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Tryndamere Build Guide by NewAkra

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NewAkra

Basic Tryndamere

NewAkra Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Well, this is all the basics of tryndamere :3 here you'll find everything to be a succesfull tryndamere and not a feeder. Isnt a long guide, but it just have the basics. LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa

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Coming soon

Detailed "Why i dont get this item"
Spinning Slash correct use
Jungle section
Runes/masteries section

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Pros / Cons

Tons of Criticals
He catches you, you are dead
His ult Undying Rage makes you unkillable for a couple of secondsç
One of the best 1vs1 champ
Easy farm
He heals without items ( with Blood Lust

You get all the CC (Crowd control, that means stuns, slows, silences, etc)
If you dont have practice with your ult timing, you are going to fed like hell
Expensive build

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Battle Fury Each point of fury gives 0.35% critical chance ( 100 fury = 35% free critical chance)

Bloodlust You get Ad + some extra Ad depending on your % of hp ( Lower hp = Higher Ad )

Mocking Shout Well, this reduces the enemy ad and if they are backwards they will be slowed, this avoids your enemies to get away.

Spinning Slash With this skill you spin to some direction, This is your way in/out team fights, can jump some walls and trees. Im going to load some photos of the correct use.

Undying Rage This is your ult, and what makes your champ so special. You get unkillable for 5 seconds.
First of all: 5 SECONDS remember that, becouse you cant just jump in there activate ult and think you are god.

Second: Your hp still can go down, it stops in 1, remember Invulnerable = Your hp doesnt go down, Unding rage = Your hp doesnt go down 1. so use it only when you are really low hp and you know someone is going to finish your happy life.

Third: You can use this even when you are stunned/surpised/slowed/taunted/etc. so you can use it while your *** is getting raped, you dont have to wait untill they finish and doesnt have a cast so it cant be stopped.

Fourth: Up your hp bar, where you can see the auras/buffs/debuffs you can see your ult time, so when you see Undying Rage is about to end (around 0.5 secs) Press Q ( Bloodlust ) So you heal yourself and dont die with the first hit you take.

Fifth: When you use your ult and you are in the midle of a cc then you will stay in that cc so press R (ULT) And click Quicksilver Sash

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Primary items:
Mercury's Treads Almost everyone needs boots, and these ones give you 25 Tenacity ( 25% CC REDUCTION )

Infinity Edge This item has been made for tryndamere, you get a lot of Ad, critical chance and you make 250% damage in criticals instead 200%

Quicksilver Sash SO ****ING USEFULL, noone gets this item and that is becouse ... i dont know ._. It gives you M.Resist and takes of you all the debufs.
For example Mordekaiser ult or Ignite <---- your worst enemy

Phantom Dancer What can i say, Movement speed, Critical chance, Atack speed.

Youmuu's Ghostblade Armor pen. , Critical chance, Cooldown reduction , Atack Damage , Cool Active.

The Bloodthirster One of the biggest Ad items and gives you 25% life steal when complete ( 40 minion/champ/creep kills)

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This item just eats all of your life steal, but you wont get hurted.
Think this way:

25% of damage = life steal
30% of damage = damage reflected
So you get 5% of your damage as magic damage.

And you have 57% of magic damage (135 M.Resist) reduction.

So think you hit 100 to someone with this (for example)

100 = 5 Magic damage for you
But you have 57% of magic reduction.
So from that 5 you get less than 2.5 damage.

So, less than 2.5 damage per 100 you hit.
You see someone with Thornmail... Rape him, there's nothing he can do.

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Alternative items

Guardian Angel You get this item and you will revive upon death, so you have kind of 3 lifes, and a second chance to cast your ult if you didnt had time (you got so focused that you get insta-death). When they see you with that weird white aura in your head they'll just think... FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Frozen Mallet You have your W to slow them, but some extra HP and a passive slow isnt bad, if your enemies are fast you can counter them with this (teemo for example)

Last Whisper Enemies stacking Armor, get this instead Youmuu's

The Black Cleaver You get Ad, As, and you reduce your target Armor by 15 per stack ( max 3 stacs ) so you can lower their armor by 45, Nice :)

Executioner's Calling You have more than 1 target to ignite, get this.

Zeke's Harbinger You get As, extra life steal and it's an aura so you can help the other Ad champs in your team (this is kind of the only item you can get to support/help your teammates)

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This is one of the problems of tryndamere, he is not a team-worker, i mean he just do stuff he has no Smart casting spell or something like that, just dont go alone to 5vs1 fights ( you are not god ) and you'll be find. try focusing the squillier first so you reduce the number of enemies on the team fight and try to get you allies bullet, for example Caitlyn ult, Morgana bind, Brand fireball, etc.