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Nasus Build Guide by Linten

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Linten

Aram - Dog Days

Linten Last updated on December 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome, in this guide I will explain how to effectively play and support your team in The Proving Grounds with:
Dog - Curator of The Sands

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Using Dog

Dog is effective at soaking up damage while slowing and marking priority targets for your team.

In ARAM games, it is essential to have atleast one character able to take damage for the team. Dog is a very viable candidate for this as Dogs' ultimate hits all enemies that he is standing near, this will cause magic damage to enemies and provide lots of attack damage for dog. Staying alive will increase the amount of damage you do and gain during your ultimate, this is why Dog is amazing with the Negatron Cloak.

When playing Dog you must initiate and stop damage with Wither. Prioritising the enemy Assassins, ADCarries, fleeing opponents or Hecarim.

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Item Build

Dog needs to be tanky to be effective at his role, considering this we must first build a Negatron Cloak and boots for initiation power.

If you can afford it when you first die, build a Negatron Cloak. After you have a Negatron Cloak. Build another Negatron Cloak. And maybe upgrade your boots depending on enemy CC. When you have filled all but one slot with Negatron Cloak, and boots. Buy an Aegis and upgrade it for a team wide Negatron Cloak.

When you have finished the core items, upgrade your Negatron Cloaks.
Finish your build by selling the remaining Negatron Cloak and replace it with a Maw of Malmortius.

If you doing well, you may even buy a Hexdrinker and upgrade it to replace one Negatron Cloak.

Trinity Force

Trinity Force is a valuable item for Dog, the Sheen proc is activated by his Q, you gain some damage and access to another slow while getting extra health mana and movement speed. Dog benefits greatly from all the stats given by this item, feel free to pick one up when you have enough defences or gold.

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Dog is well known for his ability to farm in Summoners Rift, stacking up damage on his (Q)Siphoning Strike to deal tons of damage late game.

In The Proving Grounds there aren't many minions, and farming is difficult during the constant team fighting. You should try to stack the damage up when you have free time, but prioritise aiding your team.

Dogs'(W)Wither is the most useful part of his kit, heavily reducing both the attack and movement speed of one enemy. With it you are able to shutdown and isolate a single target.

As previously mentioned you should apply Wither to attack damage based champions to mitigate their damage in a teamfight.

(R)Fury Of The Sands is one of the best ultimates in the game. On Activation you gain 300/450/600 health allowing you to escape sticky situations, while active he is able to constantly drain a percentage of maximum health from opponents and convert it into attack damage for 15 seconds. It also makes him big which means he is stronger.

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Dog is countered by people building the big stick. If you see people building big sticks, avoid them as Dog is very susceptible to the stick.

Dog is also especially weak against enemies using the Black Cleaver item, do not even attempt to go near them. As Dog is black he is easy decimated by The Black Cleaver. If you are willing to spend Riot Points, you may buy Pharaoh Dog to prevent this.

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Thank you for reading my Proving Grounds guide to Dog. This has been my first guide on Mobafire so leaving feedback when rating would be greatly appreciated. Now get back out there and assist your allies!