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Kayle Build Guide by Elikain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Elikain

ASAP Kayle (AS/AP)

Elikain Last updated on October 15, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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- 15.10.2012
* Fixed a few typos, broken links and removed some unnecessary words.
* Am thinking about adding more precautions on how to properly use Intervention.
* Added a line in "Skills" for harassing with your Righteous Fury
* Have split "How to use Intervention properly" as its own chapter from "Skills"

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Hello MOBAFIRE community, my name is Elikain from EUNE Server and i decided to make a quite simple Kayle howto guide.
The reason why is because i haven't seen a lot of Kayle players or i just witness people playing her completely wrong and losing fights with her. That is unacceptable.
For a 450 IP champ, she has a lot to offer for so little which, in my opinion, makes her one of the best champs in LoL.
This quide will be about AS/AP Kayle. More on this build later.
For now, i thank you for looking into my guide as this is my first one i made here.
I hope that i will teach you a thing or two however i doubt that you don't know this stuff already.
I will certainly not be making this guide 100 pages long, this should be quick, percise, practical, on-the-go guide. I will update it if i find that something else needs to be said and i am completely open to any new builds, if you request them in the comments :)
So let's begin, shall we? :D

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Hmmm... i don't want to be spamming champion lore in this area.
You certainly know about Kayle and for the people who don't know can read it in the champion menu.
For now let's just skip this and start with the Pros/Cons down bellow.

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Pros / Cons


1. Semi-great range with her Righteous Fury
2. Great burst with more AS/AP you have
3. Covering-your-own-b*tt Intervention
4. Holy Fervor + Reckoning + Righteous Fury always nets a kill
5. 60 AP + 1.0+ AS = farming master
6. Pretty face with Battleborn Kayle :3


1. Squishy, as usual
2. Not enough sustain without investing in hard AP items (Heal not that great)
4. Revolves around using your Intervention skillfully
5. No real melee AD, weak without Righteous Fury

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These are the runes i tested Kayle with on PBE (much easier because of the constant flow of IP each week):
magic penetration reds
attack speed blues
attack speed yellows
flat ap quints

All in all, runes cost 14,145 IP total.
Yea, all runes are this expensive if you look at how much you can buy right off the bat but you should be buying them gradually.
And add that to a champion that costs 450 IP (literally free of charge), you spent it all on runes.

I found out that they are the best as they give you just a bit of attack speed at the beginning so you can squeeze through 1 or 2 more attacks with Righteous Fury. It also doesn't hurt that your attack speed goes to 1.0... just after Berserker's Greaves.

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I think what i've chosen at the very top of my build regarding masteries is pretty self explanatory.
Regardless, i will dedicate this section to a few sentences as to why i did what i did:
I picked everything that gives me attack speed and AP and increased damage overall.
I am not dealing with any armor penetration or flat AD because i rely strictly on my Righteous Fury as it deals magic dmg.
I will explain this further in the "SKILLS" chapter.

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So here are explanations for my weird skill order you've already noticed.

This is Kayle's passive skill. I just wanted to point out that in conjunction with Reckoning, Malady, Wit's End basically gives you the upper hand in any fight.
Stack your passive 5x (5 attacks on the target) and they will have -15% AR/MR.
Malady = +20 magic dmg
Wit's End = +42 magic dmg
Overall result: 62 magic dmg per attack + % from passive + your Righteous Fury.
Each consecutive attack against a certain target will hurt more then the previous one.

QQ skill. Picking this at level one means you are at a disadvantage.
Damage on level 1 is ridiculously small and you still have to approach the target in order to use its effect (no Righteous Fury = melee range).
Don't pick this on level 1 but you will level this ability to the max first.
10% increased damage at level 5 + combo I've mentioned in passive skill explanation will completely obliterate your target.

Healing skill...
On Kayle it is pretty funny because your mana pool doesn't allow you to use it freely or play a healing babysitter for your AD carry.
You will take this ability at level 3 just for the sake of extreme luck where a single heal would prevent someone from dying.
This happens a lot to me...
I must have a guardian angel watching my back. Oh yea... i play an angel.
If it comes into the late game, with stacking AP from Guinsoo's Rageblade and overall >150 AP (depending if you've built Rabadon's Deathcap), heal will cap to 300+ HP back.

This is the bread and butter skill!
You will be thanking Flame Gods for this.
You get range, you get splash damage (which is just an added bonus, don't rely on it too much unless you want to AoE creeps), low mana cost and moderate CD which prevents you from losing all your mana by simply spamming this whenever you need it.
Attack Speed will greatly increase your damage output because the more you can attack, the spell becomes much more worthy with just a single cast.
You will pick this on level 1 but you will max this ability second.

Here is how i use this skill:
Your AD carry initiates as always. Make it clear to him that you won't be doing this.
Reasons are stated right down below. If he gets poked by the enemy while he retreats, make sure you toast back anyone with Righteous Fury to make them waste a Health Potion. Even better if they have none. The will not be poking your teammate again.

This is an ability that no one can overlook. It protects from all the damage dealt to a champion for 2-3 seconds.
Cast it at the right time and your target will survive all burst damage while the enemy retreats to wait for the cooldowns.
That would be their mistake.
Surviving a burst usually means counter-initiation and certain kills for your team or retreat.
Your ultimate makes sure that you do not retreat in that fight.
Cooldown is pretty low for an ultimate of such magnitude.

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How to use your Ultimate [R] properly

This is a common mistake. People do this all the time.
They let an ally get bullied and ravaged from the other team. Ally then backs down and runs for his life, the rest clearly chase an easy kill, Kayle uses Intervention and after 2 seconds, ally gets killed anyway.
This is bad teamplay, right here.
You cannot just look for the last possible moment when to cast ult.
Intervention IS NOT castable Undying Rage, Tryndamere can fall really low and still get kills. Other people cannot take that chance and you should stop wasting your ultimate.

You casually roam around the map and get yourself caught in enemy bursts.
They probably have some sort of CC and you have to ult first and think how to escape when it's over. It ends up with you dying anyway and wasting Flash for nothing.
Or you get into the heart of a team battle and get focused. You're the weakest link, even with your Intervention and they will obliterate you when it is over.
Your team is next. Your fault.

You stay FAR AWAY FROM THE BATTLE. Your job is to watch your initiator or anyone that gets focused to intervene and use Intervention after a few hits, just to make sure that the enemy is committed to wasting EVERYTHING on him.
- If you cast it too soon, they will wait it out or switch targets.
-If you cast it too late, you end up with a mistake #1.
After they commit, pick a suitable target for your combo. No one will be able to just go for you or the rest of your team because of the blown CDs on your undying teammate. This is a won team fight, right here.

This is only allowed if you:
1. go 1v1 against some heavy bursts or pure AD champs.
2. If you get dived.
You can only use your Intervention on yourself if such things happen.
If these 2 conditions are not met, don't even think about it.

This is a non-negotiable matter. You are strictly prohibited to expose yourself to things that would require of you to waste Intervention on yourself.
Your ally dives the tower. Your jungler does that as well. Let them take a couple of hits from the tower so that the enemy is assured that they "CAN" kill him right underneath it if they waste CC/ Ignite/ Exhaust just for the sake of survival or perhaps a possible kill after the massacre.
Prove them wrong.
None will die as long as you are around. That being said, you have to use your combo as well.
Don't just cast Intervention and run away or watch.
You're a fighter. You will do damage with your skill combinations BUT let someone else take the aggro from the turret.
This also ensures that no one focuses you.

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Skill Combinations

Well, there are a couple combinations you can try out:

1. Reckoning + Righteous Fury is one of the basic ones.
Q increases damage dealt to the enemy and E just gives you range (AD + AP + skill dmg).
You can pretty much deal them half their HP bars on low levels when they realize they can't outdamage you and have to back out.

2. Reckoning + Righteous Fury + Divine Blessing is the second one.
Heal gives you a minor movement speed boost, which with your Ghost or Flash can pretty much mean no escape for the enemy on the receiving end.

3. You can always bait them into a tower dive if you have your Intervention available.
You still have to watch out for your mana pool. Your skills, when used as a combination, pretty much require a lot of mana.
Let yourself take a hit or two (you judge how much you can take) and don't overestimate your own armor. If you drop pretty low, chances are you will not kill your enemy but he will just get out with <100 HP left.

4. Reckoning can be used as a poke on lvl 4+ or if you have >50 AP.
It has pretty low CD but it eats your mana if you use it like that.
Righteous Fury has a more sustained damage if the enemy decides to stick with hitting you in the face.
You can also use this to weak CC the enemy passing through your tower that wants a kill.
Even better if he has no Flash or any other method of closing the gap between you two.
Tower diving never pays up if you're diving Kayle.

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Summoner Spells

Let's just mention Summoner Spells here as well.
Generally, Flash + Exhaust is not what you should always choose. It depends what are you good with.


Is a more versatile spell. It has its uses as countering healing effects which might prove good for you because a lot of AD carries now pack a Heal in their arsenal for some reason.
Sometimes, people get away with less then 50 HP. Frustrating fact...
This gets rid of that problem once and for all.

Also a suitable spell. Flash in range, surprise your enemies or counter their Flash, escape ganks and flash over walls.

Still a valuable spell for Kayle.
It almost completely negates attacks and a good portion on item damage or spells.
You cannot go wrong if you choose this one and you might be forced to because of the "Kayle-support-meta-pride-all-go-for-exhausts" thing...

This spell is still awesome despite the fact that people forgot how to use anything besides Flash.
In conjunction with your Divine Blessing, you got quite of MS to chase down opponents and with your Reckoning, you will appear as a blurred area on the screen.
Now you can literally run around them, hitting them on each side to roast them evenly.

One more great spell to use.
I personally haven't been using it much, but it gives you everything you need: both AP and AS, which is exactly what this build is about.
However there's a downside. It takes up a slot. So that means either you choose not to have Flash, Ghost, Heal or Ignite, Exhaust.
If you are not as limited as myself, perhaps you can pull this off.

You're pretty vulnerable to any form of CC so this can help out a lot.
However, it has the same problem as Surge. It uses up a slot.
So far i had no problems with CC.
Either way, Quicksilver Sash should resolve the issue.


This is...not necessary for Kayle.
If you're spamming abilities... then you're doing it wrong, my friend.
Kayle is not an AP caster and she can't afford to spam a lot.
Q and W ( Reckoning and Divine Blessing) are your mana eaters.
Not to mention your Intervention as well.
The only skill that can be spammed is your Righteous Fury. End of story.

Still not necessary for Kayle. You already have Divine Blessing although the heal can be pretty much neglected from the start, unless by some great feat of luck you are able to save yourself from the last tick of damage or get a kill before you die.
You can't be a full support anyway.
It's your choice really. If you feel comfortable and are premade with someone else who knows what he is doing, it can be a lifesaver.


These spells are good options if you play Co-op vs AI.
Thinking that your enemies are meat-heads quickly proves that you're trolling yourself.

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Here are my item choices (they all revolve around AP and AS):

This item is underrated.
You certainly could use a slight AP boost, a little more mana regeneration and a bit of HP as well.
Despite people calling Kayle a support, she certainly has 60 HP more then regular supports (supports i play have like 450-ish HP while Kayle has about 500-ish HP).
This goes to your advantage. It means you shouldn't start with Doran's Ring, instead go for Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion.

The usual choice for AS characters. Even carries get these.
There are no alternatives. With other items which i will disclose in a moment, you don't need other boots.

Pretty straightforward. AS/AP and deals 20 magic dmg per hit on a target.
The usual item i get. Many people just ignore this and go for the big guns which with the support Kayle (if you count leaving the minions and kills to your AD carry), leaves you pretty broke.
The best thing to do here is to assist as much as possible. How much HP you've taken away from your opponent = more gold on assist.
Even if you get a kill instead of your AD carry, it's not a big deal. The important thing is to win the lane and to keep the alert level high in the enemy team by just appearing on the map as victors.

Again, one item i avoided so far. Just recently i started picking it instead of my rushed Guinsoo's Rageblade and it made the difference.
AS with a bit or MR and 42 dmg dealt per hit.
So, you have 62 extra magic dmg with these items alone + 1.6+ AS.
Pretty good.
Your AS hit an IDEAL ZONE which means you don't have to be concerned about getting more. You can now start going for straight AP items to boost your dmg output further.

This can be an alternative to Wit's End, although i recommend getting both..
Extra attack speed never hurts and with this, you'll be stacking AP as well.

Still a worthy item. I would not advise you to go full AS/AP items because you will hit the AS cap of 2.5 while your AP would not be so high up.
At that point, trading AS for AP is lost dmg.
This should be alternative to Wit's End.

This item is very much recommended.
Especially if they are stacking MR. Even if they aren't, it's safer and cheaper alternative to Rabadon's Deathcap.

If you can get your hands on this Magic Hat, feel free to swap it for Void Staff.
Void Staff should still be your next item.

After this point, it is up to you what you want to build further.
I never got to fill my 5th and 6th item slot in any game. It was always a win.
If your Intervention is always spot on and you have been following my skill order and how to use it properly, their team would be frustrated because you've denied them too many kills.
So surrender is imminent or they would just kick till the end.

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Well, this concludes my ASAP Kayle build.
I can assure you that this isn't the best build out here.
A lot more people covered a lot of ground, but they mainly focused on AD Kayle.
I personally only play supports or AP carries so naturally i pick AP champs that i can play.
If you're my kind of a guy, this build is for you.
Don't beat yourself up if a couple of games go wrong. You have to adjust to how much dmg you deal, how well can you trade blows and what works best for you.
Skill order isn't written in stone so it can be changed. This is only my preference which i've found out that has the most impact.

Any kind of comments are appreciated, even the negative ones. But if you're about to drop a negative comment, please state the reason so i can make corrections or if you have any better builds, i will be glad to add them with the credits to a person which provided them.