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Master Yi Build Guide by axests

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League of Legends Build Guide Author axests

Ap Yi (S4)

axests Last updated on December 4, 2013
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This guide shall be short and sweet

AP YI TIME, SEASON 4 STRAT STYLE. My god people the dunk you are about to unleash on your enemies will raise the eyes of the gods to the place above the heavens, where dunking is common place, and where yi rules over.

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Build explanation

You get the cdr boots because you need the cooldownz 4 your resets, escpeically after the alpha strike nerf. The liandry's is for those pesky tanks who try to kill you. The nashor's is because, well, why wouldn't you get an item that gives your basics ap? Lich bane, same reason as nashors :P. void staff because you won't have that much ap with this build so there's no reason to grab deathcap. As for Morellonomicon, it gives you the sustainz early, as well as countering lifesteal :D

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Team fights

Welp you tell me, who's going to focus the ap yi in a fight? If they're decent nobody, or at least, they think they're doing the right thing :). You sir, will be focusing the tank (as long as there isn't an easy kill for you to finish off or a high priority squishy you can get to without dying). That way you have the least chance of being focused and you can get numerous liandry's procs in one fight. Pretty simple really, btw don't initiate.

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As for laning phase...

Use your sustain to liiiiive and stay in lane to farm as much as you can.