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Trundle Build Guide by AtIass

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AtIass

Atlass's guide on how to play a tough trundle

AtIass Last updated on February 26, 2012
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Trundle is a very unique champion and can be built in multiple ways. In this guide i show you how to play trundle tanky or off tank. since this guide has 2 builds i will use 2 different explanations. so for everyone wanting to go tank trundle, the explanations for him will have (Tank) next to them. for the players wanting to go off-tank the descriptions will have.
(Off-tank) written next to them

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Pros/Cons (Tank)


-Extremely well at taking damage
-can save teamates well
-what little damage you do take doesnt do much
-the early stages are not as hard


-Not much damage output
-You are not really a threat thus wont get many kills beside early game ganks

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Pros/Cons (Off-tank)


-Great damage output
-can save teamates well
-Great ganking prowess
-Amazing at taking down enemy tanks


-Though you have a lot of health if focus you go down easily
-you pillar of filth can get allies killed if used wrong
-ult isnt very strong but is quite usefull

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Runes (Tank/Off-tank)


for the tank i get quints of fortitude for an extra early game boost of health to assist my jungling. I get seals of vitalityGreater Seal of Vitalityto give me a boost of late game hp and help with mid game jungling. I get seals of warding to give more defense. i chose to get marks of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation to help give me better ganking ability


For the off-tank i get greater marks and quints of desolationGreater Quintessence of DesolationGreater Mark of Desolation to add to his already great ability to take away enemy champions armor. I chose to get seals of vitalityGreater Seal of Vitality because the early game jungling isnt hard for the off-tank and i believe the late game boost will help more than simple runes of fortitude. I got glyphs of warding .....................................PLEASE NOTE i get glyphs of warding and resilience just because I DO NOT HAVE GLYPS OF REPLENISHEMENT IF YOU DO HAVE THEM THEN I BELIEVE THEY WILL WORK BETTER!

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Items (tank)


You will notice that i have a lot of extra items in my item section for the tank trundle. Well this is because depending on the make-up of the enemy team or which champions are doing well you might get one item or the other.

First of all you will ALWAYS get a cloth armor and go to jungle, but you might not always get 5 health potions. Sometimes you can get 2 health potions and sight wards Sight Ward. Then you will ALWAYS get Wriggles lantern the passive of wriggles lantern plus the active make it extremely useful for jungling especially if the enemy team has a jungler, you can use the active on or around popular jungling routes to set up a gank on the enemy jungler. There will be some cases in which you will need to get your boots before you finish wriggles lantern. In which case make sure you have madreds razor at the least.

Next you get Mercury Treads or Ninja tabi depending on the make-up of the enemy team. I personally almost always go Merc Treads because of there passive, but it seems sometime ninja tabi are more useful depending on the situation. There will be some cases in which you will need to get your boots before you finish wriggles lantern. In which case make sure you have madreds razor at the least

If the enemy team consist of mostly AP Carries/Casters i suggest getting Banshees Veil . This will give you an HP boost some MR and a very useful passive against annoying mages like Karthus .

If the enemy team consist mostly of AD Carries/DPS i recommend getting Sunfire Cape it also gives a useful health boost and a good passive for dealing with short ranged ad carries like Master Yi


The fourth items are thornmail /FON
-Both of these items are unique. Thornmail has an amazing passive effect to devestate ad carries similar to ashe . Whereas FON has i great amount of MR and a good passive for staying in the game as the tank for as long as possible.


Warmogs armor . This item is a personal favorite because it gives so much extra health that you can stay in game for the longest of times. I didnt give a second option for item 5 because by now you either have 2 armor items 2 MR items or 1 of each. which is plenty of defense at the moment and now you need to build up your health. Once getting warmogs you not only are harder to kill your health consistantly goes up due to the passive (though it does cap out)

For item 6 i gave 3 options depending on personal opinions.

Option 1 is that you get Randuin's Omen . This item gives A LOT of armor and has a great passive for chasing down enemy champs after a successful teamfight with an AoE slow.

Option 2 is that you get a Guardian Angel . This is a very popular tank item for the fact that it gives MR and Armor, but what makes it extremely useful is its passive. Once you die you get to come back again (once every 5 minutes). So even if the enemy team is stupid enough to focus you (the tank) you will still live, because by the time you die the enemy team will have been shredded by your teammates.

Option 3 is that you get a frozen mallet . Now this is an item i dont normally suggest if your tanking. BUT if you happen to be doing just fine tank wise and there seems to always be someone just BARELY getting away. Get a frozen mallet

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Items (Off-Tank)

Please not that although i do not provide alternate items like i do in my tank item guide almost all items are optional



Start off getting cloth armor and some health potions or a sight ward. and after jungling come back get your madreds RazorMadred's Razor after getting this you get your first main item --Berserkers Greaves-- . I advise you get these before finishing madreds bloodrazor


By now you should have madreds razor so all you need to do is finish up getting the bloodrazor. This item gives the extra Umph! that you need to play off-tank trundle. Most people will disagree that even an offtank trundle should get wriggles lantern but i personally find it much easier to get kills and assist with the Madreds bloodrazor.


Before getting your third item you should get a phage . I find it extremely useful when i gank that i get a slow chance when i hit. the slow even stacks with your pillar of filth so enemy champions will find it extremely difficult to get away. After getting the Phage go back and get your Warmogs armor! even though this is an off-tank build i get warmogs with trundle. Because even though i play him offtank he still has some of the best health in game. so adding to a strong point makes it stronger. once you get warmogs your tower diving and toughness will be amazing. you will be able to take down that annoying try when hes in undying rage.


You should already have a piece to this item. The phage. Now the frozen mallet is a great item that has an extremely useful will be nearly impossible for a champ to get away from yo u without using a summoner spell(excluding champs with great excapes i.e Ezreal ,KassadinKassidin). the frozen mallet will also give you a boost in hp. by now you'll have a lot of health but remember your not a tank so dont go head first into any teamfights.

ITEM 5 !!

The Black Cleaver! Though i said almost all items were replaceable I HIGHLY recommend you keep the black cleaver in this trundle guide! The black cleaver gives an extra boost to attack speed and attack damage. But that isnt what makes it perfect for trundle. Its passive shreds enemy armor. once getting the black cleaver you can go up to someone use your ulti and attack a few times and they will have 0 armor. Even rammus cannot withstand it. it synthesizes perfectly with trundle. I beleive this item to be perfect with trundle infact i even recommend getting it before the frozen mallet!


Last whisper is an item that syncs very well with trundle also. It gives that extra armor pen plus some more damage. Now this item isnt necessarily needed since you already can bring champions armor down to 0 with the black cleaver. so i also recommend you to get something instead of this. I personally keep getting it because your ults cooldown is rather long and the passive armor pen it gives an extra boost.

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Jungling (Tank+Off Tank)

NOTE* this is a guide for experienced junglers if you do not know how to jungle i would invite you to go read DEWO's Warwick guide.

Start off getting cloth armor and potions or cloth armor and some sight wards. go straight to the wolfs. When minions spawn kill the Wolf leader and run to blue golem. if you do this the other wolfs will run off and you will have enough HP to kill the blue golem. so kill the blue golem and move on to Wraiths. i suggest killing the largest wraith first then the smaller ones. After successfully doing that go to reg. golem and kill them. by now you should have 2 hp pots left if you got 5 or none if you got sight wards. now go kill red lizard and you should be really low hp(if you dont think you can kill it dont try) but before you leave the jungle you must have 700gold to get your madreds razor!.


the jungle order gos Wolf(leader only),Blue golem,Wraiths,Golem,Red Lizard(kill dragon around lvl 8) gank w/e you see an oppritunity.

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Ok so remember all items are situational and that the jungle is yours to play around with. i made this guide in an attempt to teach new trundle players that trundle isnt just a champion that no one plays. hes a champion that no one knows how to. I made this guide in a hope that new players will be inspired to play trundle and to play him aggressively.