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Tryndamere Build Guide by Mivvv

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mivvv

AP Tryn? No Tryn Just Do It (For SR & TT)

Mivvv Last updated on April 22, 2013
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This guide will be updated ASAP

ETA: 1-2 Weeks.
Btw this is a top lane guide

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Hello everyone, I'm Mivvv and this is my AP Tryndamere build.

I'm not going to explain everything elaborately, I'll just explain why this item why this and that. So it won't be long. Before we continue I must say something this build looks like Hybrid of course but I would like to call it AP, since we are not building anything to do significant amount of damage and all items give AS, this build is more like an AP AS Tryndamere

1) Summoner Spells

Flash is classical pick for many champs, since Tryndamere has Spinning Slash as an escape mechanism (which is not very reliable), I prefer to pick Flash to support it.

Many of players might prefer Ignite but the protecting ability of Exhaust shouldn't be under estimated. Mostly ADC will be focused on you, and you'll be focusing on him. So using Exhaust + Mocking Shout will give you a nice leverage while taking down the enemy ADC.

2) Abilities

Your epic passive, you use it instead of mana and every point of fury grants %.35 critical chance. Which is essential for our build.

Our main reason to go AP, and only reason to call us OP. It gives you AD for each of your missing health, and you can restore your health by consuming fury which scales with AP thanks to this ability.

Your mini Exhaust which can only decrease 80 of physical damage, but a great gap closer when combined with Spinning Slash

Our 2nd reason to go for AP. It scales 1:1 with AP, and also it's cooldown reduces whenever Tryndamere criticaly strikes.

They'll be hating it. In a battle you have 3 ways of surviving: Using Bloodlust, using Zhonya's Hourglass and using Undying Rage. When these are combined, under that glass cannon look, actually there lies an off-tank with highest tankyness.

3) Masteries & Runes

You might say, AP Tryndamere but ADC masteries? Yes, because Tryndamere is not a Master Yi he has cooldowns and not much OP ability to rely on getting a Penta. Our goal is to deal max damage with auto attacks and use AP to increase survivability. That is the reason behind this mastery.

Also about those runes they are a little tweaked ADC runes, reasons are same with masteries.

4) Items

Gives AP and AS. Also gives the most needed thing for AP Tryndamere. A cooldown reduction!

Grants attack speed and ability power, since you are somewhat glass cannon, you will fall below %50 HP very quickly and because of that more AS will be gained (plus life steal and spell vamp)

Very essential for your survivability. Using your Bloodlust and Undying Rage on right time and using Zhonya's will save you from death 3 times in a teamfight. So make sure they focus on you.

About Rest Of The Items:

Frozen Mallet & Spirit Visage are my favorite choices, Mallet gives health Visage boosts your healing effects. I'm not even mentioning the slowing ability of mallet and MR + CD reduction coming from Visage.

For optional items Zephyr is one of my favorites since I don't get Mercury's Treads, it provides me attack speed, attack, CD reduction and most important Tenacity. Executioner's Calling is my favorite anti-ADC or anti-healing etc. item. It decreases your enemies healing and provides you critical hit chance (with a little attack damage). Well, I have to say Mercurial Scimitar has been one of my favorite item. Since this Tryndamere is glass cannon, stun or silence is mostly equal to your death. This item prevents that fatal ending and gives your team their ridiculous tank back.

A Small Tip & Ending

If you are going to build this Tryndamere, you must enter any fight except 1v1 with at least %75 Fury. Why? Because your initiating spell is Spinning Slash, if your fury is about %75 you might have a chance to critically strike & quickly regain your spell. Another reason is critical attacks. Since we don't get much damage items our only hope is to Criting the enemy. Thanks to the passive as your fury increases your chance of dealing more damage increases.

That's All Folks

If you liked it or you want to add something please comment and vote. I hope you like this type of Tryndamere and I'm willing to see more AP Tryndameres instead of AD Tryndameres.

Thanks For Reading All.