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Ivern Build Guide by Raggy69

Jungle An Honest Guide to Ivern [SEASON 11 PATCH 11.18]

Jungle An Honest Guide to Ivern [SEASON 11 PATCH 11.18]

Updated on September 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Raggy69 Build Guide By Raggy69 5,598 Views 0 Comments
5,598 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Raggy69 Ivern Build Guide By Raggy69 Updated on September 13, 2021
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Runes: My Personal Favourite

1 2
Font of Life
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

An Honest Guide to Ivern [SEASON 11 PATCH 11.18]

By Raggy69
Welcome fellow monster and tree lovers. Our friendly waddling tree has a unique play-style which is very different to any other Champion in League. In This guide I will be walking you through the basics, cool tips and tricks, advanced pathing, looking at laners and understanding their situation within there lane and how Ivern could affect it differently too other champs! Lets dive right in...
So why I choose Guardian over Summon Aery
I prefer Guardian as this rune enables a confident and good shielding towards allies early game giving the level 2 gank even more power than it has already. This shield gives Iverns early game ganks an extra edge which I personally much prefer over the Summon Aery Rune option.

Summon Aery Is a much safer option for Ivern to use. Its shield advantage and damage can be less punishing if used incorrectly if you are new to the handling Iverns unique playstyle. This would be a great way to start learning him then maybe try and move on to other runes when you get more confident!
Ability Rundown
Firstly his passive: Friend of the Forest In basic this ability allows Ivern to take a jungle camp without attacking it but when he collects it after the time period he gets all the gold from the camp. This passive is unique because you cannot smite a camp if it does not have your passive on it so if your being invaded your stumped; As if you take damage while channeling your passive it will be interrupted and you can say bye-bye to that camp you were hoping for.

Rootcaller: This is Iverns coolest ability strategically. You send out a projectile which if hitting someone, Roots them (pun intended) then you AND YOUR ALLIES can Dash towards them, which is actually insane. For example, you are all behind drake pit, they start drake, you hit drake with Rootcaller and bam your whole team cha-cha slide over drake pit and you surprise the enemy. BOOM its really cool.

Brushmaker This bad boy slaps a bush down wherever you want near you. This is really good for running away, vision kiting or in fact sneakily doing drake when no prying eyes are watching. Also it has a passive where he does more damage with his autos in bushes (Any bushes not just his own)

Triggerseed This is an insane ability. His shield can save lives and slow people on explosion, this slow is really cool for chasing people down, putting it on Daisy! who can run faster than most she can slow them down for your team to smack em.

Daisy! Our Sweetheart, our messiah, our lord, our savior. Daisy is amazing she be smacking. After 3 hits from her the enemy will be getting knocked up for a good old time and then your team can smack them. Also she can cha-cha slide to your Rootcaller as well and combined with Triggerseed its hard for enemys to escape the almighty power of the forest.
The First Clear
Iverns Clear is pretty nuts if your brain is huge. Here is why and how you do it.

Look at your laners, this is general jungle rules as well but. Start the opposite side of the lane you want to gank. Tell them you are going to gank at around 2:45. Its normally as they hit lvl 2 (Toplane). So what you do if you are blue side. Start Red buff smite it (with FotF you can smite it to get it instantly), then use Friend of the Forest on Wolves, blue and gromp, (DO NOT USE Q TO GET TO CAMPS FASTER AT THIS POINT OF THE GAME) Because now with those 3 camps with those timers on them, you waddle up to toplane, you have enough mana for one Rootcaller and one Triggerseed this is an amazing oppertunity to get a flash out of an opponent or possibly get first blood (try and give it to the laner don't be a snake, your a tree!) If the toplane gank isn't on because they shoved and didnt listen to your advice about coming top at 2:45 just go midlane, then go get scuttle, smite it run back into your jungle collect your farm. Then back at this point.
Tips and Tricks
Here are some straight down, bottom of the barrel, Roots to playing Ivern (Budum Chhhh) things you need to know about what to do and when.

If you are ganking a lane, have you got some camps with Friend of the Forest on them? No? so your ganking and getting no cs at the same time? With Iverns passive, you are basically always cs'ing, if something isnt turning over while your spam ganking and triggering the enemy Toplaner you just arent playing Ivern correctly!

Itemisation is very important for Supports and Ivern is a support in the jungle role which is unusual to see. See what the enemy team has and try and prioritise your build around that. Do they have point and click CC and will you Carry get focused by that? Build Mikael's Blessing to help them not get stuck down. Do they have a lot of healing? Chemtech Putrifier is the way to go with Daisy! and also Triggerseed. Have a look out for these things and it will really enhance your gameplay! Mobility Boots are great on Ivern due to the camp to camp speed. Dark Seal is another great purchase as his abilities do slap early game and with the good cc you will pick up kills and stacks in the early game quickly possibly snowballing you ahead.

As mentioned in the Ability Rundown, Rootcaller is an insane ability. With the possibility of transport all Allies towards an enemy who is rooted creates huge opportunities for pick potential as everyone can do a quick dash towards them. It is very good in coordinated team play for picks but also for Obj surprise as mentioned earlier you can Rootcaller to Drake then your whole team dashes over the wall and you can catch the enemy by surprise! Daisy! will also follow Rootcaller so keep that in mind!

Brushmaker is very good for taking obj, put it around the entrance of either Drake or baron to deny vision of the objective! Also with the enhanced Brushmaker AA on Ivern you can take Objectives even quicker. Also if teammates are trying to flee putting a bush on them and denying vision so the enemy cannot target them can save lives! (Just don't do it the wrong way round and make the enemy non target-able, it isn't a good idea.

A trick with Rift Herald is that you can spawn Daisy! inside the pit and get the Herald to charge at her and your auto range is enough to attack over the wall and take rift herald safely behind a wall then jump over last second with Rootcaller to pick up the eye of the herald! (neat trick)
Ivern The Support King
So Iverns kit is very support heavy, he isnt a Lee Sin he wont be diving in and killing everyone. But Ivern provides something that other junglers cant, these heals and shields are crucial and can influence the game massively.
Ivern can sway the lane of anyone with the amount of Crowd Control (CC) he has with Rootcaller and Daisy! with also his shield Triggerseed healping out hugely saving allies and slowing enemies but also dealing a surprising amount of damage. Also with Rootcaller on a pretty low cool-down mid game finding picks and chasing people is easy enough to do and with one hit of the Q and enemy can be caught, punished and killed with the help of an ally.
Daisy! Queen of the Rift
Daisy! is an amazing ultimate and being able to utilize her and use her correctly while still controlling yourself makes this champion even harder to learn.

A few important things to know about Daisy!
She gives vision where she is stood.
She can knock people up after a 3rd auto.
She has a movement speed of 419 (+25% when spawned for 5secs)
She can be controlled by you clicking R where and hovering where you either want her to go or attack someone.
If you die, Daisy dies :(

Now some important things to know how to do/What to do with Daisy!
Daisy! lasts a long time and the cooldown is not very long so dont be scared to summon her!
By clicking R and hovering your mouse daisy will follow the cursor. With this don't risk yourself and possibly the game by face checking bushes late game! Send Daisy in, she has over x2 the amount of health you do + If things get sticky you can use Triggerseed to try and help her get out of there!
Putting Triggerseed on Daisy! is a really good idea when chasing people down, her extra MS can mean she can catch them up then slow them down, then knock them up with her third auto attack.
Zoning may not be credited at the end of the game but my oh my! If anyone can Zone, its YOU (controlling daisy) Have her help your back line too! The front-line tanks may be slapping each-other and distracted. Don't let the ADC get pounced on then! Summon Daisy! to help them out, hopefully they can kite it out and Daisy can do her thing and protect them!
The Dark Side of Ivern
Welcome, if you have read this far you'll be interested in this dark place which all Ivern players think about often. When your done with supporting your teammates, being that friendly tree. This is where your mind takes you. You begin to wonder, what if... no I can't. Then it tempts you again, could I? I shouldn't! ...

but you really should my dear friend

So how do you start? Where do you go? what do you do?
You begin with the build
Liandry's Anguish -> Sorcerer's Shoes -> Horizon Focus -> Mejai's Soulstealer -> Zhonya's Hourglass -> Rabadon's Deathcap
Then your runes
Dark Harvest Sudden Impact Eyeball Collection Ravenous Hunter
Celerity Gathering Storm
League of Legends Build Guide Author Raggy69
Raggy69 Ivern Guide
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An Honest Guide to Ivern [SEASON 11 PATCH 11.18]

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