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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Yuzon

AP Cho'Gath shall bring terror to the mid lane!

By Yuzon | Updated on July 28, 2015

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Hi, I'm Yuzon and this is my Cho'Gath guide. Though it has always been built as a tank I think that AP mid Cho'Gath is very strong for the reasons you'll se in the guide. Hope you'll enjoy.

Advices, corrections and opinions are very appreciated.
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+ Your passive, Carnivore, gives you enough sustain in lane to win every early trade.
+ Natural high resistances with the health from Feast.
+ Wonderful peeling, lockdown and follow-up with Rupture and Feral Scream.
+ Scales very well with AP.
+ Incredible true damage nuke with Feast.
+ No bad matchups in the mid lane


- Landing Rupture can be difficult sometimes.
- High CDs.
- No escapes.
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Best summoner spell in the game, always pick this. Useful for escaping from ganks early and to surprise-kill low health enemies in combination with Feast.


Strong spell for the true damage that lets you finish off your enemies if they survive after a full combo and for the fighting potential in general.
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Carnivore is your passive. While the mana sustain it gives is not so great, the health, specially early game, lets you outtrade your enemy.


Rupture is your Q. Incredible spell, both for its utility (1 sec knockup + 1.5 sec slow AOE) and for its extremely high damage, with its 100% AP scaling. It makes you a decent kiter, lets you catch people off and its CC is enough to let you walk in range to eat them with your Feast-


Feral Scream is your W. It is an undodgeable, unmissable, high damage AOE spell with a silence up to 2.5 seconds long. This is mostly what makes you an incredible mid lane bully early, since mages are blocked by the silence, and a threat in teamfights. Feral Scream cann be used to set up for an easy Rupture, since its silence prevents enemies from using their blink/dash abilities.


Vorpal Spikes is your E. It lets you win any level 1 autoattack fight and it helps you lasthit better. With good positioning you can even poke a melee enemy laner while lasthitting. Do not underestimate this ability,since its ap scaling makes your autoattacks hitt really hast as you get some AP.


Feast is your ultimate and signature ability. It is is a single target true damage nuke with great base damage and even better AP scaling thet makes you strong against squishies as well as high resistances tanks. And on top of that it gives you free tank stats. And it makes you bigger and scarier. Enemies who possess a current health that is lower than the total damage that Feast will deal are indicated by a ring of glowing red teeth underneath them!
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The point in Vorpal Spikes at level 1 is mostly for farming, you can also start with Feral Scream and take Rupture right after for more damage early. Even though Rupture offers more damage, Feral Scream is maxed first since its silence scales with levels and it is an easier spell to land.
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Rod of Ages may seem suit better as a first item fot Cho'Gath: it gives more AP than Morellonomicon, it makes you tankier and solves any possible mana struggle. However, since both Cho'Gath's most used abilities ( Rupture and Feral Scream) don't get their CD lowered as they are leveled up CDR is a very valuable choice. That is also the reason why Ionian Boots of Lucidity are a better choice over Sorcerer's Shoes. With 40% CDR the cooldown of ruptures lowers from 9 to 5.4 seconds; combined with the slow on Feral Scream given by Rylai's Crystal Scepter it means infinite lockdown. Also, Morellonomicon's noticeably lower price lets you hit an earlier powerspike in lane.
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At first glance Rylai's Crystal Scepter may not seem a good item choice, since Rupture has already a slow. However the sticking power and the immense utility in teamfights this item gives is horrendously strong. Not only your Feral Scream, but also your autoattacks with Vorpal Spikes active will proc a 40% 2 seconds long AOE slow. Try to believe.
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Cho'Gath, with its innate sustain and decent early damage, is an extremely powerful laner and a lane bully when against squishy opponents. Feral Scream in their face every time you can, and if you hit a Rupture be sure to drop some autoattacks soon. A huge powerspike comes at level 6, when you get your Feast: at this point you should try to keep your opponent as low health as you can and try to find the right moment to unload your full combo, flashing and Feasting under turret if needed.
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Feast is an extremely powerful spell for two reasons: it gives you tons of damage, but also gives you bonus max health up to six times when you kill a unit with it. This means that using it on a minion is rewarding for the free stats it gives (if you manage to get six stacks early you become nearly immortal), but also leaves you with almost no kill pressure. So, if you are sure that you can kill your opponent in a short time or a fight is happening soon keep your Feast and you'll be rewarded. Remember that with its 1000 base damage against monsters it can be used to secure dragon and baron nashor !
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During teamfight you are both a killing and a peeling machine. When engaging always watch for opportunities to land a max range Rupture followed by Flash, Feral Scream, autoattack and Feast to annhilate a carry. If one of your carries gets engaged on the same combo should do the work. If you can't assassinate anyone just try to hit as many champions as possible with your spells: your CC and your damage will make everyone's life harder.