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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page


Elise Build Guide by PreachingBuilds

AP Offtank AP Forest Spider

AP Offtank AP Forest Spider

Updated on March 29, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PreachingBuilds Build Guide By PreachingBuilds 3,560 Views 8 Comments
3,560 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PreachingBuilds Elise Build Guide By PreachingBuilds Updated on March 29, 2013
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This isn't a guide to show you HOW to play elise, this is simply a guide to show you the items to get so you can jungle elise effectively early and late game. Please do not down vote because it is not long. I just tell you here pros and cons, her skill order ,and her intro. I do not intend on making it look pretty, sorry for the rudeness and thank you for your time
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Elise is a really fun and unique champion to play. She's also incredibly versatile, playable mid lane, top lane, or in the jungle. Like Jayce and Nidalee, Elise has 2 forms (human and spider), which means she has 6 skills.


Fun and Versatile (can play in 3 lanes)
6 spells means she has a lot of unique gameplay
% damage on 2 of her spells, meaning she can do damage without buying damage
Long range hard CC
Free spells in spider form
Can clear waves really quickly
Destroys turrets with her spiderlings
Has a gap closer and an untargetable form
Can zone a lot of top laners, especially melee champs
Some inherent tankiness
Good base speed
Has a little bit of sustain
Many, many build paths
Is a spider


Takes a few games to learn how to use her spells effectively
Relatively squishy early on
Pitiful auto attack damage in human form (tough to last hit)
You need to master her cooldowns to team fight effectively
Requires knowing when to change forms
Very long CD on her CC and gap closer / escape
No slows (hard to stick to target)
Mediocre AP ratios
Not a great early mid laner, and a slow jungler
Each skill must be leveled individually (unlike Nidalee, where each point in R raises all skills)

Throughout this guide, I'll be addressing these weaknesses and how to get around some of them.

Getting a feel for her cooldowns is the single most important piece to learning Elise. Nidalee (usually) and Jayce are both mainly AD heroes, which means that if your cooldowns are down you can auto attack. Even worse, you can't see the cooldowns for the form you're not in, so you need to have a really good feel for what they're like. While Elise does have spiderlings, most of her damage comes from her spells, so those need to be used soon after they are up (and her ult cooldown needs to be accounted for) or you are hurting your long term damage output. This is especially true for her E in both forms - for example, you are running away in spider form (because it is faster), you need to morph into human and stun them at the right time.
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Item Explanation

Now I won't get too much into this but I will try to explain to you guys, why I take each item, so it can be effective, and have some damage burst she can use late game.

[icon=sheen size=50
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Skill Order

Your Q and W are your main source of damage, so you want to max both of these by level 13. The order depends on your lane and opponent. I recommend Q for most mid lanes and W for most top lanes. If you're jungling, you should always max W. Take one point in E by level 3, and at level 1 if there's going to be a level 1 fight since a long-ranged stun and then gap closer is great in a level 1 situation.

Maxing Neurotoxin / Venomous Bite
Better poke damage
Less mana-hungry
Reliable source of damage, especially vs melee opponent
Shorter cooldown
Hits pretty hard with your +15 AP quints - you can wear opponents down
Much slower wave clear and turret pushing
You are vulnerable vs opponents that get in your face and can outduel your spider

Maxing Volatile Spiderling / Skittering Frenzy
Big burst damage, but unreliable unless you're right on them
Faster pushing (absolutely rapes turrets, especially around level 11 with the extra spiderling and W maxed)
Can brawl better (more AS)
Can punish opponents that like getting in your face
Longer cooldown
Low reliable poke damage (from Q)
Higher mana cost - you must have one of the mana items
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You usually use a standard route, starting with wolves and blue. You want to take W first and max it first, taking one point in E whenever you first gank but and taking Q when you can't take W. Open each camp with a spider mine, a human Q, and an auto attack or two, and then morph to spider form when the creeps start attacking you and use your W (once your spiderlings have engaged!).

As long as you have the mana, you get the fastest clear with Human Q+W, morph, spider W+Q, and keep repeating this. Basically keep using all your spells once they're off cooldown.

Elise jungle speed is kind of slow, so make sure you get a good pull early on. But she is a great ganker out of jungle.
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This is how I play elise Jungle, I am very successful with her, i am always positive with this build, I hope you have great success with it, and thank you for reading this
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Add ons

3/13/13 - Added on Iceborn Gauntlet to the build
League of Legends Build Guide Author PreachingBuilds
PreachingBuilds Elise Guide
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AP Forest Spider

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