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Olaf Build Guide by AyeeeLmaooo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AyeeeLmaooo

Axing questions

AyeeeLmaooo Last updated on February 11, 2016
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Lets talk about Build #1

This build for Olaf is to kill the carry very fast assuming they will behind the back line. Since Ragnarok prevent any disables on you, it is very easy for Olaf to kill the carries. However since you are Olaf, the most dangerous champion there, they will most likely target you so you have to kill their carry extremely fast. Ravenous Hydra gives a lot of base damage and gives you a chance to survive the aftermath of killing the carry. Sterak's Gage gives a lot of sustain will giving more damage as if you don't do enough already.

Lets talk about Build #2

This secondary build specially target carries who are tank. These tank are only the carries such as Dr. Mundo because of their long sustain. The Black Cleaver reduces the enemy armor by a decent percentage. This will be very helpful in killing tanks. Mortal Reminder is an alternative option for The Black Cleaver if you fight someone such as Swain because he can heal more than anyone one deal damage. A question you may be wondering is why Trinity Force over Ravenous Hydra or Titanic Hydra. Since you are dealing with tanks with this build they are likely going to attempt to run away as soon as they get low so you need to either kill them before they can react or catch up to them with the passive of Trinity Force and the bonus movement speed.

As you can tell the most important items for Olaf is Blade of the Ruined King, Spirit Visage, and Boots of Swiftness.

Blade of the Ruined King is very important for Olaf because if carries attempt to build tank against you, it will never matter due to Reckless Swing and the passive of Blade of the Ruined King. The active from this items is also important if the summoner spell Ghost is not available nor the 1 second movement speed boost from Ragnarok or if you did not axe him a question with Undertow.

Next item on the list is Spirit Visage. This item should be common sense since it gives incredible magic resit, cool down reduction, substantial amount of health, and bonus healing effects.

The most questionable part is most likely to be Boots of Swiftness. This item is quite important to me because with Olaf, you gotta go fast and since the passive from Boots of Mobility will be gone when you're killing the AD Carry, Boots of Swiftness gives the most movement speed. You may already have Blade of the Ruined King or axed them a question, but they will most likely Flash away from you, but that's why we bring Ghost + Boots of Swiftness to catch up to any enemy without being kited for too long. Lastly the question is Furor or Alacrity . Personally i like Alacrity because its you cannot get any faster than this. Furor might be a better choice, but I need to play more games with Olaf to test which of the two is better.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost is a personal favorite for me because your enemies will never be able to escape from you unless they are either under tower or you get the legendary 5 man gank. This will be very useful during late game when someone needs to kill the AD Carry. Just use Ragnarok, Ghost, Blade of the Ruined King, and make sure you axe them a question to slow them down. It is goddam near impossible to escape from this monster.

Ignite is a personal favorite for me because I like to grab first blood first. Ignite is guaranteed to kill your opponent. This item is awfully good when trying to anyone who life steals more than you can damage them, but since Ignite inflicts grievous wounds, this will no longer be possible

Flash. Ok sure this summoner spell is great and all but what will you when you can't catch your opponent after missing Undertow and using up the active from Blade of the Ruined King and the short movement speed boost from Ragnarok. Boom goes the dynamite.

Teleport is only useful if you manage to fail with Olaf and need to catch up by split pushing lanes to catch us in cs and gold. Use this when an important team fight is about to occur so you're ready to kill. Another way this summoner spell is useful is by teleporting down to bottom lane and get two more kills.

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Skill Use

Undertow Make sure you do not miss this skill, because this skill requires a large amount. If the enemy laner is a scaredy cat, just grab your axe, and if they try to attack you, just beat the living hell out of them.

Vicious Strikes is extremely about time use. If you are going to do trade offs, make sure you use this skill because basic attacks reduce your Reckless Swing for 1 second and that skill gives people cancer.

Reckless Swing This skill is very scary for most people. Some people like to max out Undertow, but I like Reckless Swing because it deals true damage, and there is only one way to counter that. Health. But by then you will too fed where it will not matter.

Ragnarok This ultimate may be one of the best in the game. 0 disables will affect you and gives 1 second movement speed boost. That is scary for the carry because you cannot be stopped unless they are beyond "fed." This can also fail if you decide to 1v5 their team, so I wouldn't recommend using this all the time. Make sure you have your team to back you up. This skill can either win the game or lose the game. You cannot engage first with this skill. This determines if you can kill the carries. You cannot engage with this skill because the entire team will jump on you, however it could be useful if have another carry on their team and soak up all their cc onto you, and perhaps winning the teamfight because your carry will no longer be cc'd to death. One little last thing is remember the ultimate reduces your armour and magic resist, but give a huge attack damage boost and movement speed boost (1 second). Be wise when using this ultimate, because you are actually quite useless without it, just brute damage that some people can win against because the cc chain will be there and the weakened damage you will do.

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How to lane

It better off waiting until 6, because this is an excellent ultimate and will outmatch any other champions in lane. Before 6, try to use up their health potions and poke them down a little more so you have the likely chance of killing them once following this process.

How to kill your opponent at level 6 and over.
-Let the enemy push up your lane
-Match their level if you manage to fall behind because you are letting the minions push you up
-Axe them a question
-If missed, keep repeating the the previous step until it hit, unless you past half you maximum mana.
-Use Ragnarok until movement speed boost is gone and then use Ghost and completely charge at them (use all your skills asap).
-Make sure to reset Undertow to continue to slow them to ensure a kill and no escape
-Get the kill and build Blade of the Ruined King and repeat this process until laning phase is over

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How to teamfight

It is better not to start the teamfight with Olaf, because everyone knows you're going to target the AD Carry. Unless you are the only tank on your team you have to.

Whenever engaging a teamfight as Olaf, you must charge straight the AD Carry because they are the most important person on the battlefield. After you have slain the AD Carry target the nearest person to you because you will kill them all. However if the AD Carry been running from the fight and flashes as you charge at her, just kill the person closest to you or kill the person who is trying to kill your AD Carry because they are also reliable source to win the teamfight.

When engaging a teamfight as Olaf, charge at the person who maybe able kill your AD Carry or follow the previous teamfight advice. It is difficult to engage with Olaf because if common sense hits the AD Carry, they should you are coming for them. So now you have peel for your AD Carry. As soon as the AD Carry comes close enough, active Ghost to kill them. Ragnarok is the best way to start the fight by killing either the top laner or mid laner. Do not be afarid to use your ultimate because it has moderate cooldown reduction and if you do not use it, you are more than likely to lose the battle.

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Another alternative way to use Olaf is through the jungle. I do not jungle with Olaf very often so this advice will not be as helpful was the other ones were. Preferably I would start at blue if I want the mana boost to spam my "q" at jungle monsters or if I want to gank early. When ganking early, go to wherever topside is because you will not be able to gank bottom lane. If you have the advantage to gank the mid lane, take the chance too. After attempts at the top lane, keep jungling until level 6. Afterwards you can either gank bottom lane or re-try at the top lane. Soloing dragon at level 6 is very possible, but of course you will be very vulnerable to be killed or may not even be successful at all. IF you really want to solo dragon, max out Vicious Strikes instead.