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Amumu Build Guide by xCss3

Amumu the king of da jungle!!

By xCss3 | Updated on January 11, 2013

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Very standard tanky jungle mastery page. Allows you to tank the jungle mobs easier. AlsoBase damage are very high so unless you are going an AP build, your good with these.
Summoners resolve: Bonus gold on using ? Don`t mind if I do.

Tough skin/Bladed armor: Allows you to tank the jungle camps that much more effectively, also the returned damage is helpful for finishing off the small camps.

Durability, Veteran Scars, and Juggernaut: More health is never a bad thing, and with having one of the highest base health in the game might as well make it higher.

Tenacious: The less time your CC`d the more you can cry on people, lock the down, and generally be an annoying little guy.

Legendary Armor: This mastery scales very well into late game. Even though Your only going to end up with a bonus 2.5 armor and MR every 100 you get, which is still better then not having it.

Honor Guard: Very nice mastery that makes it worth going all the way down the defence tree.

Summoner`s insight: Lowered cool downs on your for one point never hurts.

Wanderer: Makes you run faster, albeit out of combat. Still very useful for catching people.

Improved recall: Less time you spend in base, more time you can be useful. May not seem like much but it does add up over the course of a game.

Mastermind: Lowers the cool down on and = more gold and more effective ganks.

Runic Affinity: Having more time on buffs, means you can clear faster, and gank better. Very nice to have.
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Pros / Cons

Consistent AoE damage
Amazing initiation
Good chasing
Fast clear speed
Very tanky

Needs first blue or he will fall apart
Easily invaded
Relies heavily on landing your bandage toss
If you miss your ulti, you may lose the game off it
Doesn't have very much CC outside of his ulti

Very simple wolves, blue, wraiths, wolves, red, wraiths, then gank as you see fit.

Wolves, smiteless blue, straight to red and start the gank train.

Amumu isn't as blue reliant as you would think, he can start red and be fine as long as he gets the blue at some point.
Anyways, wraiths, red, golems, wraiths, wolves, and blue, you won't have enough life to start ganking with this path but it is still an option.

Start wraiths, red, see if you can get a smiteless then immediately head to blue. Securing your buffs is key here. Then either gank if you see an opening or continue to farm your jungle up.
If your for sure the enemy jungler is in your jungle, you can go man mode as see if you can take there buff and get out before they get there.

If you get behind due to jungle invasion, there's 2 ways to deal with it. Option A. is to tell your team your behind and farm up to 6 as fast as possible to try to make some plays. Option B. If you are confident in your abilities to land a bandage toss, you should gank more often to bring you back into the game. If it helps, ask your mid laner if you can take the second blue to help you out a little more.

This is what makes or breaks Amumu as a jungler, if he has a good start, he is going to become a monster. But if he doesn't, it is going to be slow and miserable.
Most people know by now that if you shut down an Amumu early, he is not going to be as effective so they will try to take advantage of your weak early game. If you suspect an level 1 invade, ask for wards around your blue buff to see if they are coming. If they are, go to there blue immediately. Watch the enemies positioning, if they start to leave your blue area, you should as well, because it most likely means they have it warded.
AS LONG AS YOU GET A BLUE BUFF YOU WILL BE FINE is basically how his early game is decided.

This is where the outcome of a game is usually decided. When you have your ulti up, you should be looking for a fight. Force a dragon, set up a gank, invade the enemy jungle whatever you have to do to gain an advantage, because Amumu's ult is so potent for securing kills, and making plays.

This is where Amumu shines. If your team is even or slightly ahead, you should always be trying to force a fight. Push towers, force or bait baron/dragon.
Your job in a team fight is to start the fight and do as much damage as you can by crying on people. Because Amumu doesn't have very much CC to peel for your allies, so you need to just be an annoying little bugger. But remember, the longer the fight goes on, the more damage you are going to get out with your tears.
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Tips, and Tricks

If you can help it, always lead with your auto attacks, see if they burn any escapes, then throw out yourAlways be aware of the enemy side steps. Hold on to your to get a feel for your opponent. If you know he is going to juke in a certain direction throw it there.
If you can lead with , it is always the best choice just for the fact that it is a lot more reliable. Don't be afraid to burn your to get you in a perfect position. And always try to extend your CC for as long as possible. If you do it perfectly, you can get 3 seconds of the enemy not moving.
A very simple concept but always have your when you fight. It may seem obvious, but I've seen people strictly use this ability to farm the jungle. You never know when that little bit of damage will make the difference between a kill and a very crippled enemy.
Make sure you always refresh youron your enemies because reduced magic resist = more damage for you and your allies.
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Final Statements

Isn't used in competitive play that much because you can coordinate a jungle invasion and shut him down early, and keep him down. However, If you get a strong level 1 team to protect you, ward your jungle early and an get sufficient ganks off, he is an amazing addiction to a team just for the raw initiation.

Always remember that Amumu is the strongest late game tank in the game because his tears will always do high damage, he get insanely tanky with items, and his initiation is the best in the game.

I hope this guide helps for all the future, or current Amumu players out there.

If you have any suggestions for another champion guide I'll be more then happy to do more =).

Thank you and goodnight
League of Legends Build Guide Author xCss3
xCss3 Amumu Guide

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Amumu the king of da jungle!!