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Ashe General Guide by LeagueLord519

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeagueLord519

Ashe: The Beginner's Favorite

LeagueLord519 Last updated on January 30, 2013
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Hey there my fellow Leagers this is LeagueLord519 once again for Guide #2, this time with Ashe A.K.A: Toggle-Q-Then-Right-Click-And-Go-Make-A-Sandwich-Then-Come-Back-To-A-Kill-While-Away Girl :D But Seriously Just Toggle Q, Sit back, and Just look at her go! But Time for some business, just remember that I'm still just Lvl 7 due to computer issues so I'm not a 2k Elo expert and I don't pretend to be. But I think I know what I'm doing when it comes to the Frost Queen, so let's begin.

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Now I do consider myself at least knowledgeable when it comes to Items and uses for Champs. So don't be too hasty to pass judgement on me and my ideas so just hear me out and who knows, you might find yourself with a new favorite item for Ashe. So I'm more of a Straight Damage and Shred then go all crit even if crit might have more damage I just like the items better for Ashe especially since Ashe is a utility based AD Carry so lets explain: Berserker's Greaves always or maybe if going Hunt-Them-Down Ashe then Boots of Swiftness, Vampiric Scepter into Bloodthirster and then into Zephyr. Now Zephyr is one of my absolute favorites for Ashe since the Tenacity, Movement Speed, CDR, and Attack Speed. Since it helps for Chasing Down or Kiting which is exactly what Ashe wants to do then I find it rather fitting to earn its way to one of the 6 items in the slots. Now after you've got your two core items on her then you go for your Armor Shredding with Black Cleaver and for a fifth item you'll probably want a Runaan's for more AS and Muli-Target now with both W and Q! Or you could go Last Whisper instead depending on if you feel like she still needs some AS or if you want her to make the most out of being critless except for her passive. And ALWAYS go for a Guardian Angel last: If you keep dying to their Assassins who keep targeting you in the back (Rengar or Talon) then GA will let you live for the first halve while your allies turn on them and keep you alive for the second halve of the Team Fight, or if you're doing awesomely and "Legendary" then this will help to keep your streak up without halving to stay in the back and fear giving the dreaded 500 gold to the enemy.

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So when you're bot lane with your support who's job is either keeping you alive (Soraka or Sona) or keeping them scared (Leona or Blitz) you'll want to poke with W, since it's a multi-target slow and damage it usually doesn't miss unless they're just out of range. Farm up as much as you can especially once you have that tiny gold boost from E but don't commit to a fight against early game AD Carries (Ezreal or Graves) because you will lose due to mediocre AD early on so all you can do is kite them or peel them off your support with Q and W. If you and your opponent are pretty much tied in CS then consider yourself ahead because of your gold boost from E and once you have a little bit of extra damage and sustainability from items like a BF Sword and pots or Boots and Vampiric Scepter and if you have your ult then be free to be aggressive with them especially if your support specializes in early game aggression then you might be able to wedge a lead on them into mid and late game where you're VERY useful for team initiation.

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Late Game & Overview

So now you got the idea that Ashe is kinda a Utility, AD, Kiting, Chasing, Sniping, Shooting, Killing, Carrying, Machine especially in the Late Game where she gets kinda scary, just sit in the back with your truck load of perma-CC and great AD plus being the 5th longest ranged champ in the game (1st being Kog'Maw with W, 2nd is Tristana at Lvl 12, 3rd being Caitlyn, 4th being Annie) basically means you just sit back and poke until the time comes to strike... or time to run away (She's good at both ;D). Well this is pretty much all I have to say, so if you found this guide helpful for your Ashe domination then please leave feed back or if you have some tips to Ashe I would be glad to apply them to my gameplay. Well that's about it, so until next guide this has been LeagueLord519!


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