungle Route and Spawn Time

Very straightforward map, nothing to explain about it

Ancient Golem (AKA Blue Buff)

Spawn Time: 1:55 (5:00 respawn)

Buff Duration: 2:30 (with Runic Affinity : 3:00)

Lizard Elder (AKA Red Buff)

Spawn Time: 1:55 (5:00 respawn)

Buff Duration: 2:30 (with Runic Affinity : 3:00)


Spawn Time: 2:30 (6:00 respawn)

Global Gold: 190 (+25 to killer)

Baron Nashor

Spawn Time: 15:00 (7:00 respawn)

Global Gold: 300

Buff Duration: 4:00 ( Runic Affinity cannot be used)

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Difference Between a Good and Bad Jungler

Good Jungler

  • Ganks often and has 100% map awareness at all times.
  • Counter-jungles as much as he/she can.
  • Wards the map for teammates.
  • Buys Oracle's Elixir

His ganks are usually successful and the kill is given to the ADC/APC. Knows his limits on the summoned champion and range on his skills.

Bad Jungler

  • Dies even with leash.
  • Uses all his health potions before wraiths.
  • Never wards for team.
  • Initiates team fights for the other team.

    Ganks are almost or never successful, doesn't even know the range of his own skills.

    Now. Tell me which kind of jungler do you want to be? If you chose good jungler, then follow my build! It'll surely help you get better jungle results with Amumu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO questions asked right now.

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Ending Summary

Finally, we've reached the end of my guide! Tell me what did you think of my guide and upvote it if you think it's good! Remember, if you have any supportive criticism, I'll be willing to take it! Good luck on your Amumu now!

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Change Log / Patch Log

Change Log:

  • 10/12/2012 - Guide posted.

Patch Log: