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Ashe Build Guide by Prometheus56

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Prometheus56

Ashe (For Ranked Games)

Prometheus56 Last updated on August 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before We Begin:

I would like to note that even though the title says Ashe (For RANKED play) this is not its exclusive purpose. I have included many different videos and photos that will make it easy for new players to learn the champion. That being said, Whatever level you are I would hope that this guide shines a little more insight into the champion: Ashe and helps you to enjoy your time on the Field of Justice more.


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An Introduction to The Frost Archer:

Ashe, The Frost Archer is an invaluable asset to any team period. Her massive CC abilities as well as her Viewing ability which acts like an improved clarity add benefit to any team be it ranked, normal, or even in an ADAM or ARAM situation (NOTE: This guide is not on ADAM or ARAM) In addition to the aforementioned attributes Ashe is able to dish out incredible amounts of damage no matter what the opposition. As with my other guides I would like to start off with an introduction I find most helpful for people new to the champion, the following video is a great tool for getting acquainted with Ashe’s abilities and gives a short viewing of her playstyle.

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Appropriate Runepages:

Though there have been many different approaches to rune builds I would like to shar the tried and true method that gets me through every game with Ashe: This consists of FLAT amounts of damage, Armor Penetration, and Attack Speed (I choose flat amounts simply because I do not see the point of having something that only reaches its full potential at level 18, a level some summoners don’t even reach by the end of a game. That is what Items are for, to supplement your champion up too and after reaching level 18. Runes are for a significant starting bonus over the other players.) That being said I find that any one of the above rune builds gives you an amazing damage output against nearly all champions early game. Something that is most vital to getting fed and having control over a lane.

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Appropriate Masteries:

For masteries Ashe is relatively simple:


I have only found to kinds of mastery tree’s that lead to a successful starting game. This is my most preferred. Stacking the offensive tree, with most focus on the Increased damage percentage at the end of the tree and the 10% increased critical damage shortly before that. This will work amazingly well with Ashe’s item builds throughout the entire match. Even late game the 10% bonus helps significantly.

The second build I have found is a:


This is a classic Mana regeneration and cooldown reduction build. I do not advocate this build as much as the one in the offensive tree purely because Ashe is an offensive champ and her masteries should reflect that. I would only consider this Mastery set if you find you are having troubles staying in a lane long enough to successfully farm.

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Ashe's Skills and There Uses:

Frost Shot This is one of your most important skills (I shouldn’t really say that all Ashe’s skills are important) this one however is the one that provokes the mantra: “You can’t run from Ashe” Which is very true, This spell makes it nearly impossible to escape from the Frost Archer and her teammates and is an invaluable skill in any fight. I level this up as quick as the game allows me.

Volley This spell couples with Frost Shot and, since Ashe does damage primarily with her basic attacks I would wait to level this up LAST. Simply because the slow increases from Frost Shot And not leveling up Volley itself and the only thing you get is an improved damage which doesn’t scale by much.

Hawk Shot Is an asset to your team that you cannot afford to waste. This spell acts like a mini but much improved Clairvoyance giving your team full sight of a portion of the battlefield and the area in between. I would level this spell up as soon as possible after your Frost Shot

Enchanted Crystal Arrow This is Ashe’s bread and butter, This is a great tower defender, initiator nto team fights and truly makes in nigh on impossible to run from Ashe. I have included a whole section primarily on the virtues Of Enchanted Crystal Arrow as well as Hawkshot Simply because they are so important to both you and your team.

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Summoner Spells:

Flash I consider this spell a MUST for any Ashe. This allows you some awesome escape opportunities when things go bad for you.

Ghost This spell combines amazingly with flash to make almost any escape a breeze. This also adds to your incredible ability to track down and kill people with ease.

Teleport This spell is also an excellent choice. Especially if you plan on going mid during a game. This allows you to return fast if you are low on health or need to buy a more sustainable item.

Ignite And Exhaust While these are both good spells I tend not to use them simply because they only are good for getting an easy first blood and not much else when using Ashe. Combined with her passive and an early Volley one of these spells makes it incredibly easy to get a first kill. But do not have much use afterwards without being detrimental to you. IE: When playing Ashe you NEVER want to be in the middle of any fray, you always want to be on the outside of a fight pumping arrows and slows into the enemy team. Using exhaust or ignite makes you come physically INTO the fight something no ranged DPS wants to do. As well as this another member of your team will already have Exhaust for the pesky high damage champs on the enemy team so you won’t need to place yours unless chasing someone. When a person is running away from you, you’re looking for the Slowing component of exhaust not necessarily the damage reduction component. Something that you already have copious amounts of from Frost Shot

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How To Build Ashe to Maximize Her Potential:

I have included three Ashe builds, Ranging in Armor penetration for the different types of teams you will have to eventually face. Say if the enemy team has a few squishies on it and not as many armor driven champions then I would use the first build. If it becomes half and half, the second build. If the team has a Rammus Malphite and Jarvan IV on it, Holy **** why did you pick Ashe? But I would use the third build for best results.
The first is a generic ranged DPS build focusing on maximum well rounded damage to all individuals.

I start off with a Doran's Blade for the slight lifesteal component but mainly the nice health and damage boost it gives you early game. I then build my Boots of Swiftness (A fast Ashe is a good Ashe) from there I get a KEY item to the build Zeal following it up with a little more lifesteal from a Vampiric Scepter from there I begin with the damaging components starting with a B.F. Sword and then morphing it into a The Bloodthirster from there I complete my Phantom Dancer to add a good amount of attack speed and critical chance and then build upon that critical chance with a KEY item: Infinity Edge from there I build the The Black Cleaver for any champions that might be starting to develop heavy armor and finish the build off with either another The Bloodthirster or Madred's Bloodrazor depending on the enemy team composition.

This next build is fairly simple and just a variation of the other build. I start with the typical Doran's Blade followed by Boots of Swiftness a Vampiric Scepter and then going straight into The Black Cleaver to maximize an early armor penetration and damage ratio. I follow this up with the traditional Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer and top it off with Madred’s Bloodrazor

The last build should only be used for teams with decent amounts of armor. This build MAXIMIZES armor penetration and magic penetration for easily taking down tougher champions. I start of with a Doran's Blade as always, followed by a Long Sword and my Boots of Swiftness For an early component to the Last Whisper Then I go straight for a The Black Cleaver to help shred the early armor champions and give me an excellent damage boost. I follow this up with the Targon's Brace Which I will later build into a Stark’s Fervor Immediately afterwards I build the Last Whisper for its nice passive armor penetration. Then I build Zeke's Harbinger For the attack speed and lifesteal components which I would otherwise lack because I’m going without The Bloodthirster And the very nice armor reduction passive as well as the aura for allied champions. I end this build with either Wit’s End if the enemy team has some casters doing particularly well. Or the Malady to help lower enemy champions Magic resistance and allow for a more effective Madred’s Bloodrazor which I will complete last.

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Farming The Last Hit Way:

Given as all of these builds are extremely expensive to complete i would heavily advocate using the "Last Hit" farming technique as shown below:

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The Art of Warding a Map Properly:

I have included two maps, Both showing the top quarter of the summoners rift and the right quarter. Since these two images comprise half the map and both half's of the map are identical i would hope you can figure out the other half for yourself ;P

1: This is a key warding spot, as it covers the enemy teams Blue Buff as well as the much traveled area near it.

2: This ward covers a large area of sight that is often either hid in or traversed by enemy champions.

3: This spot successfully covers the most highly traversed area of the river.

4: I did not include it in the map for some reason but i would also add a ward directly in front of the dragons arena halfway between it and the entrance to the river on the far side of the river.

1: This is a highly traveled area by the enemy team, especially if you have pushed too the closest inner turret the enemy team will often go through this area.

2: High traffic area.

3: Gives very coverage of a major intersection.

4: Good coverage of BARON NASHOR a key spot on the field as well as a good warding spot to watch for ganks.

5: VERY high traffic area. Excellent spot to ward.

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The Enchanted Crystal Arrow:

Ashe's two very long range and VERY important skills...

The Enchanted Crystal Arrow

This is a very useful ability and i would like to go over two of the most important features of it. Its ability to assist enemy teammates and the teleport ganking. When firing the enchanted crystal arrow to help out an ally it is best to shoot from the summoners fountain. simply because or the angles involved and the margin or error when shooting from mid lane to another lane. when shooting ping for ally's and tell them that you are going to and where the arrow is located, so, if they have the skill they can force the enemy champion into the same area of the arrow.

Example Given:

This next skill is something very useful but something that must be times to PERFECTION so i would recommend lots of practice with it before hand.

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I hope you found this guide insightful and beneficial towards your Ashe playing. Though i'm not sure if asking works: I would request no troll votes on this guide please. In addition: if any person has a question or a section that they would like me to delve into deeper detail on i will be glad to either answer it in a Private Message in the comment section underneath the guide or if i find it something that could be included i will make it part of the guide itself. Either under an existing heading or in a completely new heading dependant on the subject of teh question.

Once again to all who view my guides:
Much thanks,