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Nasus Build Guide by Barman5000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Barman5000

AP Nasus-Call me crazy again!

Barman5000 Last updated on September 16, 2011
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Hello again fellow summoners!!

Im here to show you another weird out of this world build that works. Since my DPS Kassadin guide has achevied some decent popularity im here to show AP Nasus.Just like my Kassadin build im here to show you how to play a build thats odd,fun as hell and still kick some serious ***.

Dont belive me do you?? well then READ ON!!!

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So what is Nasus anyway?

Well Nasus first and for most isnt a TANK. WHAT!? how he is most f the time built as a tank and isnt a tank??.
Yes Nasus can be built as a TANK but that doesn't make him one; no matter how hard he may try our good old dog champion is not a tank. He lacks some hard CC which is essential on a tank. Nasus in my mind is an off-tank. He can somewhat tank and still pack a punch.
So you may play Nasus as a tank but that doesn't make him one because he will always be out tanked by true tanks.(Alistar,Shen,Malphite.......etc).
So my first to is know your role when you play Nasus and really understand what he is capable of and I assure you; you will be a good Nasus whether your play style is DPS,Tank or AP.

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Runes and Masteries

Armor Pen Quints and Marks give you some nice armor pen and this helps alot and gives you a pretty nice edge over the opponents.

Flat Health Seals and Glyphs make you more beefy and ultamitly you can survive alot more of the team fights.

My masteries on AP Nasus are weird i know but they work.
21-6-3(old but you can still use them if u like)
This setup gives you just about everything you need really some much needed offensive stats and some defense. Like my Kassadin guide switch what you like this is just how i play him.

9-9-12(new much more consistent)
This setup is even weirder then the old one but covers over the holes in the other setup mainly HP Regain and Mana Regain. This leads to a much more consistent setup and build.

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Summoner Spells

- Gives you a nice slow on top of your own awesome slow and rendering alot of the dmage done to you completly invisable. Survivablity+Utilty all wrapped up into one nice package
- A nice speed boost really helps with escaping and chasing and lets face it Nasus needs some speed and Ghost gives you that.

The Others!!!!

- I used to take this over Ignite and feel free to take it but I find Exhaust gives you more. The extra dmage really is quite awesome though.
- I personally never get flash because I dont want to rely on something that may be removed from the game. Take it if you want because it really does help with getting out or in of those sticky situations.
- Not needed on Nasus get someone on else on your team to get this
- I have very mixed feelings about revive Its really only good with Teleport but to be honest i never get this the CD is just too long. However i have had some great success with it but I strongly recommended not getting it.
- Its a great spel but not needed on Nasus because i think the speed from Ghost benefits you more.
- You have lifesteal not needed at all
- Gives nothing to you get someone else on your team to get it

Everything else just doesn't work with Nasus maybe Cleanse but i dont like it.

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- Some great life steal really helps with staying in your lane and can really save your tail in team fights.
- Great ability a plus 3 in kills you can easily get it up to 100+ bonus damage. I STRONGLY RECOMMENDED NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO THE BONUS DAMAGE!! Pay attention to the game!
-A nice slow and this really helps you and your team catch those runners
- This makes you farm like a mad man. This helps you so much getting those minions down to health that you can last hit with SS
- I love this the AP Ratio may be horrible but you can easily get it up to 10%. This really helps you survive in team fights.

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The items above give you some great AP to really pack a punch with SF and FoTS and some much needed health.

- This makes your SS even more awesome then what it already is. Once you get this upgraded to a Lich Bane you will be packing a very nice punch.
Boots- The boots really depend i usally get but its up to team setup. Im sure you know the drill; alot if CC get , alot of psyical attacks get and last but not least no tanks get .
m-This is another option for boots but i generally never get them. The CDR is nice though
- Gives you everything you possibly need in an item health,AP and Mana. Plus it increases every 1 minute just adding more for Nasus to benefit from.
- A great item for Tanking which you still are by the way and it synergies really well with your ult.
- I like this item on Nasus if you can keep the stacks up and i have had some great success with it. Feel free to pick it up if you want but i dont because i like RoA better.......Yes im baised
- A pretty good item but i just dont like it. for the reason being it doesn't give you health. It takes away your mana problems and gives you some nice AP but having less health is the issue. This item works great so take it as a sub for RoA or Sunfire cape if you dont want to be tanky.
- Gives some MR which is always nice and reduces your opponets MR.Already I like it alot the AP is pretty nice too so overall a good item fit it in your build if you like.
All The items really help you play AP Nasus; you probably notice i didn't put all the items thats because I dont want you to follow my setup exactly because League of legends and my builds area all about experimenting.

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Pros / Cons


    Great Farmer
    Amazing Lane presence
    Very Versatile
    The most balanced champ in LOL( My opinion)
    Great late game
    Spirit Fire has a bad AP Ratio
    Slow movement speed.....I find
    A Little too balanced making him under powered compared to OP ones
    really Bad early game

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Playing The Game

Early Game
Start out with a Saphire Crystal and a Mana Pot or a Health Pot. It really up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Try and last hit as much as possible with SS and harras when ever you get the chance. Just keep and eye on your mana bar becuase it drains pretty quickly. Port back once you get about 1300-1500 gold and pick up some items.

Mid Game
You will have alot of killing power at this point. Your harrasing skills and your ult make you a force to be rekond with. Never back down from a 1vs1 fight you have the POWER!! Just like late game farm as much as you can and last hit with SS

Late Game
Your a dominant force and will be focused because your killing power. You can 2vs1 most of them time and get some nice assists and most of the time kills. Always farm with SS thats like your duty as a Nasus player.

A little tip: Like i said earlier in the build dont even bother looking at your SS Bonus damage because its just going to distract your and sometimes this will kill you. Just play the game and DOMINATE!!

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My Scores

Here are my scores as AP Nasus.All of which are ranked; will add more soon enough

17-3-20 Victory
12-5-19 Defeat
22-9-11 Defeat
10-2-28 Victory
8-3-16 Victory
14-10-24 Victory
12-15-10 Defeat
6-2-24 Victory
17-4-10 Victory
0-12-8 Defeat (This game still haunts me)

Thats all the matches ive played so far will post more soon

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Closing Thoughts

I believe that League of legends is about creativity and being unique and the only reason why I make these builds is because I like to play champions play differently. I make these builds for the players who play all the champions the same way and want to mix it up and STILL be competitive. My builds are not for the closed minded people they are for the players who LOVE league of legends and LOVE to play it.

I know I will be called noob just like last time because i understand my builds differ from the norm but im proud of that. Call me a noob go ahead because like the name of the build says Call Me Crazy..

I think im going to stick with making builds that are off the board I enjoy them more. SO the call me crazy banner is here to stay!!! SO have fun and THROW DOWN!!!

Thanks everyone to make these builds possible you guys are awesome!

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Update Log

-Added Archangels Staff to list of items
-Added the ranked game section
-Changed the Masteries(The new ones are much more consistent)
-Added Ionian boots of lucidity to the items
-Added more item pictures
-Added a few more ranked game scores.
-added Testing section
-Added Player feedback section
-Removed the player feedback section
-Updated the Items section
-Added the "What is Nasus" Section
-fixed some spelling errors.
-renamed the Ranked section my scores section
-Added your scores section