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Shen Build Guide by gethra

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gethra

Best Shen NA

gethra Last updated on October 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, I'm Gethra and after having so many people ask me why I build and play shen the way I do I decided to make a guide. A lot of things are similar to other guides but the small changes I put into the guide maximizes all of shen's talents.

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Early Game

Early game is critical for shen. Shen has a lot of burst early game with a lot of survival. The runes, masteries, and starting item's utilize this. At level one you should use q to start poking the enemy champion while managing to last hit. By the time you are level two the enemy should be missing 1/4 their hp. At level two shen has high kill potential. With the taunt doing damage, refunding energy, and reducing physical attacks you became a huge lane bully. People don't expect shen to burst them down, but a taunt q auto hit is over 1/4 the enemies hp at lvl two. Use this to deny them farm. Continue bullying them in lane with your q and auto hit passive.

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Mid Game

Mid game to me is when shen hits lvl six. I say this because he now has a global tp and will using it often. The best time to use shens ult is when you see a fight start. This way you will get there while your team still has enough hp to fight with you. Using your ult when someone is about to die isn't the ideal time because either they will die before your ult finishes the tp or they will take you away from the fight. However if you see a karthus ult don't be afraid to ult to save some one. With your early lane bullying and last hitting abilities you should have either a phage, giants belt, or kindle gem. Don't underestimate your damage at this point. The ap from your runes and masteries along with the hp you just got will keep you damage high and allow you to snowball easily. In lower elo people underestimate shen at this point. If shen had a good start(why I said early game was critical) his mid game will be even better. Continue what you did early game with harassing with your combo. If you did everything right you should be able to take people down for a third of their hp with a full combo. This will also make the jungle want to gank you because you are too good at this point so make sure to ward. Shen's passive refunds energy so if you do get ganked and dont have enough energy to taunt away, auto hit to use his passive to get energy back. A lot of shen's I see don't do this and most don't realize it.

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Team fights

Team fights are what make shen "op". He doesn't have to be with the team when they start which makes him even more deadly. I want to say this now, ONLY SPLIT PUSH IF YOU HAVE YOUR ULT UP. Without your ult up you have no way to assist your team. In a team fight shen should try and taunt one of the carries, preferably the adc but the apc is good too. Since the carries don't have many defense you will quickly take them down with this build. A sheen proc with the passive up following a q will force the carries to run from you. However you do not want to chase. DO NOT CHASE. If you notice someone on your team is getting low throw a q on to whoever they are hitting. That way when they hit them they will get increased health regen and that could save their life. When you taunt into the team fight do not start it with your w on, it will use to much energy and you wont get to utilize the passive on it. You should use your shield once you get onto a carry. The more your passive goes off the faster you take down the carry. This is critical in a team fight because you will be in the middle of the enemy team and the longer the carry is alive the increased chance of death you have.

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Split pushing

I started to talk about this in the team fighting section. The most important rule is to NEVER SPLIT PUSH UNLESS YOUR ULT IS UP. Shen is one of the best split pushers in the game. With a global ult he is never too far from a team fight. The items in this guide also increase his split pushing capabilities. The sunfire cape helps clear minion waves faster, the tri-force drops towers faster with sheen procs and the atk speed to make his passive more frequent, and all the hp you have increases the damage of your passive. So yes, your passive does work on towers. This is the main reason for the mid game tri-force. If you are ahead, you will snowball faster, and if you're behind your split pushing will get you back in the game. But remember to have wards so you don't get surprised by five people ganking you.

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This guide is similar to others but the small changes I put in it make it perfect. Shen is a great champion and even though he is stronger in team fights, this build will turn shen into a duelist as well. I hope you enjoy it and it helps you out.