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Rumble Build Guide by H3ktic



Updated on June 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author H3ktic Build Guide By H3ktic 1 5 6,976 Views 0 Comments
1 5 6,976 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author H3ktic Rumble Build Guide By H3ktic Updated on June 24, 2011
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Most people will look at this build and think he's a fool but if you try the build out you will think different.
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Rumble is an incredible champion with devastating damage and fabulous tanking. Many people choose AP rumble over tank rumble. That is not as effective as my build. I like to build rumble as a tanky mage. I havn't seen 1 rumble have as much success as i have so i want to see more, and share you this build.

Item Build goes--
, , , 2 tank items, , then Tank item.
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Why Tank mage rumble and not just straight AP?

Rumbles Q scales well with AP and can do outstanding damage, but If you build just AP you have a great chance of dying very quickly. As a tank you can get into the

Danger Zone more and do more outstanding damage while surviving. And best yet, you don't need AP items to deal all your damage, you just need survivability to deal more over time. Now we will grab a few AP items later on but just start out tanking.
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Pros / Cons


*Outstanding base damage
*Very nice shield that grants move speed
*^ great chasing and ability to run away
*Stacking slow
*Long range ultimate that deals great damage AND slows
* Can become OP quickly
*Quick Killer


*requires kills early to be at full potential
*Will be targeted alot(that's why we tank)
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Summoner Spells

I like to role with and
on rumble for 2 reasons for each:

*It allows you to stay in lane or fight longer
*When being chased at low hp you can easily heal, turn around, and slaughter the enemy


*Great escape ability
*Great chase ability

is also a good option for more escape ability.
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Skill Sequence

My skill sequence goes like this: Q W E Q Q R Q W Q W R W W E E R E E.

is the most obvious to max out first because it deals by far the most damage and is what makes rumble, Rumble.

I get called a noob sometimes when taking at level 2. My reasons are because it will allow you to harrass WAY better over the span to the next level which can allow to to take your enemies out of the lane to heal.

After maxing out max out because your durability and chase ability sky rockets. You can almost kill anyone after this is maxed.

Always place a point in your ultimate when you can.
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First Blood

In order to be super effective for the early ganks, i ALWAYS grab . A neat trick you can do in order to deal more damage is repeatably click on your Q until you get above 50 heat . This will allow you to deal 30% more damage to enemies. When ganking, there is nothing special, just select a target and hit them hard, Heal if you need to.
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Ultimate Placement

Coming Soon! Can someone tell me how to add pictures to the Guide?
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Items you should ALWAYS get.

are what i think the best overall boots for any champ. Rumble gets fed quick and people will want to run when they see this mean machine, But with these, they just cant.

is another must. This allows you to not build AP before tank. This is amazing for Rumble. He can build his durability items faster while still gaining AP. At end game, you'll be unstoppable.

After your two defensive items grab boosts your AP a mile and turns you from a tank to a tanky mage.
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Situational Items

These are mostly tank items to grab depending on what the other team is building and how much damage is being put out by the enemy champions.

Against Strong AP teams- teams full of , , and can be quite annoying with the damage output. You can tank these champions by obtaining a and a
. If you have many teammates that deal magic damage an Abyssal Scepter is appropriate.

Against Strong AD teams-
Against strong AD teams with
and , heavy damage will be dealt. Stop this force with a or .

Against Equalized teams-
Against teams with a mix i would grab a
or and a or

Against Teams with Heavy CC- and are appropriate against these teams.

These are situational Tanking items that work for *ME*. You can build other tank items these are just the ones i prefer.
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