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Janna Build Guide by Neowrath

AP Carry AP Janna Mid (Season 3 Updated)

AP Carry AP Janna Mid (Season 3 Updated)

Updated on February 11, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neowrath Build Guide By Neowrath 4 13 29,855 Views 12 Comments
4 13 29,855 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Neowrath Janna Build Guide By Neowrath Updated on February 11, 2013
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Hello, and welcome to my guide to AP carry Janna. You might think that she has no right to be in mid lane, but you are sorely mistaken. With her moderately high AP ratios and her extremely good sustain, combined with the ability to both nuke enemies down as well as peel extremely effectively in teamfights, she is definitely a legit pick.
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I go with AP/level blues, a mix of HP/level and AP/level yellows, magic pen reds, and AP quints. Besides the generic AP runes in the red/blue/quint slots, I chose HP/level yellows because Janna is avery squishy champion, and lategame it is important that she can survive a silence or stun long enough to get her shield off and save someone/herself.
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As an AP carry, Janna needs ability power. The best tree for this, of course, is Offense. Utility is the second tree used due to the extended buff duration that Runic Affinity gives. I take points in Wanderer over Mastermind because 2% of Janna's already impressive movement speed, combined with Lich Bane can get you to almost 500 movement speed with Zephyr.
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Start either Boots/3HP or Doran's Ring. If your opponent is someone who relies on skillshots, such as Nidalee or Twisted Fate, start boots, while Doran's Ring provides health, mana regen for her tornato clears, and allows you to do more poke rotations without going OOM.

First back, get Kage's Prick. This item builds into a core item as well as giving gold to allow her to build Lich Bane/Rabadon's as fast as possible.

Second back, get a Mejai's Soulstealer. You might think, "But they will focus me and I'll get killed and waste gold!" THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. If you can get them to come after you just because of one item, that frees your team to annihilate them. Also, YOU ARE JANNA. 5 guys coming after you? Tornato the entire team, Zephyr the fastest champion (usually a Garen or Hecarim-type) as a 48% slow will DESTROY their ability to catch you, and to top it off, shield yourself for 800 and laugh at them as they languish in your nadoes.

From then on, grab as much AP as possible. I recommend getting your tier 2 boots after your Morellonomicon as they WILL be coming for you since you have a soulstealer, and your Zephyr won't be too high of a rank to provide adequate movement speed to escape. Once you have them, feel free to rush a Lich Bane. IMPORTANT: When building this item, if it comes down to Sheen vs. Blasting Wand, always go Sheen. This is because your shield gives you AD. When sheen procs while shield is up, you hit them for that increased AD times 2. This gives extremely strong early game poke as well as providing you with some extra mana to continually cast your nadoes/shield/ult/you name it. Grab a Void staff last and you will still be hitting their tankiest champion for a thousand damage in one rotation.
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Skill Sequence

Max your tornado first, because it is your strongest minion clear. It will one shot caster minions at level 3-4 and up, and leaves the melee ones at 1-2 hits to allow for easy farming. It also packs a significant punch even when not charged and used on a champion.

Zephyr second. This ability is insane, as it allows you to reach insanely high movement speed and slow the hell out of anyone chasing you. It also is a great burst spell, as high base damage combined with a Lich Bane basic attack can be DEVASTATING to their AP/AD carry. Usually this alone will get them to half health.

Eye of the Storm last. Although ranking this up first would definitely increase your survivability and sustain in lane, it would hinder your damage, and make Soulstealer stacks a very hard thing to get. If you are somehow getting camped/bullied in lane, I would, however, recommend ranking this up first as it will keep you from dying many a time.

As always, rank up your ult whenever possible, as it is a great tool to use both offensively and defensively (more on this later).
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Howling Gale-This spell is what Janna is known for, and is a GREAT tool to disrupt enemies and peel that bruiser off your adc. When in laning phase, usually wait for them to get within almost-basic attack range and then cast it directly at them, knocking them up and allowing you to follow up with your other abilities.

Zephyr-What makes everything possible. Use it to run, use it to secure a kill, use it TO kill, it is very versatile. Use it to follow up a tornado and do some pretty crazy burst, or use it to stop a charging Rammus dead in his tracks. BE CAREFUL. If you are being chased by more than 1 person who has a gap closer (I.E. Hecarim AND Garen) DO NOT use this spell. A tornado will suffice. If you use it, you lose 100+ movement speed, and yes, you slow ONE person down by 200, but at what cost? Use this smartly.

Monsoon-Primarily thought of as a support-oriented ult, there are many ways this can be used offensively. Enemy overextended? Flash in behind (or walk if they are really deep), ult them into the tower, follow up with a tornado, zephyr, and BAM! Dead. It can also be used to stop a gank. Jungler uses gap closer, mid gets close, ult and just walk away like nothing happened. Tornado behind you if you really want to piss them off. If your entire team is at half health following an ace, ult for them. It heals at full build for something like 1600 damage over full duration, which can heal your adc full from 20%.
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All in all, Janna may be frowned upon when picked for middle lane, but she is a beast when it comes to anything from 1v1 to a teamfight at Baron. She disrupts, saves, nukes, heals, shields, basically playing two roles at once without losing any effectiveness. It can also allow your true support to go a bit on the offense side, as they don't have to focus that much on protecting the ADC with you around. She is a great addition to any team, and can bring some much needed life into what is otherwise a dire and dark situation.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neowrath
Neowrath Janna Guide
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AP Janna Mid (Season 3 Updated)

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