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Anivia Build Guide by Iarepookie

[Anivia] Ice to meet you...

By Iarepookie | Updated on December 15, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Anivia
  • LoL Champion: Anivia


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Soooo... this is my first build/guide, so I will put my utmost effort into it! I'm not the most reliable source of information, I'll put that out there... I'm not like 1900 ELO or anything crazy. I'm just your average guy who loves to play Anivia and frequently dominates with her, so I will share with you my secrets! Before voting on my guide, please remember... ALL games, I repeat, ALL games are situational. If you're playing against a great harasser, perhaps this is not the best build for you (I will discuss these opponents in a later chapter) So experiment with my build, and hopefully you find a deviation that pleases you. :)

Happy LoLing~
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Many other builds on Moba take a 9/0/21 build, taking the magic penetration, then full utility. However, with the new masteries, it's best to go 21/0/9 to take full advantage of the Ability/level bonus and 5% AP bonus. This truly makes Anivia an AP beast!
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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - For that MaPen that will just cut through any enemy, early or late game.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration - Mana regeneration is CRUCIAL to survivability in a lane early game. You will not last long in lane with out it.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction - Cooldown reduction is always nice when playing an AP burst character.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration - Same as the Marks.


If the above combination doesn't suit you, because you are a macho man who plays uber aggressively, then this set might float your boat:

Greater Mark of Ability Power - AP burst + AP = pwn.

Greater Seal of Ability Power - AP burst + AP = pwn.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - AP burst + AP = pwn.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - AP burst + AP = pwn.

Thats right. Stack that flat AP. You will dominate ANYONE in solo mid. However, although this may look very appealing, remember: no mana = no abilities. This isn't the most practical set-up, but it's viable.
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Okay. Here's where there is a lot of explaining to do.

First, grab your Meki Pendant and an HP pot and fly over to mid (or side lane if you're unsure of your ability). The reason why i grab Meki Pendant is because it gives you the mana regen. that you need to stay in your lane for more than 5 minutes. If you're harrassing your opponent efficiently, you will need lots of mana.

**NOTE: Another very viable option is a Doran's Ring. If you're not doing so hot in mid lane, and you're against a good poker like Kassadin, this item is great for stacking giving you that 100 HP and mana regen.

Make sure you upgrade your Meki Pendant into a Tear of the Goddess ASAP. You want that bonus mana to be stacking as fast as possible. Get someone to cover your lane for you, or harass your opponent to the point where they have to leave. It is even worth it to leave your lane if it means they get a few hits on your tower.

**NOTE: You should be using all of your skills in your base every time you "b" to build stacks for this item.

The next time you go back, Grab your boots, Sorcerer's Shoes Pretty standard. At this point, your opponent should also have shoes, and since you're a slow-*** bird the enemy will dominate your lane unless you can keep up and dodge the enemy's attacks. This is the only reason why i build shoes before...

Next, you want to rush Rod of Ages. Since this item requires time to fully stack, you want to get this item as soon as possible. I personally start with the Catalyst the Protecter simply for more survivability.

Of course, the crux of any AP player, Rabadon's Deathcap *angels singing*. Yup... You get this, and you win.

Next, we upgrade the Tear of the Goddess into an Archangel's Staff. After building your Rabadon's, you should have a good 500-700 bonus mana from the Tear of the Goddess which when converted into AP... POW. beautiful. Along with the 30% bonus from Rabadon's passive... Sorry, I'm tearing up. It's just so beautiful. :')

Lich Bane What...? The enemy didn't surrender yet? You didn't dominate hard enough? Not to worry. By the time you build this item, you will have AT LEAST 600 AP. So... after each ability, your stupid auto attack does 600 damage (- magic resist of course)... :o GG. Start with the Blasting Wand component, then building from there. You want that extra AP for the Rabadon's passive.

Void Staff Are you in a custom game or something? Because if you managed to build this, the other team must not know where the surrender button is... the cherry on top of your frozen death sundae. It's only needed for the extra AP and MaPen.

Also viable:

Guardian Angel - There's nothing more satisfying than having three lives. In conjunction with your passive, the enemy has to kill you 3 times before he gets your money. The bonus magic resist and armor is nice too.
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Skill + Sequence

Your amazing, wonderful, <333, life-saving passive. Every time the enemy "kills" you, they have to also kill your egg! Although you are extremely squishy, this is perfect for if a novice opponent tower dives you, thinking he's going to get first blood or a solid kill, simply gets destroyed as he watches you revive. It is quite satisfying. Also, in team fights, the enemy will focus you first, but often forget about finishing off your egg, then... pop! you're back and you mow them all down. Keep in mind that your ult is cancelled when you're in egg form.

Frostbite - This is your main nuke. So level it first! Make sure that the enemy is first slowed (the icy kind) before you use this ability. It will deal a TON more damage. My skill sequence will give you the optimal sequence to maximize your damage output.

Flash Frost - Your stun CC. It's good practice to learn when to detonate it so that it does double damage from passing through the champ, and the explosion.

Crystallize - It's your wall... Sort of useless at level 1, but by the time you are level 18, with Crystallize maxed, it can almost block off an entire lane! Typically, you use this when the enemy is chasing you in the jungle, and you can use it right in the slim passageway, so that if they auto locked you, they automatically turn around, almost guaranteeing your escape.

Glacial Storm - Your ulti. It's a large AoE that deals constant damage to the enemy, slowing them down. It quickly can mop up entire creep waves, and toggling this ability on and off grants 8.0 bonus mana for your Tear of a Goddess tear, or Archangel's Staff Archangel staff.

Q --> R --> E --> Flash --> Ignite --> W

This is the common sequence that is only successful if you know how to land a skill shot, (your Q). Once they're stunned, pop your ult, flash in, frostbite, ignite, and watch them die. If they manage to survive, simply pop your W, and by the time they get around, your Q should be back up, so burst them again.

For a more advanced player, who is very familiar with Anivia, can use this skill sequence, which maximizes the damage output:

R --> Q --> E --> W

Make sure that you pop your wall inside of your ult so that they have to sit inside of it longer as they try to trudge out. Flash isn't necessary, unless the kill is guaranteed, because this is the more poke-ish sequence.
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How To Play

Early game (level 1-3) - I always last hit minions until level 3, when you get level 2 Frostbite, because until then, you're very weak and squishy and useless.

Mid game (Level 4-15) - Poke your enemy HARD. like with a really sharp tree branch! You have level 2 frost bite now, and that is enough to deal some serious damage. Interrupt the enemy's farming with Q and stun them. Walk up to them while they're stunned and dish out a . Then get the hell out of there. This is how you will poke basically until team fights start to occur. You deal massive damage, yet you are super squishy. So poke --> run. :D

Late game (Level 16-18) - Unless you built Tank Anivia for some reason, with 4000 HP and 300 armor and magic resistance, you're purdy squishy. even if you have Rod of Ages fully stacked. Chances are, the enemy will focus you down first. So all you do in those big team fights is lay down your ult where the fight is happening, stun as many people as you can with your Q, and dish out an E as quickly as possible. NEVER use your wall during the fight. Only while chasing/running away! AP castor = useless in between cooldowns! Lucky for you, you built an Archangel staff and probably have +1000 bonus mana. This means you should never have to worry about being OOM (out of mana). So keep that ult up as long as you want in that team fight.
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Other notes!

-If you have a really annoying teammate that insists on taking mid, that's fine. Try to lane with a strong dps, (trynd, talon, nasus, etc.) who can take full advantage of your stun and slow. The other option would be to lane with Ashe because her frost shot procs the icy slow needed for frostbite. :)

-Last hitting minions is something to get used to for Anivia. Her projectile is SUPER slow (just like her), so keep that in mind. I also don't recommend last hitting with her abilities, except her ult in late game.

-Take blue whenever you have a chance, and if your jungler lets you. Not only is the mana regen amazing early-mid game, but the cooldown reduction also helps a boatload.

-Don't forget to bait with your passive! I know its a scary thought, throwing yourself at the enemy. But while your enemy is trying to chop you down, your team will be winning the fight! Always put aside personal aspirations for the good of the team :p

-Don't suck with your walls. A good wall can make or break a game. Try not to block your team mates who are trying to run away with you. XD
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YAY! I feel like I covered all of the basics that will make you a great Anivia player! Also, trolling is very easy with her. :D (max wall first, wall out teammates and make them die+ so if you're playing a custom, screw around with your friends. XD

I included a troll build because i'm bored. :)

Good luck, have fun, and if you have any questions or suggestions for a change, PM me or add me in game. :D

Happy LoLing ~
League of Legends Build Guide Author Iarepookie
Iarepookie Anivia Guide

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[Anivia] Ice to meet you...