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Aphelios Build Guide by Sanz_Moonshidder

ADC Aphelios Builds

ADC Aphelios Builds

Updated on November 23, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sanz_Moonshidder Build Guide By Sanz_Moonshidder 39 11 75,948 Views 0 Comments
39 11 75,948 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sanz_Moonshidder Aphelios Build Guide By Sanz_Moonshidder Updated on November 23, 2023
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Runes: Personal choice

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Cut Down

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
Most common
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Ability Order Always


Attack Damage

Attack Speed


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Aphelios Builds

By Sanz_Moonshidder
They butchered our boy once again. But he is still playable.(somewhat)

Hi I am an Aphelios OTP. I peaked Plat 4 playing only Aphelios. Over multiple accounts, I have just under 1 mil points of mastery on Aphelios (I just kept getting banned for being good with my vocabulary and responding passionately to other players).

I really like playing Aphelios. I like his lore and his skins. Really everything about him except his current meta build and his own state in the overall meta.
Eclipse(even after the recent nerfs) is still a very strong item on Aphelios and triggering the passive should be fairly easy since at all times Aphelios has 2 weapons and two Q's.
Sorcery vs. Domination as 2nd runes
My little pet peeve with is the healing is not that great anymore.
offers you insane damage late game so if you think a game can get to the late game always go for it as a secondary rune page.
is best used for games you somehow know will end quickly (for whatever reason) and for the if you really like (for whatever reason.....*****(jk))
I will fully assume whoever is reading this knows how to manage their weapons.
In case someone doesn't know it is simple.

Deplete first then . Afterwards deplete and then so you will reach your best combos- + and + .
That's it. That is how you reach the most efficient gun order.
Personal opinion on each weapon
My favorite Gun. The Q makes you feel like an absolute BADASS and provides actual mobility for your otherwise immobile champion. Not to mention that beautiful Ult has saved me many times because of the healing it provides. It synergizes best with
> > >

Each autoattack deals bonus dmg(hell yea boiii). The Q has a really nice cone-like range which you can actually abuse if you use the corners of the cone. Also this weapon has hands down one of the best minion clear potential IN THE GAME. Also at the begging of the game you can use the Q to stack a lot of chakrams but after you have established your weapon queue I wouldn't go out of my way to stack chakrams that way. And its ult is in my opinion the best one out of the other 4. Synergy:
> > >

The infamous chakram.
On its own, it's not that great. But when combined with weapons that can stack those chakrams(basically everything except ) you can reach the highest damage potential Aphelios can reach. The Ult gives you a nice amount of chakrams so don't hesitate to use it. Also, the turret combined with can kill champions you shouldn't be able to kill normally. Just make sure you actually activate the marks
> > >

It is not that bad I just have a weird love-hate relationship with it which is funny because the lethality build makes this weapon shine. It is probably one of the trickier weapons to use especially getting used to utilizing the marks. The best usage of this weapon is definitely with . Also, the Ult is not bad at all because it can allow you to pick off low-health enemies from a far kinda like Caitlyn(but actually takes skill and has less range). Make sure you use this weapon with:
> > >

You big slow chonky boi. Farming early with this weapon makes me want to toaster myself. The root is nice but IMO it should last longer. This weapon basically turns you into Ashe which is a champion I despise. The best use of this weapon is with Q to farm and mass stun nearby enemies or just use the ult to root one or multiple targets who are a bit further away. Its synergy with should not be overlooked tho. If you hit a Q and then use Q you will deal decent damage(even more so with the Lethality build) or just root them from afar. However is part of the worst weapon combo which is + . This combo has no synergy whatsoever and should always be avoided.
> > >
Guide purpose
For people who still have faith in the Weapon of the faithful .
From my recent games this year I have noticed that the lethality build will probably allow you to do more damage and actually climb. Try it out in a normal game and see how it goes.
The rest of the guide is dedicated for the lethality build.
*That unfortunately got nerfed by riot because IE is a mythic item but next season it will make a comeback since Rito are removing Mythic items.
For now in general I would advise for rushing Stromrazor into IE.
This way you have both MS and really good Damage.
Start of the game
Play really safely until level 2.
Once you have hit level 2 you can start poking(if you have you can be quite aggressive).

*(I used to recommend going for Essence Reaver first and then Eclipse but after a few experiments I found it might be a bit easier to go for Eclipse first and then Essense Reaver )- outdated for now
End of laning phase
(By the end of the laning phase you should aim to have bought the . We build it because of the lifesteal, shield, and good lethality.
Your next item is .
This item synergizes surprisingly well with most weapons but it does take away some power from the + combo but it gives insane potential to the + .)- outdated until next season
Blend with crit
(Choose between either or depending on the enemy's team composition.
Buy a to reach 60% crit and from this point onward you should be practically unstoppable provided you position well.)- outdated until next season
Advanced Tips
- Animation cancel
When you press W to change your weapon you can autoattack to instantly change the weapon and cancel the animation. It does take some time to perfect but it becomes natural.

- Q's
You can activate the Q while it is traveling to your target to instantly root them.

- Stacking marks
Especially with the lethality build, you can finish off a half hp squishy with a Q+ Ult. The marks will stack so you can activate it for double the damage. If you run it is almost always a guaranteed kill.

- General tip
When your weapon reaches ammo<10 you can still use the Q's so take advantage of that. Especially with and . I would deplete to 11 and to 1 so that way I can use Q twice to root once and then heal off of which hopefully is your next weapon in the queue.
Note- The + combo gives you insane healing off minions and even enemies.
Standart build Tips
- and

Essentially with this build your rush so ideally you start with the or so you can build it faster.
I like and because you get really good burst potential in addition to decent movement speed. If your dodging is on point you can be near unstoppable.(Unless of course they have a fed assassin like Shaco or other ******** invisible assassin)
Obviously, as soon as you reach your 3rd or maybe 4th item you are just a borderline unstoppable killing machine and can burst the majority of the champions on the enemy team.
The tricky part is actually reaching this part of the game.
Things to keep in mind
The better at cs-ing you are the better you are at Aphelios. While it may sound obvious it is important to always remember that Aphelios is weak up until his 2th or 3th item so the more gold you have the quicker you can reach to these ridiculous levels you see pros reach. To some degree, you are better off only cs-ing and not fighting as much, especially in harder matchups.

- Supports
The lower elo you are the worse the supports are gonna be. I know another obvious one. But with Aphelios being as weak as he is early you rely on your support much more than other adcs. I would suggest even playing other champs or finding a good pre-made until you reach like Gold, because playing against the enemy bot lane AND your support is the last thing you want.(I still do it tho cuz I like to suffer)

- Climbing with Aphelios
If your sole purpose is climbing... as much as it pains me to say it, you are better off playing other adcs. Right now Aphelios is in a weird state. Climbing with him is significantly harder than with other adcs like Jhin or Draven. If you want to have fun tho(and feed your superiority complex) this is probably the right champ for you.
The real tragedy is that the lower elo you are the harder it will be for you to win with Aphelios. Especially with inadequate Supports who have no idea what your champion does and call you useless.
Thanks for reading my guide. I am sorry if you tried out the Lethality build and it didn't work out for you. I might come back and update the guide if it gets rated tho seeing that I am a filthy gold player with a guide that looks like a Reddit post I doubt it.
I don't really play League consistently anymore but I still decided to write this guide in hopes it might help at least someone.
If you are a true beginner I'd suggest finding koog's guide which should be a little lower on the list as he hasn't updated it in a while.
It helped me get to where I am so it might do the same for you.
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