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Nunu Build Guide by chavali

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chavali

AP Nunu jungle

chavali Last updated on March 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Freljord is an unforgiving land covered in snow and ice. Travel, especially in the winter, can be very dangerous. The elements often claim even those who have spent their entire lives there. The boy known as Nunu is defined by such tragedy. One day when he was a young child, Nunu rode on his father's back as they returned from a trapping expedition in the mountains. An unexpected blizzard came upon them, forcing them to seek refuge in a cave. The tempest was the worst in countless years, and it lasted for days. Nunu's father left to find food, but he never returned.

The blizzard eventually cleared, and the young child lay dying on the mountainside. Fortunately for Nunu, this was the land of the yetis, who are powerful beasts with whom Nunu's father had secured and arrangement for safe passage. A young yeti boy named Willump found Nunu and brought him home. From then on Nunu was raised by the yetis, whose culture remains a mystery to most Runeterrans. The boy quickly discovered that the seemingly savage creatures were in fact deeply spiritual beings living in harmony with their environment. They are very territorial and unafraid of defending themselves if called upon to do so. The yetis have watched the rest of Valoran, and they can smell the change on the wind. When the League of Legends was formed, the yetis knew they needed a champion. Riding his brother Willump, Nunu became that champion. Those who follow the League know that the boy is mature beyond his years, but, while he appears human, his mind is that of his adoptive kin.

If this is him now, imagine what Nunu will be like when he grows up!

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1 minute lore wrap up

Nunu and his dad were going hunting in the mountains when a blizzard showed up and trapped them. Nunu's dad goes off for help and never comes back and Nunu gets discovered by yetis and the yetis take them in as one of their own. THE END

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Hi my name is chavali and this is my first build ever on mobafire for one of my favorite champions... Nunu. Nunu is a amazing jungler and with ap it makes your hit for almost half their health midgame + it has an amazing slow making nunu a very strong ganker. As far as the jungling phase goes for nunu he typically has no problems at all due to his ... oh and did i forget to mention a game changing ult that scales off AP?

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+Hits amazingly hard when built AP
+Can give a AD carry a great steroids buff
+High health jungle
+Amazing team fighter
+Ganks are a breeze with your that takes out half of an enemys health and slows them
+Very fast moving with your buff

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- Focused the second you ult in a team fight
- No formal escape
-Positioning yourself to ult can make or break you as a nunu player

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Runes are primarily AP and magic pen to kill M resist stackers and because your main source of damage is magic damage HOWEVER... if you feel that you can keep blue buff or feel you dont have mana problems then you can trade in the mp5 runes for more AP or M Pen.Runes are not set in stone though.. if you feel like you think a different set up would work better for your play style go ahead and do it i just posted this for people looking to try something new and it is built off my play style so there is no chance that this build will work for 100% of people.

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Utility to fix when you dont have blue buff + more exp is never a bad thing so if your lanes are not pushed and there is not ganks you dont have to worry about being under leveled, Also some defense to make jungle phase easy and keeping you at high health so if a gank opportunity opens you dont have to worry about not having enough health to complete the gank

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Start out with a to give yourself a little extra health which will help you in the jungle + some AP to make your consume hit harder and restore more health. Then once you are done go back and buy another but... you will sell both of them when the time comes to buy the because it is such a big spike in your ap and by that time you no longer need the 200 extra health to jungle. Next buy a for more AP then by the time you get your you should easily be taking half the enemys health with on ganks.Follow that up with because the enemy loves to silence you so you cant or . Then buy a this item personally is one of my favorite items for nunu because it not only gives him AP to make his consume heal for more but it also allows you to double dip with spell vamp and be healed for 20% of the damage it does to minions + your ult heals you for quite a bit. Next start building a and i get questions about why i build this all the time and i build it because if the enemy has a and it blocks the slow on your ice blast it doenst block the slow from rylais + you get a great amount of health from it making you tankier. Towards end game i like to start to get a little tanky so i dont get two shotted from a AP carry so i buy a to block that 1st spell and to annoy all those stubborn players out there <3 also it gives health, mana and some good magic resist.For the AD carrys on the enemy team i build a so when you a enemy AD carry you are reducing their attack speed by 80% take that >:D. and finally upgrade your into a to give your team some spellvamp and give you more ap.

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Skill Sequence

Be sure to coordinate with your team mates when you are going to gank so you can the AD person in the lane and then instantly throw your on the enemy champ. of course if you can hide in a bush the enemy champ is moving towards ult because they cannot see you however they still will be slowed by your ult but cant interrupt you because they cannot see you.

Pretty straight forward yourself to get visionary stacks faster and whenever you can BUT it is very important not to start a fight with because you will regret it when you die early game.

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Jungle Route!!!

With the new jungle all you do is face roll... i hate it :( but if you want to make things easier than they already are start with blue buff and get a leash. My old jungle route was blue buff with a leash-> wolves -> wraiths -> golems-> and if i had enough health try for red if not go back.

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Summoner Spells

: because you need it as a jungler... I dont think there is a jungler in this game that doesnt take smite.
: because you dont have a escape and you can use it to position yourself for a good ult.

meh.. not as good as smite or flash for nunu but can be good to get kills.

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It may not be the best guide but i personaly like to build like this and i hope it brings you the amount of fun it has brought me in games. My in game name is chavali so feel free to friend me and we can play together or you can ask me any questions about the guide because i know there is going to be alot :)

... and you thought i would forget to mention Willump the greatest yeti of all time

P.S. is this not meant to be? and dont forget to comment with your questions and feedback