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Janna Build Guide by Killer Throw

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Killer Throw

An Unconventional Guide for the Sensible Janna

Killer Throw Last updated on October 31, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Janna with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Yasuo Easy to dodge. Stop his engages and counter is knockup with yours so he cant ult. If he does ult you, push him into your tower with Monsoon.
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Hey, I am an aspiring low elo summoner looking to climb to gold and maybe higher before the end of S4. This guide is specially developed for skilled Janna players with an elo of Gold or lower.

This guide requires a very open mind and alot of skill on Janna to succeed. Please read all the notes above as they explain my choices.

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Why Mid or Top??

In the current meta and also with a lower elo in mind, we see alot of high dmg, 'op' mid and top laners. And more often than not these players get utterly fed and the game loses it's fun. Janna is one of the safest picks possible for top and mid and this guide will help any player that is fed up with losing and is willing to try a new style of play.

Janna is no Fizz or Yasuo and you wont end your games with a super high kill count. If you can keep this in mind you will win more often. With that aside we can focus on what makes this pick so strong.

Your main focus is to be a UTILITY mage mid or top. You will be warding enemy jungle to prevent ganks and you will be ganking other lanes while keeping your tower up. Also Janna is so safe that it is almost impossible to feed the enemy laner.

Many people think that too win a ranked game you have to wreck your lane. This is not true. To win a ranked game you need your team to be ahead of the enemy team. If you solo lane is ahead and the rest of your team is failing, you can't win!

Your teammates may suck and if you say you don't deserve this rank, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Helping your team with underfeeding your enemy laner, warding and ganking is the best way of doing it. This may make Janna sound weak but she is actually pretty strong with the right mechanics and can easily win and wreck her lane.

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Pros / Cons


¤ Safe Pick
¤ Does well vs almost all mid and top laners
¤ Great Teammate
¤ Big ult plays
¤ Map control with safe warding
¤ Hard to gank a Janna
¤ Good sustain
¤ High mobility, easy to gank your team and keep your tower up

¤ Not the best dmg
¤ Medium/high skill cap
¤ Squishy if caught
¤ People like to rage at you, especially if you lose
¤ Not the best farmer

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¤ Runes for Mid

Hybrid Penetration is great because it will help your AA harass and last hitting, while still providing a bit of extra damage past the enemy base magic resist.

HP is better than scaling on Janna as you need to improve on her mediocre early game with a bit of extra safety in the form of life. These can be swapped out for armor if facing an AD mid champ.

Magic resist will help your early game and allow you to stay in lane a bit longer before you get your Chalice.

¤ Runes for Top

Hybrid Penetration is great because it will help your AA harass and last hitting, while still providing a bit of extra damage past the enemy base magic resist.

You will be running armor Seals as most top laners are AD and you need to be safe early.

Scaling Magic Resist and be replaced by normal Magic resist of the enemy top laner has alot of magic damage.

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Getting Kills & Strategy

First of all there is no such thing as KS. Don't expect to get many kills in teamfights or when ganking. Assists are very much worth it and you will be getting plenty enough to build at a good rate.

Then, mid to late game doesn't need too much explaining. Spam abilities and use your e on ad champs for more damage or on teammates to save their lives. Use your ult to separate enemy team up or to save your team.

Early game is very fun and with good mechanics you can get min 3 solo kills. More with ganks and if you are really doing well.

Your main playstyle here is poke, poke, poke, nuke! You want to get the enemy laner to about 40% life with ranged poke. To poke I like to charge my q for a while and if/when it hits i walk in and w, AA, then back out. Once they reach the required life level you can go all in with a fully charged q, w, ignite and AA nuke. It does quite the damage pre 6 and usually I get the first kill in my lane.

After you get some boots you'll want to ward and gank. I like to ward the brush at enemy wraiths camp and the blue brush or somewhere near enemy blue. Charge your q before you walk in to ward for safer deep warding. I use my warding totem to ward my lane from enemy jung and my pink in the circle brush near baron. If you are top only start warding after your boots are complete.

¤ When to gank
You only want to gank after you push your lane and your enemy laner out of lane. If it is a very weak wave clear enemy laner or he is playing very safe and just last hitting, you can attempt to gank between minion waves.

You wont be farming as well as the rest of your team but you will make up for it with assists. If the enemy team gets off great ss and has good vision(making it hard for you to gank) just farm your lane and ward as mentioned before. This will make you stronger in team fights.

¤ How to gank
I like to start charging my q before I am spotted in the direction the enemy will likely run away. If they have some sort of escape you can calibrate and set your q further up. This will leave your q on a short enough CD to use it again after you engage. Use your e on AD teammate for more damage and w to slow.

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The End

My recent games(don't mind the builds, this was early in the maining process)

Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it helped you to climb the ladder!
I will try to improve the guide, add more features and make it look more user friendly if this guide gets a few hits. Also i record my games sometimes and i can give some good hint and tips for laning and ganking.
And remember, GLHF :D