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Orianna Build Guide by killsdazombies

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League of Legends Build Guide Author killsdazombies


killsdazombies Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Now, before you judge this and scream how stupid I am for building orianna as an anti tank dps, hear me out. First of all, look at her passive, Clockwork Windup it can do some nice damage when you attack enough, combine that with all the other on hit effects you can do some nice damage on hit. Really there's not much to explain, just go to a game and try it out (warn your teammates and be ready for negative feedback). Now don't get the wrong idea, your still using your abilities, your not using them for pure damage, your using them to slow you enemies, or save yourself.

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Pros / Cons

No one ever expects it.
Your murdering tanks.
Fun when your doing well.
Strong mid and late game.
Hard to counter

Cons. :C
Not the best early game.
Can't farm well until she gets a decent attack speed.

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Build one is a 2.5 attackspeed dps auto attacker. Its pretty funny to use this and have someone scream out "wtf!!!" as you autoattack then to death.

This Build is for those who just want to autoattack, and don't really care about how it works.

Build two is a Magic resistance screw you kind of build. use the hourglass when you get hit in teamfights, then when you popout just auto attack to high hell. You should do a decent amount of damage, more so to nontankers then tanks, but it can go either way. Latest build, awaiting feedback.

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Common Terms

These are some common terms used in this lol guide
AD- Attack Damage
AP- Ability Power
AR- Armor
MR- Magic Resistance
CC- Crowd Control (Tenacity)
MS- Movement Speed
DPS- Damage Per Second
AS- Attack Speed
ArP- Armor Penetration
MrP- Magic Resistance Penetration
CDR- Cool Down Reduction
Early Game- level 1-6
Mid Game- level 7-12
Late Game- level 13-18

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The runes for this are just the example set I use, You could use really any runes, as long as they help her auto attack.

Magic pen. It seems silly but magic pen can actually force MR into the negative, doing a very healthy amount of damage on hit.
Armor pen. If you don't have magic pen runes, these will work in a pinch, expect less damage though.
Attack damage. If you don't have either of this, this could work, not very well, but it would work.
Attack speed. You would hit the max and most likely, waste an item.

Health. Either type of health would work, I chose the one that gives every level because on average it works better then the direct health mid game.
Armor. Works as well as health, good if you expect a heavy AD team.
Magic Resistance. Armor works a bit better then MR, but alright

CDR. I use Cool Down just because it gives you the slight edge ability wise.
Ability Power. Your not using your abilities for damage, but if you don't like that idea you shouldn't be using this guide. Might work.

Magic Pen. Read what marks has to say, I would recommend.
Armor Pen. Meh, MrP works better.
Anythingelse. It would be more effective to use MrP, but if you must, take one of the runes from above and use the quint version.

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Now this is where the build gets fun. You can use really any item. Most I don't list, but as long as it provides penetration of some kind, or an on hit effect.


This item lowers the enemies magic resistance, and does damage on hit. Need I say anything else?

Wit's End
Less of a core item, It can be replaced, but I like the added MR, and the damage on hit. Less effective since they changed it, but still nice.

Madred's Bloodrazor
This item is just as or more important then malady. Since it does magic damage on hit, you can hit a very steep percent if the enemy has a negative MR.

Ionic Spark
A nice item for when you get stuck in a teamfight, I don't recommend replacing it.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter
500 health, a slow on each hit and some AP to boot. A good item for the build in general.


These items are good and all, but not the greatest in my opinion.

The Black Cleaver
55 Ad, attack speed and damaging armor. This item is a great replacement.

Void Staff
A good bit more magic penetration, what more could you ask for?

Youmuu's Ghostblade
If your more of an attack damage person, grab this. Bring Ad items if you buy this.

Last Whisper
More armor pen and a bit of attack damage, bring AD items if you get this

Zeke's Harbinger
Team life steal, reduction of enemy armor and health regen. A nice item overall.

Abyssal Mask
Ability power and a reduction of enemy MR. A nice item.

To be honest I don't really have any other suggestions. If any of you have a suggestion I will gladly edit it in. I suppose add more damage or go crit chance, but both of those are very easily tanked away.

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Masteries can be changed at whim. What i provided is simply an option, yet many others exist. You may want to grab the armor pen instead of the magic pen, you may hate the utility mastery set and spam defense or attack. It's all up to the play to decide what fits him or her best.

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Skill Sequence

I chose to build Command: Protect up to its greatest first. Early game your pretty wimpy, this will greatly help you laning partner, and you stay alive. Command: Dissonance Is the next on this list. Slow you enemies or speed your teammates up for a fast escape. Command: Attack is last because it doesn't do a lot of damage, and costs more every level. This is not good, but add a point just to send your W out.

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Anything I deem useful from the comments section or screenshots will go here. Clearly, there are none. If you rate down, please give a reason.