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Rammus Build Guide by ArdNe

Armordillo in the jungle

Armordillo in the jungle

Updated on August 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ArdNe Build Guide By ArdNe 7,507 Views 0 Comments
7,507 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ArdNe Rammus Build Guide By ArdNe Updated on August 21, 2011
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Hey this is my first guide, it is obviously over jungle rammus, I find jungling as rammus to be very fun and much better than laming as him since you won't be getting zoned of exp.

I would like to add that I got influence from galfureye for this guide as his guide was what helped me learn rammus as a jungler to begin with and as I learn more and more about it I will update it to suit my new play styles.
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Runes & masteries

My masteries are pretty straightforward as it goes however my runes my differ a bit, I find the attack speed quints work out to be pretty useful because it increases your attack speed causing more damage with ganks and against jungle creeps. Also don't forget with [defensive ball curl] popped it increases armor therefore increasing attack damage with [spiked shell] increasing effectiveness, its a slight armor loss but less than 2% and you do some extra damage. I find it useful because often someone will get away with just a tiny sliver of health and this helps reduce that. Health quints or armor quints work fine as well its all your preference.
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Items can really vary depending on enemy team composition however the start of my build is always Cloth Armor+ Health Potionx5 at spawn followed by Ninja Tabi first go back and Nomad's Medallion when i get the gold then Heart of Gold] soon after, I find this makes my build go much faster and the philosopher's stone makes it easier to continue jungling even after ganking.

The item build i have mentioned up at the top in the guide is usually pretty close to what i have as a finished build unless the team is very ap heavy. If they are ap heavy i would sell the Ninja Tabi later on and replace with mercury treads, as well as possibly selling the philosopher's stone and buying a Banshee's Veil
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells Smite is a must for jungling as it will increase jungle times and is needed to make it easier. The other spell i use is Ghost others that might be useful are Flash for more instant getaway such as flashing and powerballing, or possibly Fortify or Ignite if you feel these are needed.
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Skills and Skill Sequence

Rammus has really good abilities for tanking.

Spiked Shell - Very useful especially against heavy ad teams because it makes 25% of your armor into attack damage, thus if for some reason they all went ad you can simply stack armor and take less damage while dishing out more damage.

Powerball - Good for chasing down runners in combination with taunt or initiating a fight because of its knockup. Scales with boots to so don't forget to buy some!

Defensive Ball Curl - Amazing skill, with popped it adds large amounts of ad+mr AND it returns damage back at physical attackers so never forget to pop it at the start of a fight. It is a relatively low cooldown so pop it often. Also the armor it gives you adds to your attack damage because of Spiked Shell so be sure to pop it even if your just taking down a tower. Also this ability has saved me more than once from a karthus ult when i had less than a bar or two of health early game by reducing the damage significantly.

puncturing taunt - Good for keeping enemies off your teammates, if you taunt an ad carry and use Defensive Ball Curl you can make them take off pretty good chunks of their health, if you have a thornmail you can usually kill them. Also very useful with powerball to catch a runner at the end of a teamfight. Early game can prove useful if your rushing to save a turret with an enemy pounding on it to Powerball in puncturing taunt them, then Powerball again to slow them. Before level 10 unless they are a tank or have abilities like endless rage you will almost always get a kill.

Soaring Slam - Awesome ultimate all around. It does aoe damage to everything around you, very useful in teamfights and taking down enemy turrets/inhibitors faster.

My skill sequence that i use is picking up a rank in puncturing taunt first then one point in Powerball then maxing out puncturing taunt as soon as possible picking up a point in Soaring Slam when can. After puncturing taunt is capped i max out Defensive Ball Curl then Powerball.

so skilling before level six is
Defensive Ball Curl, Powerball, Defensive Ball Curl, puncturing taunt, puncturing taunt, Soaring Slam
After level six skilling priority is
Soaring Slam > puncturing taunt > Defensive Ball Curl > Powerball
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I always start at blue buff with the aforementioned items, as long as you have the runes you shouldn't have any issues, a leash is not needed but extremely helpful of course.
To start just hit the golem pop Defensive Ball Curl and a Health Potion then proceed to kill it smiting when it will finish it. Next Powerball down to wolves, be sure to hit them with Powerball and popping Defensive Ball Curl killing them without Smite using a Health Potion if needed, proceed to wraiths with the same method, wraiths proceed to red buff Smite should be around 5-10 seconds on cd when you engage use it when it will kill then on to the two golems. After golems i usually b and get my Ninja Tabi a sight ward and Health Potion and go gank.

Here is a video i made to show the jungle path:
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Pros / Cons

- Provides a tank and a jungler for your team
- Hard to kill fun to play
- Very fast jungler
- Good ganker with Powerball+ puncturing taunt

- Not much damage output since hes a tank
- No ranged attacks
- Taunt has a very small range
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Ganking as jungling rammus is pretty straightforward. First you get in a bush near the lane you want to gank, after that activate Powerball then rush in and puncturing taunt+ Defensive Ball Curl and Soaring Slam if you have it. If you feel the enemy has a sight ward in the bush then you can go back from the bush and Powerball for a second to let it gain speed then rush in. If you find the enemy still alive after your puncturing taunt then just Powerball after them and puncturing taunt again, with Defensive Ball Curl you can even tower dive a little.
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Team Work

As rammus you will be the teams tank that means its your duty to go in first into teamfights and puncturing taunt the one which is threatening your carry the most. Without your team you can still kill ad carries with this build however having your team with you will make it much easier. Protect your teammates with puncturing taunt and use Powerball to knockup enemies when taunt is on cooldown.
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