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Sion Build Guide by ExperimentZeta

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ExperimentZeta

Auto Attack on Crack - Dominion Sion Build

ExperimentZeta Last updated on January 31, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First Build

Wont waste your time on how to play Sion because this really is just a build for Dominion that works for me and its really fun to play. It may be slow building up playing against some champions but end game you are killing champs right and left most games.

Sorry if this build doesnt work for you if you end up using it but I love using it. I usually get crazy with it and suicide tower dive some champ and get killed right after I kill the champ (Not being cocky just want to have some fun :D).

Hope you likes!

*Ill Probably end up changing his runes sometime. Those are just the runes I have right now.*

P.S. I know this isnt the greatest build ever. I have gone 20/5/5 one game and then the next 10/10/10 so it all just depends on the champs you are fighting against. I just love it because end game is a lot of fun and thats where you usually get a bunch of champ kills. Early game with this build makes me want to rage quit a lot but I always think about how beast Sion is end game and how this build has taken me from last place to first in a matter of seconds and getting my team from losing to winning in a matter of minutes.

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*Updated Items Build*
I figured out that this build works much better if you get another zeal size30 then start building the and I also took out Youmuu's Ghostblade (didnt really see a good reason to have it in there so I replaced with Sanguine Blade). With the crit and dmg coming from Infinity Edge you should already see a pretty good progression of kills. Games usually end for my team with my item build being

I think I have only played a select few games where I got even 5 full items and prob only one game where I was able to get a full build.

So I have never really gotten to full build on Dominion seeing as how every game is pretty short and no one really has time to get full build unless your a crazy killing machine... So Youmuu's Ghostblade can really be any item that you see that can fit the fight best. I usually go for a The Lightbringer just for attack and speed.

Also your first item buy is up to you. If you prefer to buy boots first iten then buy Berserker's Greaves and a Dagger. I switch off depending on how I feel during that game. I have found that I usually do better first fights with the Zeal first item though.

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Pros / Cons

- Massive amounts of attack speed.
- Massive amounts of crits end game and some early/ mid
- This combined with = No damage taken and crits all around
- Tower defender from Hell
- Great minion killer if Tower has a lot on it (destroys in seconds)

- Really no tanking ability so most 3v1 or 4v1 fights and your gone... (2v1 you can usually kill both champs unless both have a good stun/ slow)
- No def so slows plus ranged champs destroy him
- Already kind of mentioned it but any slows and stuns just hurt him bad... (SILENCE HA!! I got auto attack on crack! )

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Skill Sequence

This build has absolutly no AP items in in so unless someones got a Will of the Ancients around you, your Sion will have 0 ap. This being said max out your Death's Caress last. Yes it will defend you in the beginning when everyone somewhat sucks but it wont help when people start getting their builds going.

First skills are 2 in Enrage and 1 in Cryptic Gaze. Start out with 115 attack and have a stun as well. If you got Zeal for first buy then you got some attack speed plus some crit chance. 115 attack starting out is pretty beast but if your team doesnt know how to get top Tower and help you out its pretty useless (I think that pretty much goes for any champs abilities though >_>).

After that max out Enrage first and then Cryptic Gaze while also putting in points for Cannibalism when you can. I have found out that Cannibalism is a pretty OP ult but in early game this build makes Sion so squessy so use it often on minions or if theres a low hp champ in between you and some buddies bring it out and get some health for you and your friends while also killing him. Other then that its kinda useless early/ mid game in Dominion because usually when you want to use it your already dead from a 3v1/4v1/4v2.

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Team Work

I think everyone knows by now that Dominion does not work... unless you have Team Work! Now then, first important thing you need to know about Team Work and Sion is that your team has to not be ******ed. If they are then RAGE QUIT! Na but really dont do that... I came out of a 400+ defending team score and we had 3 remaining points left... Dont ask me how but because of this build and my ******ed team... I was running around and we ended up taking all 5 towers and winning with 3 points left. Kept those 3 points for about 10 minutes too!

Sorry, on to team work. Really is a great team worker with Cannibalism and high AS. Get into a team right and turn on your ult and start gaining health and getting hit, which in turn healths your teammates! What more can you ask for. I really just want to go up to the enemy and shake their hands and say, "Thanks so much for healing me and my team, sorry you died though." Its almost like the enemy team is helping you out! Its so great, team work coming from both sides!

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Game Play

Best way to kill an enemy champion = Cryptic Gaze then auto attack (taken in account that you went with my build you should be going nuts of that enemy with some fast axe swings and crits out his butt!)

- If your low on some health and you got an enemy coming up trying to finish you off, um no, set him right with some Death's Caress -> Cryptic Gaze -> Cannibalism: INSTA HEAL! Thanks enemy champ! Thats all I needed. Hint: Esplode thy Death's Caress within some point of Cryptic Gaze time. Probably wont do much since you got no AP to add on to its attack but it adds to the auto attack brutalizing beast form called Sion.

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One Last Thing...

Just because Sion has Cryptic Gaze does not mean that when a Champ comes onto your Tower pad and you hit him with it that it will help you kill him sometimes... It will help out in brutalizing his health BUT the usual case is 2 champs when comes and mess with you. So Cryptic Gaze one of them and well theres still the other which will most likely kill you.

Of course this usually only counts for early/ mid game. End game your a pretty indestructible Tower defender so it helps out then.