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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vergo

Amumu!! Crying in the jungle

Vergo Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Hey everybody!! :D

This is my first guide, in this guide I will describe how I play Amumu in the jungle.

I have tow ways to play him while jungling, one is standard Amumu jungle, the other is a little different and you don't have to worry that much about getting gang at the start. ;)

I'll also put in a build on how a support tank Amumu is build, and one for laneing, but i'll do that later and I might add some videos as well. :D

Anyhow I want to apologize for my English. XD

but let's get down to business!! XD

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Quick notes

MR = Magic Resist
AM = Armour
AP = Ability Power
MP5 = Mana Per 5 Sec
AD = Attack Damage
MD = Magic Damage
DMG = Damage
AOE = Area of Effect
BT = Bandage Toss

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Amumu's passive it helps you a lot throughout the game. It reduces the MR of your melee attack target

It is a skill shot witch can be difficult hit with sometimes, you're not goner need this skill until you are level 4, because it deals only DMG to one target and you only need one point in it be able to gang, The stun don't become longer and its range is the same at all levels.

I just love this skill. You deal a % of the enemy's maximum health every second and a small amount of magic damage as well. This is your main scours of DMG in the jungle early on and it does a good amount of DMG in end game, but you'll not focus it cause of Tantrums passive, and this skill is good for taking down tanks. XD

This is in my opinion one of the best skills Amumu have to jungle with, you deal AOE DMG and whenever you are hit its cooldown is reduce by 0.5 seconds. Furthermore it also decreases the Physical DMG you take.

When you use this skill form level 6-11 you may use it on only one champ, but after that you should save it for team fights, just try to BT one of your opponents or a minion so that at least 3 of your opponents are in within range of the skill and use it.

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In my marks I go with 9* Greater Mark of Magic Penetration for at little boost in MD, I know that Amumu's passive also do this. but when you starts ganging most champs have around 30 MR at the start of the game and your passive reduces MR by a small amount, but I think at level 14 it is 35 MR Amumu's passive removes.

For seals I go with 9* Greater Seal of Armor for a AM boost and for easier time in the jungle.

My Glyphs I take 9* Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for some MR agents casters when ganging.

I think that my quints are self explaining 3* Greater Quintessence of Health.

I use these runs no matter how I play Amumu

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I go with 1/16/13 I think that is what is best in the jungle as Amumu.

You can also go with a 1/21/8 build but you are goner miss some MP5 so you wont be able to keep op Despair even with the blue buff. unless yo buy some MP5 items. XD

Will come later

Will come later

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As all tank's you have to be flexible in items and try to counter the opposing team, but I think there are 3 main items for Amumu if not every tank.
, and .
These items are your core items, you get a good amount of health, AM and MR plus their passives, after you get them you may get any other tank items you want, but the item builds I have in this guide are good against balanced teams.

If you want to play a really deviating Amumu you get Randuin's Omen and Abyssal Mask, then in a team fight 2 seconds after you used Curse of the Sad Mummy you use Randuin's and all of your opponents are slowed like hell for a good amount of time and the passive form Abyssal Mask works very well with Amumu's passive. XD

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Jungle route

This is the jungle route for the first build.

You start at the blue buff, if you think you will be gang (or if your opponents have a stealth champ) you want to go to enemy blue buff (you can only do that if your opponents don't have a jungler) or wait until all opponents are visible on the map. Remember to use one health pot here and smith .

you then go to wolf camp no big deal, then use one health pot on the way over to wrath camp. use one health pot here as well then on to the red buff.

Do the as you did with blue and then on to small golems, you need a little over 300 HP to take them with out useing a health pot. After you should be level 4, recall.

Buy Boots of Speed now if the other team don't have a jungler buy 2 Health Potion then you go to your wolf camp then wrath camp, your blue buff is about to run out, so you take theirs and wolfs. after I go to your small golems, then their small golems, red buff and wrath's.

If they have a jungler, get some Mana Potion + the boots and Health Potions, and go to your wolfs then Wreaths, try to gang a lane and take small golems when they spawn. use the pots when you get low no HP or mana.

you only use smite to kill blue and red buff, until around level 8 or so.

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Secondary jungle route

This is the jungle route for the seconded build.

I have only recently tried this route and it worked rather well for me. You start at wraiths remember to smith the blue one, then on to the wolf camp and small golems use smith here as well, recall.

get Boots of Speed and a health pot and run to the blue buff, with around 15 skes cooldown left on your smite you take the blue buff use smith to kill it, then wolfs, wraiths and small golems. Use the health pot here and go to the red buff kill it with smith you'll need to wait a while before taking the red buff to heal.

form here on it is normal jungleing and gangs, this jungle route is for if you don't want to be gang at the start of your jungle. I can't say that you wont be ganged, but anyhow you are less likely to be ganged with this route :D

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Team Work

Team work is what you need to have as Amumu, yes you can take some on 1v1 and win if you are good, I have tried where I was agents an Ashe and Xin Zhao and almost got a dubble kill.

you can't gang alone, unless they are at half HP or so, but at level 6 you can lock one champ down for around 3-4 seconds where your team mates just can nuke them in to oblivion.

All ways make sure that you know your team is ready to start a team fight before you initiate it, with ether BT or flash. Team work is the key to win any match in LoL and Amumu is a team player and he is the one who turn the tide in your team's favour in the first 2 seks of a fight.

One of the most important things is that you try not to take any kills if others can get them (kill steal) you are a tank after all, Amumu it very good at kill stealing so you will properly get some kills, in a 30 minutes game I have a score around 2/2/20 or so and around 150 minions/monsters kills.

Of cores if non of your team mates is nearby and there is a low health champion you may kill him, or if a someone get away form a gang you can all ways use flash and try to get the kill if your team mates have given up on the kill.

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well....... I think that is all I have to say.

I'll probably rewrite some if it, and I am open for other suggestions and changes and please tell me what you think of it so far :)

pleas rate and comment. :)