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Anivia Build Guide by Boradar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Boradar

[Anivia Support] - My wall in your face

Boradar Last updated on March 3, 2013
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Welcome to my first Guide on Mobafire. Are you tired of playing Taric, Sona or Soraka as Support? So why dont you try Anivia Support :) Here you will find some guiding tips and infos. Normally I play Anivia AP Mid but just 4 fun i tried anivia support and it was amazing.

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Runes / Masteries

I dont want to waste much time on this topic because it is the same with the most Support Champions. A lot of Resistance and Gp5. I took Mres per Lv. because at the beginning you are botlane with your ad carry against an ad carry so the most magic dmg is from the supporter or in teamfights at the middle or end of the game. Masteries are also pretty common.

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Pros / Cons

- Stun (Q)
- Slow (Ultimate)
- Splitting potential (Wall)
- Egg (Passive)

- very squishy
- even if you are a bird you fly very slowly
- the wall costs 100 mana rank 1.
- Anivia has no burst like taric which is currently the "new meta" (not anymore HUE HUE)
(obviously Anivia can have a burst (E) but this reduces the greatness as anivia support because you cannot max. W)

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You start with the normal support "itembuild" sometimes I change to 2 manapots and 1 healthpot, as you want to.
First of all dont waste your wards! Most of the time one ward in trebush is enough to farm safety. Also you can place one ward in the bush near your tower if they push hard/ play aggressive or if you do so, then place the one ward in the bush near their tower. (as with every support) Go back if you dont have any wards and you can buy your boots and wards!
Get your philosophers stone and kages lucky pick.
Because of the high mana cost of your ulti and W, buy a chalice of harmony to have always the half of your maximum mana. At this point of time mostly 18-22 minute, you can buy an oracle to clear the other wards of the enemy support or other laner.
Clear dragon and set up wards to get it.
Tell your mates what you do, so they can react. After this buy boots of mobility to get much faster through the map.

DONT FORGET WARDS. ---> Ward Baron and Dragon.

Most of the time i dont get any further because the game ends here but if not buy a banshees vail and locket of the iron solari.

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Unique Skills

What makes Anivia so strong as AP carry? As you can see in the "Pro´s and Con´s Section" it is this:
- Stun (Q)
- Slow (Ultimate)
- Splitting potential (Wall)
- Egg (Passive)
- Burst (AP CARRY)

So what does this mean? You get the unique skills of this champion! Such a strong wall who can totally confuse the enemy team. You have the Stun(Q) which can stun much more than one enemy if well placed.

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Anivia Support is possible and not as bad as some of you might think. Better play her as Support once before you dislike this guide if you think it is a troll guide, it is not! If you dislike this guide because it is itself bad, so it would be ok for me. I dont appreciate it but i would tolerate it.

The nonplusultra as an Anivia Support is positioning. You have to know where you are and where you can wall and where they can get away. So you can connect the icewall with a mapwall so that they only have ONE WAY! Let your Q fly and get a kill (your ad carry) or hard harass! Most of the time you can force with your walls a lot of flashes out of the enemy.

Update - 17.11.12 everything is working fine