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Skarner Build Guide by abduofuae

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author abduofuae

AP Skarner Domination

abduofuae Last updated on August 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Penta Kill

Skarner Penta Kill...
Here's the penta kill i promise below , with only 3 of my items, proof of domintion, if you want more pics of score Reply down.


Notice how my sheild saves me, and the spell vamp and life steal i took from gang plank saved my life, if i hadn't i would've died to Veiger's dark matter, and if my sheild wasnt too strong i was not going to be able to tank his attacks and i would've died, so that adds more to the "Why go AP" section"

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Why Go AP?

Almost all the builds are with trinity and yes i get that this is weird and looks stupid, but AP gives you a high burst of damage with high spell vamp, making you almost unable to kill
Specially combining Hextech, for spell vamp and lifesteal, you lich bane will do a very high amout of damage, and it can be spamable using the Q, i know that Guinsoo's rage blade is good, but try this out... trust me ;-)

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Early Game

Starting early game with the "E" spell is a very good choice, specially since you have an amplifying tome, you are able to put a high amount of damage on anyone, and you have exhaust so the Q is being replaced making it the 3rd spell you get.

First 10 Minutes: In the first 10 minutes you would want to stay in lane, or you can leave before as long as you have enough money for the Sheen and a normal shoe or the shoes that you want, although i prefer the mercury treads since it has tenacity that reduces the crowd control on Skarner, because if you got crowd controlled that's bye bye for you

Tower Dive: It is preferred not to tower dive before level 6, because you want have anything to crowd control and skarner's ult is one of the best crowd control skills, so you use your W, go in and drag him and and get the kill, (You have to use the W for speed and Extra health so you wont die and can sustain the tower damage)

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Mid Game

At about 15 minutes, you would have your Sheen, shoes and a hextech revolver, although getting a Cutlass is as important as a revolver since you already get spell vamp from your E.
The best thing to do is to gank the mid lane, since mid champions harras each other alot, you can go on and hit them but don't use the ult yet, just exhaust when you go in, and when they are running away and you know that you have to ult them, for example if an exhausted champion flashes out, you run behind him with your W since you have the sheild advantage and grab him

Golem Buff: You have to get the blue golem as soon as you can because even with Sheen, i think skarner has serious Mana problems and it'll stack with your passive.

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Late Game

By late game you will already have gotten your Shoes, hextech gunblade, Death cap, and building up for your Lich bane or you already have it, you should always focus on squishies and get barons and dragons, because Lich bane can turn the tides of the whole game, and i'll be uploading a video of my skarner Penta kill with those 3 items only

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is one of the most important items specially for early game ownage, because your Q skill's cooldown is low, you can spam Q and use the sheen passive dealing double damage

Mercury's Treads

is the shoes i prefer since Skarner needs some anti-crowd control, tenacity will help him alot accomplishing that

Hextech gunblade

is also an important item since it gives you some life steal for your powered basic attacks and spell vamp for the rest of your spells


doesn't need any explanation, but i'll just go ahead and say that its gives the most ap + the 30% boost

Lich Bane

well its about time to take your sheen to the next level, and because you have alot of ap, the lich bane will give you temendous power therefore when you get this item, it's your time to take over and dominate butts

Crystal Scepter

well you need some tanking items and incase you were chasing and couldn't follow up with your Q, you could slow the target using your E ability, and this slows the target after your Ultimate finishes, so you can finish him off (That is if you didn't already lol)

Abyssal scepter

if you think about it, it work's well with skarner since he's melee, and when you ult the damage output on the target will become higher therefore he will die faster giving you more time to kill even more people :D

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Summoner Spells



So many people have been telling me it's better and yes i apologize, it is better since it stacks with your ult allowing you to catch your enemy and drag him further beind



is just important to assure you first blood , incase someones flashes with 20 hp, you never know !

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For runes i take magic penetration obviously since he's ap, but the mana regen because skarner has serious mana problems, and late game it will be quite hard to take the blue buff since it will almost never be there, so mana regen per level are awsome runes

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So this is basicly the Skarner ap build, i think some people made Ap builds, i tried every one of them and i also tried every other single build but to be honest this is the best one i ever used, credits go to me since i never ever saw someone using this build, and i made it the 2nd game using Skarner against bots, after the server opened by 10 minutes but was too lazy to post it , sorry for that and i will be uploading a penta kill video soon using this build, just waiting for it to be uploaded on youtube, so the items are listed, the runes are listed and i think everything else is listed so you all should be fine, and please if you ever use this build

E-Mail your Scores to ""

Thank you and have fun dominating butts !