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Ashe Build Guide by TheCrimsonElixir

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheCrimsonElixir

Ashe build - My way to go (Updated - Info and tips!)

TheCrimsonElixir Last updated on October 15, 2011
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15/2/11 00:31 am GMT -3: Guide started.
15/2/11 04:12 pm GMT -3: Finished to add the basic.
17/2/11 07:05 pm GMT -3: Build - runes edited.
20/2/11 11:29 pm GMT -3: Added runes section in guide - more detailed build. Also added Masteries section.
05/3/11 17:56 pm GMT -3: Build and tips edited.
16/10/11 0:39 am GMT -3: Re-edited build

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Hi all.. first build i've ever made.. and it's for ashe :D

NOTE: This build will focus in Critical chance, Attack speed and Movement.

I've maked this build not longer ago. Tt's very effective in-game, and very fun to play ^^

First of all .. i will detail the advantages of the build .. and the respective disadvantages:

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Pros / Cons


- Amazing dps damage
- Incredible attack Spd. (which is what most needs ashe according to me)
- Late game ashe will be an incredible killer, with high survability thanks to phantom dancer's spd and critical chance. (withount mention Ghost and Flash.. those spells will greatly boost both of that skills: killing and running)
- Tanks will fall down as easy as killing a fly with Madred's
- Lifesteal will greatly boost yourself in 1vs1 fights
- Fun to play


- If you dont got a tank in your team, that would get you in trouble
- you need to wait the B. F. Sword to start playing as a nice Ashe
- You're not going to be a "pro" at first game minutes

How to face the cons?

- If there's a crazy dps champ in the enemy team.. get Thornmail instead of the third Phantom Dancer
- you're not to be the dps queen at first, but the movement speed would help you to survive until you reach the neccesary money to B. F. Sword
- Try to survive as long as you can farming minions, if you see that the other champ/s are weak, then try to strike them sometimes to push them back, that's your role in game start, and maybe in all the game.

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First we start with Doran's Blade
As long as you get 1195, buy Zeal
We're going to need boots, then get Boots of Speed
Keep farming, so you can build Phantom Dancer
Let's upgrade the boots! Boots of Swiftness
What? do you need some dps item? get B. F. Sword!
Now it's when we need some Ls, so The Bloodthirster
This is when it's going interesting.. get another Phantom Dancer

I ussualy dont get as far to buy this 2 last items.. but it doesnt matter if you play smart ;)

Get Infinity Edge again to show the enemies what crazy your crit. chance can get
The last item build, if you get this one you'll be unstoppable. Madred's Bloodrazor

Finished Build:

I don't think im here to talk about another build, so i decide to delete the "Situational items" section.
Hope you can trust in my build and it's advantage to play ^^

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Greater mark of desolation: Armor penetration works great on ashe, this mark helps to focus our build in what we really need.
Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration: Oh, mana regen, it's great if you're talking about ashe ^^
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction: You'll be able to cast Volley and Enchanted Crystal Arrow faster.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation: Same reason as the mark.

Other recommended runes

working on it

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I allways go this way:

This way to go will boost your AD capacity, ability to escape from enemies and farming at game starting

i will add another mastery tree when i find one that i consider "acceptable".

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Tips to play Ashe

Early Game

- Focus on farming
As i say before, your dmg, spd and hp will be not great at battle starting, so focus on farming as much as you can. That'll help you to get your build faster (and we all know what happend when you reach B. F. Sword >:D)

- Keep your distance
This is one of the best tips to ashe. And it's very simple...
Stay in a safe distance from the enemy, just focus on lvl up and farming.

Mid Game:

Late Game:

Working in more tips.. please have patience :)

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Well, this is everything by now.. sorry about my noob english xD (i talk spanish)
I will add some more stuff as long as i can, so wait for more ^^

Any suggestion will be accepted

See ya!