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Annie Build Guide by WHateverman

Support Annie: the 135 seconds ghost Bronze Support Season 7

Support Annie: the 135 seconds ghost Bronze Support Season 7

Updated on January 6, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WHateverman Build Guide By WHateverman 3,357 Views 0 Comments
3,357 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author WHateverman Annie Build Guide By WHateverman Updated on January 6, 2017
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Best Duo: Jhin

Tell your bronze Jhin to W after your engage and stun. Lel freelo as fck. Eternal CC. Burst damage. Boom Boom
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Ghost > Flash

Why annie doesn't need flash? Come on. It's season 7. JK. Ghost > Flash because it has way better cool down. Combine with Exhaust/Ignite, It is a sure kills every time your jungle gank. Just ping your summoner spells and tell your jungle to get his *** down to bot cause it's a freelo lane. 135 seconds after lucidity boots. Come on it's fcking 2 minutes.
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The mind Game

Well, annie disability is she has no mobility lel. So usually if I know the enemy are squishy adc/support, I try to flame them in all chat. Why chase them when they come at you?
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Laning Phase

You want to duo with any adc or apc that have good wave clear. You don't want to push to their tower too cause how are you going to 2 v 2 them unless u dive and die lol. It's best to keep the minion waves at a distant right at the middle. So you can pop ur ghost and surprise stun from brush.
You dont wanna let your adc farm under the tower of course.
1. It hard to engage with ghost cause they see you coming.
2. Bronze adcs don't know how to farm under tower.

If it's an easy match up, go ahead and engage every time your ghost and exhaust is up. Your power spike is lvl 3.

If it's a difficult match up, try not to die. Wait for your jungle to gank. If he doesn't come it is okay. You just have to wait till lvl 6 cause that's when you become really strong (even if you are behind lol).
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Mid Game

Try to gank whenever you have ghost and tibbers.
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Late Game

This is when the enemy team really hate you and they try to aim you. If that is the case, you just make sure you stay alive by popping zhonya. The point here is let them throw their ults at you.

If enemy team don't care about you.
1. Stick near your team carry. Because your stun can really help your carry.
2. Of course, you can try engage and stun as many people as possible.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author WHateverman
WHateverman Annie Guide
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Annie: the 135 seconds ghost Bronze Support Season 7

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