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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by whitevelcro

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League of Legends Build Guide Author whitevelcro

ARAM Dr. Mundo Highest Win Rate Items

whitevelcro Last updated on May 6, 2017
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About this build

Updated during patch 7.9. Since it has been less than 7 days since the new patch, the changed tank items might not have the right priority.

You should always be ready to switch up the build based on circumstances. For example, if your team lacks magic damage, Liandry's is a good choice. If your team lacks AD, Titanic Hydra would be a good fit. If the enemy team is heavily AD, you should build more armor earlier, or if the enemy team is mostly magic damage, build more MR.

Be flexible, and use the highest win rate items to inform your decisions, since these are items that have worked for others. Building what your team needs is the most important thing in all situations, no matter what the win rates of the items might be.