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League of Legends Build Guide Author frostmace

AP Sion: The 3v3 Way

frostmace Last updated on May 3, 2011
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In this guide im gonna show you how to rock the twisted treeline with Sion (recommended for beginners).

Thats my first build, id like to see some comments =)

Change Log:
03.05.2011: Added Elixir of brilliance to items section

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Pros/Cons with this build

-Easy to master
-Nice burst (you will eat squishies alive)
-Great for nearly all setups
-NICE(!) farming

- Low mana pool
- If is broken, his nuke is gone

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"wtf no ?"
It gives you +50 mana at level 18...kinda useless isnt it?

Good hands > Perserverence because every second is essential on twisted treeline. This map is played really fast so in my opinion its more essential than 2% reg Oo.

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Makes you more tanky,hit harder and not being instant oom.

Alternate choices:

Greater Seal of replenishment

I wouldn't change the quintessences and marks.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost: Great for ganks, chasing and running, if a fight goes bad.

Ignite: Gives you the ability to nuke those squishies easily or just put the last health points from your enemy.

Other possible spells:

Feel free to take this if it suits your playstyle.

Also a nice spell for chasing/fleeing.

The other spells: just no. Not with Sion.

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The latest patch hit this skill hard (reduced duration from 2 seconds to 1,5), but still rocks. It's crucial for your team and should always be casted on the right enemy ( for example innterupting nunus or katarinas ult, or just killing a squishy). Get one point at level 1, for fb. Second priority, since it also scales great with ap.

Cast this, before going into a suspicious brush, to explode it immediately, if one or more enemies are in there. Its your main nuke, so dont allow your opponents, to destroy it, before you are able to let it explode. Level this skill, everytime you can.

Always keep this toggled on, to push your max health a little bit, while farming.
Since its not your main source of damage, one point is enough until level 14.

Never ever use this skill in teamfights. AP Sion is meant to nuke and then fall back. You wont deal enough damage and its just a waste of mana. Though its nice to destroy towers, so use this skill only for towers and dragon.

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This item got everything you want so it's the best choice and makes your life easier.
You can also start with boots and health pots, but i recommend , it's just amazing for first blood and laning.

I prefer Mercury's Treads because it makes you less vulnerable to teams with a mage or lot of cc, but if you want to hit a little bit harder, pick sorcerer's, its your choice.

This item is so awesome! Makes you more bulky and hit harder! Definitely core.

I love this item. You will destroy squishies with your 1-2-3-Combo.

> > > you have slain an enemy

Core item.

Gives you even better nuke abilities. Core Item.

I take this in most games. Life, mana, mres and a nice shield isnt a bad choice. Feel free to replace this with if the other team is ad heavy.


Good option for even higher lategame-damage.

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Possible item builds

Build for at least one mage in the other team:

If you dominate from the beginning and feel, that you dont need more survivability:

AD heavy opponents:

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Red: If they got no skillshot
Yellow: If they got a skillshot. if somebody comes to close to your brush > congrats to your fb.
Green: If they stay in the brush: most of the times their sololaner will go this way > fb.

First of all: Thats a teamgame, so never forget to call mia and play smart.

Early game:

Go with your team and choose your fb place(see picture above). Talk with your team, who should be the sololaner. You can harrass top and bottom, so feel free to go top if your teammates dont want to.

If you go top:

Harrass a bit with stun from the brush and one autohit, then fall back. At lvl 3 your shield can really hurt your enemy, so shield > wait 4 seconds in the brush > stun, let your shield explode and fall back. Lvl 4 is ganking time. Make sure your opponent bluepilled back or pretends, that you bluepilled. Then walk down there, mark a target, use your shield, pop ghost and run in there. Stun your target, let your shield explode and put ignite on it. With the help of your teammates it should be at least one kill. Go back to top lane and push with your shield (run in a crowd of minions and let your shield explode)

If you go bottom:

If the other team plays aggressive, just stay back, till your teammate from toplane comes to gank. if they play passive, just kill them with your stun, shield and hopefully a high dps mate.


stay by your team, gank as often as possible, clear minions whenever possible. In a teamfight, nuke down their squishiest champion with your >>> combo and try to take as much damage as possible, since you are tanky. DO NEVER STAND THERE AND AUTOATTACK YOUR ENEMY WITH ULTI. YOU WILL LOSE THAT FIGHT.
If you were successfull in a teamfight, destroy a tower with your ult and get dragon buff. If not, def until your mate is revived and try to gank them at dragon or a brush.


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Red: Keep these places warded through the whole game! You wont get ganked. Controlling the dragon is also crucial on twisted treeline.
Yellow: Optional, for more map control and more efficient ganks.

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-NEVER EVER stand in one place and autohit while a teamfight!

-You can easily tank towers lategame. just use , pop ult and smack this tower!

-You can harrass, even if your opponents are towerhugging. use your shield, smack an enemy one time and walk back.

- Never go into the bottom brush for fb,if your enemies got at least one skillshot!


-Learn the skills of all champions. This will make your life so much easier

-Dont forget warding!

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Sion is one of the best champions on twisted treeline and is good for every team setup. Hes a strong nuker with good pushing and tanking abilities. So what are you wating for? Pick sion and see the ultimate destruction!

Required comments to vote, since this is my first guide and i need some feedback ;p