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Orianna Build Guide by TheSacksquatch

Beginners Guide to Orianna

Beginners Guide to Orianna

Updated on March 25, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSacksquatch Build Guide By TheSacksquatch 4 2 7,600 Views 4 Comments
4 2 7,600 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSacksquatch Orianna Build Guide By TheSacksquatch Updated on March 25, 2012
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I want to start by saying that if you are looking for a hardcore team guide for , this most likely isn't the guide you are looking for. Like the title suggests this is just more for people who want to start playing and just want a good guide to help them play with their friends or solo games. Now if you are still interested then this guide is for you. I will not be going super crazy in-depth with this guide because I don't feel that many people actually read every little detail but I will explain myself when it comes to items, ability order, etc.
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Pros / Cons

+Great burst damage
+Good AP carry
+Great farmer (If you play my build)
+Amazing in team fights
+Incredibly helpful and awesome ult (one of my favorites)
+Pretty easy to get the last hit on people
+Pretty flexible (will explain more later)
+Good harasser
+Great mid champ

-Difficult to get use to
-Need to be very observant
-Squishy (Like any other AP carry)
-Sounds almost exactly like GLaDos which got annoying for me
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Item/Item Order Explanation

Spirit VisageNow this item is obviously your decision to buy or not which was my full intention. is one of the flexible items I suggest for your build for many reasons. I feel getting away from melee champs is very easy as and the only real threats are range AD or AP champs. I usually go with because I end up having more trouble with the AP carry in mid against me. This gives you a little bit of defense against them and harassing isn't really effected due to 's and abilities. Now if you have a lot of AD and just a derp AP on the other team I suggest getting . Buy first and a third health pot then got for when you can and finish off [Warden's Mail] instead of buying . You will lose some CD reduction and a little extra health and mana regen but honestly nothing that will effect you too much.

Fiendish Codex
This is pretty self explanatory but if you would like to get quick cash instead of better harassment in mid then I would buy instead of for the extra attack speed. 's auto-attack does more then most AP carries which is great because it is helpful for early game harassment and awesome for farming and taking out turrets. So this really depends on your play style and personally I would go for first. Ultimately it will give you the upper hand on your mid opponent.

Sorcerer's Shoes
This one is fairly debatable and again more so depends on your play style. are for the person in team fights that stays back and tries to dish out the damage (like any AP DPS should be doing) then get If you die a lot you want . If you have some annoying *** on the other team then you will probably want for that magic resistance. So really it is one of those flexible items that will most likely be different every game you play so choose wisely.

Nashor's Tooth
I just love this item for . I mentioned earlier that Orianna has some of the highest attack damage out of all mid AP carries. Use this to your advantage. It will be very helpful if you strictly follow my build because not only will your abilities hurt them, your auto-attack will do a good amount as well which will really lay on the pressure. Once you get then you will do very well in your lane because you will destroy creeps easily and if you want to get a red or blue buff then it will make it easier to get those. Once you get then you get the extra ability power which I don't need to explain the importance of.

Deathfire Grasp
I picked this item for a lot of reasons. First of all, I suggest buying kages' lucky pick first on this item simply because of the extra gold. That will hopefully help you buy a little faster. And the reason for picking was because of the unique active it has. That will help you a lot in team fights and will only get stronger once you get for the ultimate damage.

Rabadon's Deathcap
This item is really just a given for any AP champ and doesn't need much explanation. All you need to know is that it gives you a **** ton of ability power.

Mejai's Soulstealer
This is one of my favorite items in general for AP carries, but a lot of people don't suggest it for new players with very good reason. The reason I like it is because it is very easy to get stacks on its ability especially starting around level 10. If you get the max amount of stacks (20) then you will get 160 ability power which is more then and that is awesome. But if you don't like this item or if you die a lot then it can easily be replaced. If you do replace it, I suggest as a replacement. I like this one a lot for as well. The 20% CD reduction is nice pared up with the other CD reducing items on your build and makes it easy to do some crazy burst damage or even get away if need be.
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Skill Sequence

Command: Attack [Q]
This move is 's bread and butter. It is the only way you can physically move your ball to a different location other then to yourself. Not only that but it does some pretty nifty damage. Use this in combination with for serious damage. You can also use to setup the position for your next attack. Also use this in combination with for even more damage. Just be sure to line up the ball, the enemy and yourself otherwise you will only shield yourself and waste mana.

Tips & Tricks for Command: Attack
Throw it into grass and see if enemies are hiding there
You can move it without you actually having it in your possession
If you want to return the ball to without running into combat, move away from the ball

Command: Dissonance [W]
This move is where most of your damage is going to come from. The really great part of this ability is that if an enemy runs into its AoE they will be slowed and if you also run into its AoE you will get a speed increase. That will be very helpful in sticky situations if you need to get out or if you want to slow someone down to get the finishing blow on them. Just remember, the ability goes off wherever you ball is on the map.

Tips & Tricks for Command: Dissonance
You can use the ability while you are in possession of the ball to simply speed your self up
Leave your ball on the field and when an enemy gets close use this ability
Good farming ability once leveled up a few times

Command: Protect [E]
I like this ability for a lot of reasons. If you are miding against a champ like who have effects that depend on other ability is very helpful. Also this ability is a way to return the ball to .

Tips & Tricks for Command: Protect
(Not many tips but still helpful)
Help out your friends by shielding them when low on health
Attach to a friendly tank and use while the tank is in a group of enemies to do damage without hurting yourself

Command: Shockwave [R]
This is one of my favorite ults of all champs. You can also use it in a lot of ways. Early game when you are still all in your lanes you can use in combination with while someone is next to your turret and destroy them. This is one of the most flexible ults in the fact that it can help you do so many things.

Tips & Tricks for Command: Shockwave
Use this to stun people next to a turret
Draw people toward you in team fights so you can take them out easier
Draw people away from you if you need to get away.
Use on an allied champion and use to draw people in for damage to multiple people with or
Draw a group of people together to do good damage to multiple people with
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So that is really all I'm going to talk about. If you have any suggestions for the guide then leave a comment below and we will see about adding it. Also if you have any questions then feel free to leave me a comment here or PM and I will do my best to respond to them. If I get enough questions then I will add a Q&A in the future. Hope you enjoy and have fun playing Orianna!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheSacksquatch
TheSacksquatch Orianna Guide
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Beginners Guide to Orianna

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