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Tryndamere Build Guide by AhnZe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AhnZe

AP Tryndamere Returns

AhnZe Last updated on June 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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AP Never died

Many say due to this:

Bloodlust Q

AP scaling on his active is now .2*AP (down from 1.5*AP)
Now has a 0.01* AP scailing on the health per fury consumed.

is the reason why AP Tryndamere is no longer viable, & consider you a troll for attempting to play an old & forgotten style.


His OP healing had only been reduced, but can still be effective! And on top of that, his E (Spinning Slash) still maintains it's (1.0 AP) Ratio. Which means, stacking on AP + the passive AD from Q, will grant it a full-blown burst on hit.

AP Tryndamere also increases your sustain exponentially in just a few items. Maintaining your fury is the key to your survivability in lane & playing careless will get you killed & on top of that, being dissed & lectured by your own teammates on how AP Tryndamere is useless blah blah blah.

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Call me Steph. Been on League for a few years, crazy how fast time flies by. Was 1st introduced to the game by my uncle back in 2011 & got hooked ever since. Education is the key to success, no way to make it in life without it. Just can't wait to see my future.Formed an unlikely bond with AP Tryndamere. I was trying to troll one match by going AP. Yet I realized how AP scales with him, & then seeing how much damage can be done & the increase in sustain, I had to research more. People criticize AP Tryn nowadays saying its old, no longer viable, trolling. I say nothing to them, I only let them see for themselves what AP Tryn can still do, & then their mouth jaw drops. I know I'm not the only one that knows AP Tryn is still viable, yet I'm here to show you my recommended playstyle to those that wish to arise AP Tryndamere from it's long dark abyss

League IGN: Nerublood

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Pros / Cons

You'll get a lot more benefits from AP than AD truthfully.


- Increased Sustain (From Bloodlust)
- Powerful Burst (From Spinning Slash)
- Harder to Kill
- Full CD Reduction = Spin for days
- Amazing Farmer
- Fast Recovery
- Underestimated
- Can 2 vs 1 or even 3 vs 1

- Ignite/Grievous Wounds? (Uh oh!)
- Vulnerable to consistent damage (You can out-heal certain bursts, but getting hit consistently can mess you up
- Easily harassed
- Still vulnerable to Crowd Control
- Failing to land Spinning Slash can cost you

As you can see, played right = results
(That Tryndamere was heated! He claims he never lost a mirrored match, & was so heartbroken with the fact that he lost to an AP Tryn.)
(Such embarrassment....)

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You may experiment with other rune styles when trying AP Tryn, but these runes I recommend for the benefits.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power or Greater Glyph of Ability Power is my choice. Flat AP for early head start damage & good heals, Scaling AP for late game monster damage & greater heals. Straight forward.

Greater Seal of Scaling Health Regeneration or Greater Seal of Armor Scaling Regen will increase your regen by lvls so you'll have Q heals + faster regen. If you're on the defensive side, Armor seals for protection.

Greater Mark of Hybrid Penetration Must-have! Since his E scales (0.5 AD) & (1.0 AP) it allows you to penetrate through defenses. The AP Scale will cause you to do more damage/burst to your target than the AD scale, yet with both it'll be astounding.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Must-have! You have enough Scaling AP as it is, Flat AP is needed.

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Masteries & Summoner Spells

Masteries are quite simple, they help you improve your burst damage. Although, if you're sensitive about the "No defense" deal, then view this defensive tree of masteries: Defensive

Yet, Double-Edged Sword , Spell Weaving , Executioner , & Havoc all play a HUGE part for his burst. Add it all together, & you can be dealing 13% extra burst damage from E!

Fury : Must-have! Full fury bar = 35% Critical chance which actually occurs at a decent rate. This will guarantee you gain fury faster & lower your E's CD

As for the spells:
Must-have! Fast escape, spin away, look back & give a good laugh.

They say Cleansing your soul is the best thing to happen to you. And what they said speaks 100% truth. This is the Ignite killer, the Exhaust/Slow purifier, the Stun resister, the best spell for AP Tryn! This also helps incase anyone tries to last minute Ignite you after you've ulted.

Aggressive type? Go for it!

Optional if you need to get away even faster in certain occasions. Yet your spin is basically like a flash to you.

Ehh, not too big of a fan of barrier, sure it blocks damage & can block ignites, but will you still survive?

Pah! How much more heals do you want?

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Becoming a Nightmare

To begin the Nightmare upon your enemies, lets discuss the start up:

Amplifying Tome or Dagger (To build fury faster), Health Potion & (My personal favorite) Scrying Orb
(For me, Scrying Orb helps with me being able to check brushes & can keep sight on an enemy that's on the run, as well as a scouting tool.)

There are 2 core items to AP Tryn, Nashor's Tooth & Ionian Boots of Lucidity
20% CD Reduction + 15% CD Reduction + 5% CD Reduction (From Sorcery ) = Full 40% CD Reduction, allowing you to skill about every 5-6 seconds. The Attk. Speed is very effective + the bonus Magic damage it causes + the additional 5% from Arcane Blade & faster fury builder + more Critical chances. Once you have those 2 down, the nightmare begins.

Essential Items:

Rabadon's Deathcap & Lich Bane "My blade calls, you....will....answer!!"

These 2 are the END GAMER. With Lich Bane, you're next empowered basic attack will deal extraordinary damage combining all the AP from runes, masteries, the 13% extra damage, and build. Works every 2 seconds? Yeah that's a big "OH NO!" Rabadon's Deathcap, you already know. Spin's damage will be off the charts, 1 spin = 1/3 (Possibly 2/3) of health, ADC's will be melted no doubt. Not to mention the astounding heals you'll receive from Q. Full fury bar w/Deathcap = 100% full health

Guinsoo's Rageblade It may be ideal to get this before or after Lich Bane. This provides an Attk. Speed boost & bonus AP, & with 40% CD Reduction, you can just keep on spinning to keep your full stacks up.

Optional Items:
Mejai's Soulstealer Completely optional. However, if you find yourself getting fed, or getting assists often, I recommend you grab that before you build your Rabadon's Deathcap

Zhonya's Hourglass Interestingly, this well-suits Tryn. Sure as hell helps with if the whole enemy team decides to jump you & blow all their CD's & Spells on you. It'll also save you a couple times from having to use ult since you have a small opportunity to cast again depending on how often you skill before it. Might be beneficial to grab that at times, + the additional Armor as well is wonderful.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Bonus health, & adds a slow to your spin + the slow from W? Yeah they're not going anywhere, this is yet optional but very beneficial when going against those that have quite a few escapes & helps catch up very easily.

Hextech Gunblade With Lich Bane Guinsoo's Rageblade + Hextech Gunblade & the 13% bonus damage dealt, your spin & your basic attacks will also be empowered & hit for a truckload. And the bonus Life Steal & Spell Vamp increase your survivability & dueling. The slow from it is also beneficial as well.

Liandry's Torment Ideal for penetrating the enemy's Magic Resist & when going against tanky champs. Also empowers your spin with the burning effect that doubles to movement impaired enemies. Pretty cool.

Spirit Visage Personally, I don't pick this at all, however this will most definitely increase your sustain even more & make you more tanky along with the Magic Resist. Combine it's passive with Guinsoo's Rageblade's passive & if you have Second Wind on, death will be cheated.

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Skills & Laning

These are your 2 best friends:

Bloodlust scales with AP & the more AP you have + more fury, the greater the heal. When going against harassing champs/ranged champs, lvl that at max to increase your sustain. And remember the passive AD that also tags with your spin, & the Scaling AP as well. Your spin will still do some damage.

Spinning Slash also scales with AP (1.0) remember? Therefore, that will be your main damage & your escape tool. For aggression, lvl that at max before anything.

Mocking Shout You don't necessarily have to really lvl that up. You're focusing on maxing your Bloodlust or Spinning Slash 1st. Lvl this up when its your only option. Or, you can possible max it just increase the slow on enemies ensuring they won't go anywhere.

Undying Rage The infamous invincible ult! Sometimes you'll be in a tight squeeze where you'll actually need to use this. Its very vital that you Q often during dueling. Sometimes its even best not to Q & save it so when you ult & have full fury bar, you'll heal up almost all damage that was dealt. Remember to use Cleanse if you're cc'd down allowing you to make a quick getaway. With 40% CD Reduction, your ult will be ready every 60-52 Seconds.

Your spin makes you a farming god. However, it isn't as powerful as you think it is early game. So don't use it for careless reasons. Yet maintaining your fury will increase the amount of heals you receive & your survivablility even against tough opponents such as: Pantheon & even Teemo. However, when going against harassing champs, denying some farm won't put a big hurt on you. Turret hugging seems noobish, but saves lives & makes you able to free farm.

Champs like Riven, Jax, Kha'Zix, etc. will punish you if you're too careless. They can burst you down quick & sometimes even your Q won't save you. Always play on the defensive side when it comes to champs like them, attack when you see opportunities that'll be worth it. 1 key thing is to don't run from a fight too often. Engage when they engage you, make sure you're close enough to them so you can spin away & have them take damage from it, then heal up. Repeating these steps will ensure you a victory over top lane.

However, there are quite a few difficult match-ups that you must be VERY careful of. Cho'Gath can put your so called "Worst Nightmare" to such shame with his CC that ruins you. Always be aware of when he casts his Rupture & his Feral Scream will definitely put a hurt on you. If you engage on him, be sure to pay attention to your health lvl carefully or else he'll ult you before you'll be able to or get away.

Yorick, The Big Bully. However, even though his ghoul harass is a problem, they can also be in your favor. Attacking & killing them will grant you fury allowing you to feed off them & heal up. If you're in a duel with him & he casts all your ghouls on you, your spin should be able to wipe them all out at one granting you a good amount of fury to heal during the duel. Just watch his mana lvls as he tries to bully you in lane as well, no mana = perfect time to strike.

Things can get out of hand late game if you allow Nasus to free farm all day. However, when AP, your Q can counteract his Q early game if he decides to be aggressive against you. Punish him with your spin if he does so & continue to harass him with your spin when he comes in to farm. Yet be careful how far you are from the safe zone when he puts his slow on you & starts being aggressive. His Q has a shorter CD than yours and it's most dangerous to engage him during his ult because his damage is underestimated, meaning you'll think you'll survive a certain amount of hits. Awaiting for his mana to lower is the key & you'll feel like a God when you triumph over Nasus

Darius is another difficult match-up. Bleed will be your biggest problem. Its very vital that you save your Q for after you disengage from a fight with him because healing during the duel will result in taking damage from the bleed stacks & him being able to execute you. Always watch your health lvls closely or else he'll ult you before you can ult or escape. Be sure to save your Cleanse for when he Ignite you (If he even has it).

Garen Can be easy & challenging as well. If he EVER charges you with his Q up, walk towards him, it'll be about a .5 second interval before the actual hit allowing you to spin away as the hit lands on you causing him to also take damage from the spin. Once the silence fades, heal up & repeat this step. Once you get your Nashor's Tooth & Ionian Boots of Lucidity it'll be curtains for him. However, a tanky Garen can prove to be tough to take down, so don't instantly try to duel him once you get those 2. Be weary of your health to because if he silences you when you're too low & low enough for the execute, oh dear....

Double trouble. Nidalee & Jayce. Ranged harass & strong melee burst. However, the new Nidalee is now able to switch between melee & range at start just like Jayce, but she's not as powerful until later on. She can still harass you with her AA & Javelin Toss if you're too open. And her Primal Surge increases her survivability, if she has mana..... Aspect Of The Cougar can deal some heavy burst on you & her skills have low CDs making it difficult to withstand a duel with her. Her item build will also be important to watch for. If she has Sheen it'll be wise to attack her after she leaps into a minion wave that way it'll take some time for her to get away. Jayce, on the other hand, can be a threat all lvls. He deals more consistent damage so if he has high damage, you'll find yourself turret hugging for a bit. But remember he lacks sustain unless lifesteal is built. If he's in range form, attempt to close in & spin out & heal if you take too much damage. If he's in melee form, await the To The Skies! drop & spin away. The difference between the 2 is that Jayce is nothing without mana, & that Nidalee doesn't need it all the time since she has her Aspect Of The Cougar. These 2 will most definitely put a hurt on you if you aren't too careful.

Rengar is a tough one, he has strong burst damage & consistent damage that can just rip right through your health. Not to mention being able to heal during laning just like you. Don't ever be too close to the brushes when he enters it, unless you're ballsy enough to enter with him. Watch out for the slow from his Bola Strike and pay attention to your health when dueling. Try and also be careful for when you use your ult because if you're too low afterwards, he can ult & then finish you off.

Elise has a pretty annoying harass & a pretty good burst against you. Rappel is tricky against you for as it'll leave you vulnerable when she uses it during your ult. However, she's also vulnerable to a full rush when she switches out of Spider Form. Just be aware of her Cocoon when you attempt to do so. Be sure to harass her with your spin & maintain your fury when laning. I recommend you only engage her when you have 1/2 or more fury, that way you'll be able to out-heal some of the damage dealt to you during the duel.

Pantheon Can be easy & a little difficult at times if not too careful. Watch how close you are to him or else you'll be getting a face full of spears. But however, maintaining your fury at about 1/3 if you're passive will ensure you stay in the lane. If he jumps on you, remember to be close enough for him to take damage from your spin when you spin away, or if you have a good amount of fury, you can engage & heal during the fight. He's nothing without his mana & once you get Nashor's Tooth, he'll be remembered....

Facing another Tryndamere is fun! However, you must be very careful how to engage him since his auto attacks will be damaging. Don't push too far & harass him with your own spin since it'll do more damage than his will. Sometimes ulting before him is beneficial & yet punishing if he doesn't use his own ult when expected. Yet you'll be able to heal more than he will when his ult is finished & your spin can wipe him out when its done. If you get caught by the slow of Mocking Shout, be sure to have your spin saved to get out of it. Or draw him in so you can spin away & have him take damage from it. Late game will be Burst damage vs Consistent damage. But wait, one of Tryndamere's weaknesses is burst damage right? Hehehe....

Now Teemo has & will always be Tryndamere's most difficult match-up. Teemo's motto, "1 Q to rule them all." And the poison from his auto attacks act somewhat like the bleed effect from Darius. Your best bet against Teemo is to keep your distance when trying to farm. Don't allow him to harass you too much or you'll give him opportunities to finish you off at ease. Wait patiently for his mana to diminish, & save your Q until after the disengage. Don't be afraid to take some damage either, if he engages you with his Q, you can spin at him and then disengage to heal. Don't recklessly try to engage a fight with him because you won't be able to trade until you have your ult. Sometimes that won't even work if you don't pay attention to where he sets his Noxious Trap. Very hard lane, but careful play & taking some risks will have you prevailing in the end. Also remember that your Cleanse can also remove the slow from his traps, just be careful if you use it before he uses Ignite.

Do try push lane too far. Jungler ganks will punish you. Yet if your minion wave is pushing & the enemy decides to engage on you, they'll be punished.

During farming, don't spin towards the enemy & their minion wave. Walk into the wave while your wave is fighting them, & spin away back to your wave. You can harass the enemy with this & make easy & safe farming. If you take too much damage, Q & you'll heal & be just fine. Farming is the key, only fight if they attempt to fight you. Surprise them with the damage from your spin, Q in between the duel & they'll start running. Yet beware when they Ignite you before you Q. Cleanse that, spin away & heal up. Don't get in engage range until you've recovered from your last fight.

Harassing champs make it hard for you to farm, try to maintain at least 1/3 or half of your fury bar to keep your healing decent & it'll also make them drain their mana trying to harass you while you heal up all the damage.

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The Revival

AP Tryndamere can & will soon return. Its always been viable, they just made it so you can be killed. You can even best almost any champ with AP Tryn, & hearing people rage & complain about how OP Tryn is will make it fun. I've done ranked to with AP Tryn as well, even some champs that would naturally counter Tryn would even have a hard time or won't even counter him when he's AP. Its crazy, but it all works. You can be sure that AP Tryn is still almost as OP as it was ages ago, & that it'll soon no longer be criticized. And we all thought AP Master Yi was worst? Hahaha....

I'll be sure to post some videos on how to play AP Tryndamere the correct way