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Kindred Build Guide by Pikalicious

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pikalicious

...And Mine Life Flashes Before Mine Eyes

Pikalicious Last updated on October 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is an advanced users aid (at least for the time being) rather than a guide. The attributes of Kindred are sure to change over the course of the next few weeks and beyond, so I intend to update this- even if sparsely. I have no intention of detailing items: It's redundant. If you play the game, you know the items.

Kindred has 4 skills and a passive. Its Q dashes and hits anything nearby. Its W drops an area of control- wolf roams this area and provides a second dp (damage per...) source, however wold tends to attack what YOU (the player) attacks. Its W is a slow with 3-hit bonus damage gauge.

Thus with these skills Kindred can be made into an avid chaser. This what my build does.

Kindred can perform greater amounts of damage though speed work. Her E

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This is an aid is for JUNGLE. The key here is sustenance. Kindred has life stealing abilities. Focus on them. Take levels in your ultimate as soon as possible. Arguably, if you're a professional player there are probably reasons to avoid doing this- I have no idea what your logic could be but enjoy being unique.

As she is an extremely squishy champion, it is quite important to focus rather on your assets than compensating for your weaknesses, deficits, and flaws.

Kindred deals her core damage through trios of three. Her E skill deals the heaviest amount of damage and it proxies through effecting three basic attack on your target. This is why this build concentrates so heavily on attack speed. An item like Blade of the Ruined king is quite at home with this champion.

This build also focuses on heavy momentum swings. As kindred can never truly be made into a tank, it's important to focuses on her mobility. She can kite well to begin with, why not improve on that. Additionally, this build is intended to bring some devastating surprise damage to your Kindred game.

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As Kindred, you are nearly the squishiest of them all.

Ganking from side is the status quo for a Kindred gank. Swoop along the river, take scuds as you please appointing your team valuable vision down the maps key lines of traversal.

Ganking from behind IS DANGEROUS: at times it will turn you into a lamb for the slaughter ('bait' if you will), rather than a saint saviour.

While Kindred can infact earn the dps to become a substantial threat and create some rear admiral-esque influence, on lanes where your opponent is winning BE CAUTIOUS. Rather specifically bottom lane, where multiple opponents typically exist to deal with. In the position behind enemy lines, The Kindred are at their most vulnerable.

Be smart, be quick. Make sure you have your R ready for ganks and the essential mana to cast it. While approaching any lane aggressively keep the intention of self casting your ultimate rather than on an ally.

Prepare at first to drop your W, setting up a field of distress, allowing you to savagely pelt down your opponents while bouncing around their attacks like a whackadoodle. If they do attempt to turn tail and run, or perhaps even before that (if you have a nearby ally willing and ready) follow up with your E. That'll take their speed down a few notches, and allow you a critical bonus time to get out some bonus Qs and the chance of performing the triple hit for some serious extra damage and a nice health refund.

With good communication, you can turn your rear distraction INTO AN EFFECTIVE BAIT- just try not to forget to get yourself out alive.

However, my personal favorite style of ganking as the Kindred is the FRONTAL ASSAULT. While yes, ganking in the element of surprise has offensive advantages, to me Kindred at times seems more effective as a mobile life support. Ganking your team a Haven is Kindred quintessential asset. She has the ability to intervene at critical moments, perhaps in certain matches even completely turn a lane around.

While it is important to roam the map and earns Mark of Kindred bonuses, sometimes it is so much more important within a match to help a losing lane retain that fighting chance. The Kindred are a saint, and R is the vehicle by which they mock god, through righteous salvaging. Keep an eye on your allies having hard times in lane, it WILL PAY OFF. Just make sure that you are close enough to actually make that 'dip in,' so you can get your soldiers out of the fight and back home safe and sound.

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Why Blade of The Ruined King?

Blade of the ruined king is at home on champions that deal percent health damage through autoattack chains. Blade of the Ruined King can be mitigated through armor building, so in truth, if you become a fed Kindred you may ought to consider buying a item for penetration. Conversely, you opponents will typically be so concerned with building up their own damage stats that they'll neglect building armor- disregarding the that the enemy tank will naturally build armor.

While active's heal is based on the damage dealt after reductions, and so will be mitigated by armor and other forms of damage reduction.

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End Notes: Specifics

Kindreds' passive is 'Mark of the Kindred.' Both Wolf and Lamb may apply a mark. Wolf applies them automatically, however Lamb's is assigned manually via mini menu toward the bottom of the screen. Pay attention to your 'targets,' any that you achieve hunting will earn you a permanent damage bonus per health bonus. Oppositely, it is important to remember that Mark of the Kindred can be used as a meta game. Play to your opponents fears. Never forget to manually reassign targets. AND REMEMBER most of all, you DO NOT have to kill the target, you only HAVE TO EARN AN ASSIST on it.

Kindred becomes a highly mobile champion late game.

Kindred's Q can hop walls, not all walls, but many and arguably most across Summoners' Rift.