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Amumu Build Guide by tehmasta

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tehmasta

Amumu: Sorrow of the jungle [tanky ap]

tehmasta Last updated on July 7, 2012
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Hello. Welcome to my Amumu guide.I decided to write this guide because i don't see AP Amumus much and in my opinion he is under appreciated. This is my first "real" guide, so make sure not to be too harsh on me and please, refrain yourself from downvoting it untill you try the build yourself.

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Pros / Cons

Amazing ganker even pre 6 (yes im looking at you Bandage Toss
Very tanky
Loads of burst damage with this build
A well placed Curse of the Sad Mummy can easely change whole game

Abit tricky to land Bandage Toss If you are not used at skillshots
Vulnerable to counter jungling at low levels
I really can't find any other con about him

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Getting to know Amumu

Perhaps one of the oddest champions in the League of Legends is the Yordle known as Amumu. His life before joining the League remains unknown... especially to Amumu. All he remembers is that he woke up alone inside a pyramid within the Shurima Desert. He was entwined in mummy wrappings and he could not feel his heart beat. Furthermore, he felt a deep sadness that he could not entirely explain; he knew he missed his parents, though he could not remember who they were. Dropping to his knees, Amumu wept into his bandages. No matter what he did, it seemed he could never stop his tears or sadness. Eventually he stood up, determined to wander the world to discover his past. Amumu traveled all across southern Valoran - a feat that is not easily dismissed.

While Amumu still hasn't learned much about his past, he has learned a great deal about who he has become. He is most assuredly undead, though he harbors none of the evil characteristics typical of undead beings. He also seems to keep trouble at arm's length; Amumu was able to traverse all of Southern Valoran without so much as a single bad thing happening to him. He was just sad, and the people and beings he encountered eventually shared his sadness. Ultimately, he made his way north across the Great Barrier to the Institute of War, the home of the League. Amumu's story was compelling to the summoners he met there, and they invited him to take part in a League Judgment. His success within the League as a champion has given Amumu something he desired: a home. With his present (un)life secured, he now hopes the friends he has made will help him discover his past.

"Things are bad when Amumu is crying, but they're much worse when he's angry."

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Best way to play jungle Amumu is 0/21/9
What do we get from those masteries?

From defense tree
Upgraded smite
6 armor
Incoming damage reduced by 4
6 reflect damage against minions and monsters
6 health per level (108 at 18)
3 hp/5
30 flat hp
3% increased movement speed when above 70% health
3% maximum health and 10% tenaciy

While also getting from Utility
Improved flash
7% Reduced time spent dead
Improved recall
2% movement speed
20% more buff time

Runes do not need explanation, those are standard for jungle Amumu.

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Skill Sequence and detailed explanation

Cursed Touch is a passive ability that grants Amumu an on-hit effect, causing his autoattacks to reduce the target's magic resistance for 4 seconds, by an amount scaling with Amumu's champion level.
Cursed Touch does not stack but the duration is refreshed with every auto attack.
Cursed Touch cannot be blocked by spell shields or Black Shield.
Amumu's auto attacks will not pop spell shields to apply the debuff.
Because it is an on-hit effect, Cursed Touch can be dodged, Parried or blocked by Aegis Protection , Counter Strike or Riposte.

This might not see much, but it actually is helpfull passive, especially with this build.
With one autoattack and Abyssal Mask You will debuff your enemies with -55 magic resistance


Bandage Toss (Active): Amumu tosses a sticky bandage towards a target location, if it contacts an enemy Amumu pulls himself to it and will deal magic damage and stun the target for 1 second.
Range: 1,100
Projectile Speed: 1800
Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana
Cooldown: 16 / 14 / 12 / 10 / 8 seconds
Magic Damage: 80 / 140 / 200 / 260 / 320 (+1.0 per ability power)

Bandage Toss is a collision linear skillshot that will deal magic damage and stun the first enemy unit it hits, while Amumu is pulled to the target's location.
Bandage Toss does not proc on-hit effects.
Bandage Toss procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow similarly with all single target spells and abilities with full effect.
Bandage Toss pops spell shield.
Bandage Toss will damage Black Shield and the stun will be negated but Amumu will still be pulled to his target.
Amumu will attempt to attack the target he hits with Bandage Toss after pulling himself to it.
Bandage Toss can be used to pull Amumu through walls.
Bandage Toss has a brief channel time (0.2s) upon cast before it activates.
Bandage Toss' stun will interrupt channeled abilities.
Bandage Toss can hit and stun invisible enemy champions, but it won't reveal them.

You gonna love this skill, it is so awesome cus the fact that it is a long range skillshot stun with high base damage, while also having ap ratio of 1.0% wich is really good

Despair (Toggle): Overcome by anguish, nearby enemies will be dealt a percentage of their maximum health plus a base amount as magic damage each second.
Cost: 8 mana per second
Cooldown: 1 second
Radius of AoE: 300
Base Magic Damage: 8 / 12 / 16 / 20 / 24.

Health Drain: 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1 / 2.4 / 2.7 % (+0.01% per ability power)

Despair is a toggled point blank area of effect ability. While toggled on, Amumu deals magic damage every half second to all enemy units around himself, scaling on an affected target's maximum health.
Despair does not proc on-hit effects.
Despair procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepter slow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
Despair does not pop spell shield.
Despair will damage Black Shield.
There is no cap for the damage done with Despair.
Despair is immediately activated and deactivated upon toggle.
Toggling the ability on and off will trigger a 1 second cooldown.
Despair scales with 0.005% of ability power in spite of tooltips rounding the number up.
Despair will refresh the duration of Rylai's Crystal Scepterslow for as long as the unit remains in the area of effect.
Despair will damage stealthed champions, but it will not reveal them.
Silence will not interrupt Despair, it will only prevent Amumu from toggling it off.
As a toggle ability, Despair will not charge Tear of the Goddess, Force Pulse, Sap Magic, Sheen, etc.

This is the ability wich will eat up any tank's or squishy's health away, with this build you gonna hit the outrageous 8% of maximum health damage per second

Tantrum (Passive): Amumu takes reduced damage from physical attacks. Each time Amumu is hit by an attack, the cooldown on Tantrum's active is reduced by half a second.
Damage Reduction: 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10
(Active): Amumu deals magic damage to surrounding units.
Cost: 50 mana
Radius of AoE: 200
Cooldown: 10 / 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 seconds

Magic Damage: 75 / 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 (+0.5 per ability power)

Tantrum passively reduces the amount of physical damage Amumu takes. When activated, Tantrum is a point blank area of effect ability that deals magic damage to all enemy units around Amumu. Taking damage will reduce the cooldown.
Tantrum does not proc on-hit effects.
Tantrum procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepterslow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
Tantrum pops spell shield.
Tantrum will damage Black Shield.
The passive damage reduction is calculated after armor values.
Tantrum has a very brief channel time (0.1s) upon cast before it activates.
Tantrum can damage stealthed units. The animation will show where the unit was when hit, but it will not reveal them.

This skill has good base damage and good ration on it, this is the skill you gonna be spamming everywhere, farm/teamfights/and so on


Aaand my favorite skill ingame:)

(Active): Amumu entangles surrounding enemy units in bandages, dealing magic damage upfront and rendering them unable to attack or move for 2 seconds.
Radius of AoE: 600
Cost: 100 / 150 / 200 mana

Cooldown: 150 / 130 / 110 seconds

Magic Damage: 150 / 250 / 350 (+1.0 per ability power)

Curse of the Sad Mummy is a point blank area of effect ability that deals magic damage and prevent all enemy units in a wide radius from moving or attacking for 2 seconds.
Curse of the Sad Mummy does not proc on-hit effects.
Curse of the Sad Mummy procs spell vamp and Rylai's Crystal Scepterslow similarly with all area of effect spells and abilities with diminished effect.
Curse of the Sad Mummy pops spell shield.
Curse of the Sad Mummy will not damage Black Shield but the disable will be negated.
Curse of the Sad Mummy has a very brief channel time (0.1s) upon cast before it activates.
Curse of the Sad Mummy will not interrupt channeled abilities.
Curse of the Sad Mummy will damage and immobilize stealthed units in the area of effect.

This is very game changing ability, not to mention it hits like TRUCK
It will also disable everybody who is caught in the area (note, this will not damage Morgana's Black Shield but it will still imobilize her. You just have to love this ability

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Jungling as Amumu

Grab a Regrowth Pendant And a Health Potion and move to wraiths, ask one of your mates to guard blue for you. Quickly kill wraiths and move onto blue, ask for a leash (you can do it easely without leash too but you will loose a good amount of health and a potion, so leash is better)

Then we move to wolves, and wraiths after. You should be around 60-70% health go kill double golems untill your smite is on cooldown and then move to red (use potion there) After you have finished you should be at more than half health and level 4, get Bandage Toss and see how your lanes are doing, if enemies are overextending go for a gank, if not continue jungling untill you get enough money for philosopher's stone and 1 level boots (i usually jungle untill i get enough money for philo stone + heart of gold and boots, this is your ideal start, afterwards jungling is easy.
Also do NOT forget to constantly remember the time you killed your blue/red/drake, you should be there to kill them again one second before they respawn,(5minutes timer) allways. Or you should atleast ward them, remember Amumu without blue is useless Amumu.

Also remember to allways keep your drake/baron warded through vision ward and again remember the time you/enemy kills them (drake respawn time 6 minutes, baron respawn time 7 minutes)

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Team Work

I cannot explain how neccesery it is to work with your team.
Every time there is a team fight YOU should be there leading them, allways and everywhere, so have you should have map awareness.
You are the initiator and a tank of your team, allways be near them and dont rush alone.
In a well coordinated team Amumu will 90% of times lead you to victory.

Your main goal at a team fight will be to catch somebody out of position, having a fast reflexes is key to this. Do NOT wait others from your team to initiate since they will be waiting for YOU to complete this job.

When a team fight starts watch over their tank, their team will not move without him.
If you see him trying to initiate and going straight for your carry you go to THEIR ad/ap carry, if you can reach them with Bandage Toss the game is over, if not flash near their ad carry and try to catch him and atleast another 2 person into your ult, this gonna take half of their health, a simple combo of R+Q+E and their ad carry (supposed they do not stack resistance) will be gone and fight will turn at your favor, also remember to allways have Despair activated in team fights.
This gonna make them feel like

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Personal screenshots

More to come (awaiting your screenshots)

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Well this is it, i hope my guide will help you atleast a tiny bit about mastering Amumu wich is really a great champion.
Depending on your opinions i might as well keep updating it and make it abit more well placed and organsed (wich takes so much time that i dont have atm)