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Anivia Build Guide by TheXero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheXero

Anivia, Master Caster

TheXero Last updated on July 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Anivia, imo, is an extremely powerful champion who is underplayed. I will assume it's either because she's slow or she's difficult to use (according to the official site). I consider myself to be nearly an expert with her. This guide should help anyone get started on her, or else help Anivia players already.

Now I don't mean to sound like a braggart, but I've almost always done very well with Anivia. Very few games have I gotten more deaths then kills. When I do have more kills than deaths, the difference is usually by a large amount. Check the bottom of the page if you don't believe me.

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My history

I wondered if a guide would mean anything at face value, and I thought no. So I decided to show I'm not full of sh** and show something. If you ignore the epic Xin failure, you'll see I do quite well with Anivia.

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Abilities in Detail

Flash Frost (FF)
A massive chunk of ice flies toward target location, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.5) magic damage, slowing movement by 20%, and chilling any enemy it passes through. At the end of its range or if Anivia activates the spell again, the missile detonates, doing 60/90/120/150/180 (+0.5) magic damage in a small area and stunning units for 1 second.

Cost 80/100/120/140/160 Mana
Range 1100

Crystallize (wall)
Anivia summons an impenetrable wall of ice 400/500/600/700/800 units wide, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts.

Cost 70/90/110/130/150 Mana
Range 1000

Frostbite (FB)
Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing 55/85/115/145/175 (+0.5) magic damage. If the target has been frosted, they take double damage.

Cost 50/60/70/80/90 Mana
Range 650

Glacial Storm (GS)
Toggle: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail, dealing 80/120/160 (+0.25) magic damage per second, slowing their movement and attack speed by 20% for 2.5 seconds, and chilling them.

Cost 50/70/90 Mana Per Second
Range 625

Rebirth (passive)
Upon dying, Anivia will revert into an egg. If the egg can survive for 6 seconds, she is gloriously reborn.

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Skill Sequence


Now this is where I'm sure some people may be questioning my build. If you've checked other builds, I'm sure you see people adding points into Flash Frost before Frostbite. If you look at mine, you see that I've prioritized Frostbite over Flash Frost. Why? Because if the official LOL site is to be believed, a Lv 2 Flash Frost + Lv 1 Frostbite ~ Lv 1 Flash Frost + Lv 2 Frostbite (they are very almost equal). Any skilled player, even with slow characters, can easily dodge your Flash Frost. Although I do prize myself with my skills at skill shooting, some enemies are simply too fast and dodge your FF with ease. Therefore, I deem it necessary to put your points into FB, b/c that's an ability that guarantees a hit, if you're within range. FF also costs far too much mana initially, more than FB, so if you decide to Lv FF faster than FB, you must be sure to make every FF you shoot count. Another thing, since players may judge your AP damage on your FF, they will not be expecting major damage from your your FB.

Also, if you have a hard time escaping enemies or just think you might need it, get Crystallize at Lv 3 or 4.

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Greater Glyph of Force, AP per level
Greater Seal of Clarity, mana per 5 sec, per level
Greater Mark of Insight, flat magic pen

My runes are AP per level, magic regen, and magic penetration. The reason I chose these were because they are needed with Anivia, and each stat just mentioned is most given by the color of rune I show. For example, the rune that gives the most mana regen per level is the yellow one. However, you may choose w/e runes you wish. Skills is what's most important.

My Quins are also completely optional. I know many players prefer getting 3 of a kind.

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Criticize it if you want, the main point was to simply get the masteries for Flash and Teleport. Also, seeing as Anivia has rather low cooldown times on all of abilities, I thought it be necessary to further decrease them for team fights, b/c as soon as Anivia finishes her combo, and unless her ult is still active, she becomes useless in a team fight. Therefore, it is necessary to have low cd to constantly help fight a battle.

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My Basic Items Build

I mostly got AP, mana regen, magic pen, and mana. For those who really desire finishing the build asap, in other words, reaching Rabadon's Deathcap , I suggest you skip the Doran's Ring . They're not necessary with a conservative player, but they give a slight boost to Anivia's initial low mana and health.

During the game, if you're ever low on cash, you should sell your Doran's Ring, but only if it immediately enables you to buy another item.

Also, to finish this build means you've been fed, so do not worry if you do not finish the build.

If you've been feeding, then the Mejai's Soulstealer is rendered useless in the build, and you should sell it mid to late-game. Even I've had my bad starts with Anivia every now and then, but as soon as you get your "mojo" going, then maybe later you'll start to rack up some stacks with assists. However, if you suck, unfortunately, just sell it. If you know you're not that awesome, just don't buy it in the first place.

If you really feel that you're low on mana during the game, 1, you're using your abilities way too frequently. 2, you may get the Tear of GoddessTear of Goddess before the Rod of Ages Rod of Ages size 20, but I warn you, you'll be very weak during this time, while others may have items that will pwn your *** in 1v1 fights.

The Rabadon's Deathcap is simply to make your AP go over the edge. With 20 stacks on Mejai's Soulstealer, your AP would easily be over 700. Archangel's Staff is simply to finish off using the Tear of Goddess, b/c by then, you're fed.

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Adapting your build

I stand by the my build for almost all games, right up before Void Staff. Only then do I usually adapt it to the enemies.

I would say you're using mana uselessly if you run out constantly, but you can buy a Tear of Goddess at some point (I'd say after Rod of Ages) if you think you need it.

If you feel that you're too squishy, buy Zhoya's Hourglass Zhoya's Hourglass instead of Rabadon's Deathcap or get Guardian's Angel Guardian's Angel after RD. An egg + GA can piss people off considerably.

If the enemies are too stupid to build Magic Resist items, you might as well skip Void Staff and just stack up more AP items.

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Unique Skills

The combo used by Anivia from Lv1-5 is simply FF then FB (Q,E) . If you miss your FF, meaning your enemy isn't frosted, then there is absolutely no use in using your FB after, since FB does double damage on frosted enemies. Enemies frosted by other champions do not count. Also make sure you let your FF detonate after it bypasses the enemy champion by a small distance (by clicking Q again) to do more burst damage.

If you reach Lv 6-7 with no problem, then that`s when you can start harassing enemies into submission. The combo now is Glacial Storm, FB, Wall, FF (R,E,W,Q) . The storm will instantly slow and frost them. It is now a guarantee that you'll frost the enemies, with such a big range, making it easy to land a FB. With now a high level FB, you'll do major damage.

For simple harassment, use GS , FB , and turn off GS right after using FB (R,E,R) . Those 3 steps should be done in just a bit more than 1 sec, meaning, if an enemy is in range for even just a second, use that simply combo to easily lower life bars. Although GS is your ult, it's not powerful. It is not worth keeping it on for longer than 1 sec in that combo.

At level 7, you'll be a great threat. The R,E,W,Q combo can very much hurt anyone who isn't tanky. You use GS and then FB, then wall them to keep them in the storm for a slightly longer period, then with them slowed and having less place to walk away, it should be much easier to land your FF.

The Wall (W) is a move that must be adapted to the situation you're in. A good Anivia will exploit this wall in every situation possible. Yes, you can just put it in front of an enemy to increase the distance between you and that enemy, for easier escape, but it's better than that. You should also use it for the opposite reason, to keep enemies near. This is done easily when you're hiding in bush with at least 1 ally. When an enemy comes near in the forest, you wall the enemy by walling their closest escape route.
* On Twisted Treeline, when atking the dragon with allies, be prepared for enemy champions to come gank all of you. How? By being prepared to wall them out, or, if you feel like it, wall 1 of them in, making it an easy 3v1 situation for 5 entire seconds. Even if the dragon is atking 1 of your allies, a 3v1 is an easy kill.
* On Summoner's Rift, you may want to place yourself closest to the wall when fighting Dragon, because if many enemies gank you, you can just flash over the wall instantly. This is a rare occurrence.
* In any map, as already mentioned, a perfectly timed and placed wall could make a great 5v1 fight, or something similar. I did this in every situation I could, whether it was baiting at Baron/Dragon or when a teamfight was just about to erupt (b/c 1 of them initated an atk).
* Be aware that certain champions, such as Shen and Kass, can bypass the wall, as well as be cautious with enemies with Flash. This could make an easy team kill into an easy escape for enemies.

Anivia is a champion that is very good soloing mid. If you're fighting a fight to the death in a 1v1 battle, make sure you're surrounded by allied minions. That way, you'll still damage to him/her even while an egg (minion aggro). You might even kill noobs this way. Late-game, the egg isn't as useful though. OR, make sure you can flash towards a turret before a fatal hit, so that your egg can be protected.

When being chased, if your wall has been used, try placing your GS (R) in their path (or on you), to turn them away from chasing you or allies.

With melee champions, such as Shaco or Xin, it is easy to take them out by simply placing a storm around you, since they can't atk you without getting hit themselves. Then wall them in the storm and run away. Them being slowed, it'll be easier.

*Note: Some nerfs you should be aware of concerning Anivia is her egg. One could have teleported away as an egg before. When that was fixed, players could still teleport away as an egg as long as they activated it before becoming an egg. This was an exploit that was not well known. However, it was still fixed in later patches. Still, I think Teleport is an important skill for Anivia.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is self-explanatory. Flash over walls, closer to enemies to land FF or wall them. Easily an ability with several possibilities.

Teleport, even on TT, is imho, necessary. Anivia, being so slow, even with boots, needs to be at places fast, whether it's to rescue a turret from certain destruction or to help an ally out from being killed. Using wards to teleport to is very viable as well, if not mandatory, especially for surprise atks.

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Creeping / Jungling

When jungling for more cash, simply use GS and atk the strongest minion. Do not jungle constantly though, only mid to late-game.

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Very important late-game. You shouldn't mind wasting mana on 4 or more minions for the cash with GS. Easy farming. With the mana buff from Golem, you can use GS as much as you want however.

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Team Work

If enemies are grouped together, it's no brainer to simply put your GS onto all of them, slowing all of them while letting your melee teammates fight them.

Anivia is NOT a tank, obviously. Anivia should never be taking the damage in a team fight. Anivia should always be at the back of a fight, firing all abilities within 2 sec. Then you wait for the cd to finish, then activate your abilities again. Let your ult stay active in team fights, unless if no enemy is on it, obviously.

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When played by a skilled player, Anivia will often be considered OP. If played by any player not used to such a slow champion, Anivia will be the squishy of the team, the downfall. It takes the right skill to use the Wall correctly, to know when to let yourself become an egg, to aim a FF, where and when to place the GS, etc.

It is rather rare to see an Anivia in the game, because of the difficulty using her, apparently.

Anivia ftw.