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Amumu General Guide by Shade Ripper

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shade Ripper

Amumu: The Sad Jungler

Shade Ripper Last updated on January 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi MobaFire, I'm Shade Ripper writing my first guide on MobaFire about my favorite jungler, Amumu. I would love some constructive criticism so I can keep giving you better build guides. I love jungling, so when I came across Amumu, I instantly fell in love. He combines two of my favorite roles, jungling and supporting. Amumu is a unique support, tank, and jungler all wrapped into one small little crying package. He is amazing for ganking and picking up some fast assists. I will go into much depth about jungle routes, ganking, team fights, and how to do amazingly on our depressing mummy.

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Amumu's Q is Bandage Toss which flings out his bandages in a straight line, stunning them for 1 second and pulling himself towards the targets location. This is exceptionally good in quick ganks, so you pull in with Bandage Toss use Tantrum and depression and get out for the other person to pick up the kill.

His W is depression. Amumu starts crying, making a puddle of tears in a small vicinity around him, damaging enemies in that vicinity. depression is one of Amumu's best jungle tools. Turn it on immediately upon hitting enemy with Bandage Toss to pick up so awesome red or blue buffs.

Amumu's E is Tantrum, which actively deals damage to anyone in a small vicinity. He passively takes reduced damage. This is one of Amumu's primary tools as it does tons of damage and can mean the difference between an assist and a kill (assists are great, but Amumu can get some kills now and then). Tantrum after initiating depression can be a deadly combo if executed correctly.

Finally, Amumu's ultimate is Curse of the Sad Mummy which does magic damage, stops nearby enemies from moving or doing autoattacks. This is great for some assists. It does damage to get your mark on them, then stops them so your team can pick up so quick kills.

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Combos and Team Fights

Amumu can be amazing in team fights, or just another quick kill for the enemy team, but my goal is to help your because that amazing support in team fights. So you are jungling, getting some buffs, when a full blown team fight breaks out in mid lane. As you inch closer, you see your team inflicting some good damage, but they need a tank jungler to seal the deal. This looks like a job for Amumu!!! You land a Bandage Toss to the enemy champion that will position yourself in attack range, but not too close so that you will get dropped easily. That stun will give you the time to initiate. You quickly activate depression into Tantrum, hitting so many enemies you see the +25 Gold sign fly everywhere. Your team finally realizes what is going on, so they jump back in full force. You use Curse of the Sad Mummy to entangle every enemy champion. Once your team lowers everyone, you use Tantrum (remember depression is still active) and get a swift quadra kill. The enemy Lux is getting away! So you Bandage Toss to her and use Tantrum to pick up the PENTA KILL!!!!!!!! Ok, you're right... I got carried away with that scenario. You most likely won't get a penta kill, but, if played correctly (not as amazingly as I described, please, I couldn't do that) you can get a nice few assists and maybe your team will score an ace.

The one basic combo you need to know while jungling Amumu is Bandage Toss into depression wrapping up with Tantrum and maybe Curse of the Sad Mummy if fighting enemy champions. This combo will get you through your whole Amumu endeavors.

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When jungling with Amumu, he is very blue buff dependent, so make sure to have that whenever you can. My route is to start with the wolves, pop a Health Potion and then ask for help with blue buff. When the ancient golem is low enough, finish him off with Smite. Then go to the wraiths, then back to wolves, the take on red buff, then gank. When you gank the first time you should be level 6 and have Curse of the Sad Mummy. If not by then end of that route, feel free to hit up the stone golems and wolves and wraiths until you get there. Remember, when jungling depression and Tantrum are your two best friends. Always use Tantrum for quick jungle clears and always have depression on except for when traveling to each camp site. Save Smite for the bigger and tougher creeps like the blue buff and red buff, dragon and baron nashor.

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Pros / Cons


    Massive AOE
    Perfect Gank
    Large Quantities of CC

    Squishy Early Game
Bandage Toss can take forever to master
Long Curse of the Sad Mummy cooldown

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Skill Sequence

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Remember to max Tantrum first because that is your main jungle tool and your main damage output. Max depression second because it is an AMAZING AOE damage output and is a great way to swiftly clear camp sites. Max Bandage Toss last because you only need one point in it at first in order to pull off successful ganks. Like all ultimates, take a point in Curse of the Sad Mummy whenever you can.


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