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Gangplank Build Guide by HoweYouDrewin

Support Be the gangplank to victory with Gangplank Support

Support Be the gangplank to victory with Gangplank Support

Updated on May 31, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author HoweYouDrewin Build Guide By HoweYouDrewin 5,686 Views 0 Comments
5,686 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author HoweYouDrewin Gangplank Build Guide By HoweYouDrewin Updated on May 31, 2014
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Hello, I'm Drew (HoweYouDrewin is my IGN). I may not be in a high ELO (in season 3 I was bronze 1), but I don't think that should be a good reason to not like a guide. I'm new to making guides for League of Legends, and I started making them to show everyone the world of unconventional builds. I hope you enjoy, and I would love constructive criticism :)
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Pros / Cons

-Great Harass
-Truly Global Ult
-Stacking slow from attacks
- Remove Scurvy=free cleanse
-Team AD/MS Steroid
-No escape/gap closer
-No hard CC
-People will most likely rage
-Squishy early game with support build
-Very mana hungry
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-I take attack damage marks for more damage when you Parrrley , but if you prefer armor penetration, that works well too. These are really the only viable marks, but anything could be used effectively, except for attack speed. DO NOT use attack speed marks. Your damage in laning phase is to Parrrley , and attack speed doesn't do anything to that.

-Armor seals are pretty much a must. If you run armor marks, you could go gold seals, but your Parrrley would do less damage and you would be useless.

-I honestly prefer scaling magic resist glyphs. You will be getting a relatively early chalice for mana costs, but if you are against an magic damage ( Ezreal, Varus, or Corki) lane or a support Sona, flat magic resist glyphs would work fine.

-Gold Quints are pretty common in supports, although with new items in season 4 you don't have to get them. Attack Damage or Armor Quints are very effective in the lane, but you won't get as much income.
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These masteries are very flexible. You could pretty much run anything and do good, but I really like 4/5/21.

-The 4 points in offence give 5% CDR, and when added up to the utility points, you start out with 10% CDR. This will allow you to Parrrley more often, increasing your harrasment.

-5 points in defence is all I had left to put in it, but if you feel you don't need 21 in utility you could build more tanky.

-I really like 21 points in utility, giving extra movement speed, Gold/10, and mana regen. I don't have to say it again, these are flexible.
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Flash: You know the deal. Flash is an escape, a gap closer, everything you need that Gangplank doesn't provide. I wouldn't recommend replacing this summoner spell.

Ignite: Now this is a tricky choice. Supports run well with all kinds of secondary summoner spells, unlike their ADCs. A support should run with whatever contrasts their lane partner. Heal isn't going to be as effective if the ADC has Barrier, and it's the most common options for ADCs nowadays. If they're running Cleanse, then the best choice for you would be Heal. Exhaust is also very good, but I like using Ignite. It disables healing, is the best tower diving spell, and does a heck of a lot of DoT (damage over time). Not exactly found often, but Volibear supports are only countered by Ignite, and for these reasons, I generally take it.
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Laning Phase/Ability Usage

As an aggressive support, you need to be aggressive (no kidding). I choose to use Spellthief's Edge to push myself to proc it as much as possible. You get money for harassing the enemy, making it a very good item. The range of Parrrley isn't as high as abilities and even basic attacks of certain ADCs ( Caitlyn, Ezreal, and Corki), so you need to follow a certain strategy for attacking the enemy. Back in the day, Gangplank used to have an ability that would kill a friendly minion, denying the enemy of farm and gold. This is essentially your plan here. When a friendly creep gets low, run up beside it. This is when you use your Parrrley. The ADC has a choice: attack you, or get the gold. You will almost always win your lane if you continue doing this correctly.

Try saving your Remove Scurvy for if you get heavily CCed, such as Yordle Snap Trap, Death Sentence, Terrify, or Infinite Duress. You have health pots for a reason, this ability has a very high cooldown and should be used properly.

Raise Morale can be honestly used whenever you want; to quickly traverse your team across the map, to initiate, fall back, or to help your ADC last hit. It is a very strong team steroid, and it stacks well with Zeke's Herald.

Cannon Barrage is the only truly global AoE ultimate in the game. The most effective way to use it is for free gold (really). If you see your Jungler ganking a lane for what appears to be an easy kill, ult that lane. Boom, you got an assist (no pun intended). You should never use it on your lane unless you are getting ganked yourself, or if you're chasing your next slaughter. Cannon Barrage pushes your lane, so it's better off for global presence.
League of Legends Build Guide Author HoweYouDrewin
HoweYouDrewin Gangplank Guide
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Be the gangplank to victory with Gangplank Support

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